2-Day Workshop in Vienna, Austria



We are pleased to announce Internationally renown Vedic Astrologer Joni Patry will have a 2-day workshop in Vienna, Austria: Aug. 16th and 17th. This workshop will help participants master the Zodiac and learn predictive techniques.

What you will learn:

  • Astrology and the Cycles of Humanity: World Prediction
  • What is Vedic Astrology? How does it work?
  • How to read a birth chart, understand purpose and karma
  • Can you see your future?  And all aspects of life past, present
  • Learn your life’s path through Predictive astrology, Transits and Planetary Periods

Space is limited!

August 16th and 17th

Marriott Vienna

Parkring 12a Vienna 1010 Austria

+431 515 180

9 am to 5 pm (hour lunch break)

Cost $350.00 or 300 Euros