November 2016 Predictions
November 7, 2016
President Trump and the Future of America
November 27, 2016

Finally, the results for the U.S. Presidential election are upon us. This is the month it all comes to fruition. The planetary alignment is very telling for the results. The fight is on! For there are many indications for confusion, fighting and unveiling of many secrets.

Spiritual Insights December 2016

Since the shock of the recent elections I have been studying the chart of Donald Trump to better understand where we are going as a nation.

So many are disappointed and in shock by the results of the recent elections. My message is to bring healing and hope to the those who are worried about the fate of the US with Donald Trump as President. My sincere plea is that the anger and resentment be dissolved as to avert a possible terrorist attack by letting go of the anger running rampant over the elections.

In March 2015 I did a youtube video called “a king is born”. I was referring to the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on the fixed star Regulus in June/July 2015. .

I made the prediction that this conjunction indicated a King would be born or someone would come into power that would change the world. This conjunction was speculated to be the star the three wise men were following as a sign of the birth of a king. Then to my surprise Donald Trump announced his run for the Presidency, during this time with these planets and Regulus transiting the degree of his ascendant, 6 degrees Leo (sidereal). I knew this meant something very important. I wrote about this indicating his rise as the President.

Donald Trump just entered his Jupiter maha dasha and his natal Jupiter is his MOST powerful planet. It is his most powerful planet because it is Stationary Direct. Stationary planets are extremely powerful and give a stamp of the essence of this planet to any chart. It is in the 2nd house and he is a billionaire. At the time of the elections transiting Jupiter was aspecting by trine his natal Sun and Rahu in the 10th house, and most of all he has a Jupiter return, Jupiter conjunct Jupiter. When you are in a maha dasha that transiting planet becomes the most powerful transit and the natal placement of the maha ruling planet which is Jupiter override any other planet when activated by transits. So Transiting Jupiter is conjunct natal Jupiter. Nothing could be more significant!

Furthermore, it is in the chart for the US. I use James Kelleher’s chart for the US. He was hired by astrodata bank years ago to find the time for the US. He spent a summer in Washington DC doing research and came up with this time, July 4th, 1776 at 6:30 pm Philadelphia, PA. It works perfectly!

Here is the most fascinating part of the Trump chart. He has four planets conjunct planets in the US chart. And most importantly Donald Trump’s Jupiter is exactly conjunct the US Saturn in the 10th house of government and leaders.

Soon transiting Saturn will conjunct Trump’s natal Saturn opposing his Sun with Rahu and Ketu. I predict this will be a difficult time. I researched this going back to the last time Saturn was there, December 1987. Similar to the last time Jupiter was aspecting his natal Jupiter but by opposition (Jupiter was in Pisces). Trump was 41 years old and was on the Phil Donahue show speaking of his great success and his new book (The Art of the Deal). He was at a major peak in his life. Maybe he was having personal problems he didn’t speak of, but he was wildly successful. And this difficult planetary transit can indicate a very difficult event occurring to the US (not him personally). This was the case when Bush was President in 2001.

Setting aside any feelings on Trump all these astrological indications predict that Donald Trump will be a great President of the US. This is my prediction not letting other astrologers or the media affect my prediction. This prediction may anger many who do oppose Trump. I do not condone Donald Trump’s behavior during the elections, but he is the elected President and will create powerful changes due to his Jupiter. Let me remind you, this is an objective astrological analysis and not a biased opinion based on his natal Jupiter with Jupiter’s dasha and Jupiter’s transit.

With all the violence, anger and deep division occurring now there may be an event that forces people to come together. I predict a possible terrorist attack or explosive event with our own people. I have been predicting an event that will change everything around New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day due to Mars conjoining Neptune at 15 degrees Aquarius exactly opposed the Solar Eclipse degree of September 1st (15 degrees Leo). This was occurring on September 11th 2001, transiting Mars opposed the pervious solar eclipse degree.

Prediction is never set in stone and I believe events can be averted but this requires massive change which is possible but not probable. Most of the world is unconscious. Hind sight is 20/20 and looking back at the Kennedy assassination I wonder if Kennedy had listened to Jean Dixon would the world be different today? Jean Dixon was the psychic/astrologer whom told Kennedy not go to Dallas or he would be assassinated. She was on public television the night before he came to Dallas begging him not to go.

This possible attack will set back the United States causing an economic crisis. Trump has a massive job to contend with at the beginning of his Presidency.

As Saturn is Ghandanta in the last degrees of Scorpio it will be transiting over Trump’s natal Moon/Ketu and opposing his Sun/Rahu throughout the year. April 27th Rahu crosses Trump’s Ascendant and on May 27th and will transit his Mars. The solar eclipse on August 2nd is 4 degrees of Leo conjunct Trump’s natal Mars. These are extremely intense aspects and indicate major events occurring. Trump has the ability to implement many changes, and he has the backing of the senate (mostly Republican). Transiting Jupiter will give him protection as it is also aspecting (trine) his Sun at 29 degrees of Taurus.

Transiting Saturn in his 4th house represents the homeland so the US is venerable to attacks.

During the time of the transition from Barack Obama to Trump transiting Mars h will be conjunct Obama’s natal Ketu and Mars/Rahu in the 8th house on December 15th indicating a difficult event through his chart as well.

Looking at this possibility, we must stop the misdirected anger and confusion.

We all want the same thing, and that is the best for our country. And in order to achieve this we must pull together and support our government and Donald Trump instead of continuing the hate and anger.

Unresolved anger turns into deep resentments and this is like a cancer. Letting go of resentments and anger will free the soul and is essential to Moksha, which is spiritual liberation from this world. This is a powerful spiritual lesson and currently we have one of the most powerful opportunities for spiritual liberation while Neptune and Ketu are together in the sidereal sign of Aquarius. This is what I call “the Great Awakening”.


There is a reason for everything and all that is occurring now in the world is for our highest good. We must find the good and empower the world. As the outside world is a reflection of ourselves. Everything is an opportunity for growth and that in essence is why we are here on planet earth.

When we come from a place of trust and acceptance, that everything happens for a Divine reason we live in accordance with nature.

Astrologically speaking Donald Trump is the what the world has created and is the leader that can bring change. It is all in the stars. He has a purpose. And we must believe in the best and highest good to come for this country, President Trump and our world.

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