Two day workshop in Rome! – POSTPONED FOR A LATER DATE





A once in a lifetime opportunity is being offered to spend a two day intensive with Joni Patry to learn her power to predict the future. It is being held at a villa with a very intimate group.

**** Registration is very limited. Registration will close when full.

When: April 27-28 (Monday-Tuesday)

Location: House is in Via di Castel Porziano 276 Rome, Italy

Accomodation : You will need to make your own hotel reservations

• 866-694-1767

Price for 2 day workshop is $450

A two day workshop with Joni Patry

Learn how she makes world Predictions and how to apply this to your life to predict your own future

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: the Transpersonal Transformation into the Future of the Unknown
The outer planets are not traditionally used in Vedic astrology, but definitely have an effect on world consciousness. They are transpersonal forming generations of people and are predictive in world trends and events. You will learn how to implement these transformational energies for world prediction and how to predict major life changes in your own personal lives.
In this workshop we will understand the enormous power and influence they have over our lives and mass consciousness. Their cycles dictate the evolution of humanity. Uranus is the awakener, Neptune is the dissolver and Pluto is the transformer, all together they are the higher transpersonal powers that brings us into a new awareness.
Their natal placements closely aspecting a personal planet will indicate a specific power and life event, such as Uranus conjunct Mercury: Creative genius, Neptune conjunct Moon psychic intuitive powers, and Pluto conjunct Jupiter, power to transform others. These conjunctions are activated by the transiting planets.
World events and the transit of these powerful planets over natal planets can predict massive changes in our lives. The study of world events past, present and future will prove their enormous predictive power. Many examples of famous people and clients will be used.

World Events: Past, Present and Future
How to predict world and personal events for the year: a systematic approach
The cycles of the planets have a powerful affect on humanity. Every year there are specific astrological signatures that define the trends and events. Defining these combinations yearly gives the ability to foresee the future globally and individually.
We will define the astrological trends of the past, present and future. The outer planets’ aspects to each other gives the mass trends, while Jupiter and Saturn represent the financial and social climate. But the real triggering point that activates events is the high energy planet Mars. From the past we will realize the predictive power of this planet of action. Events in the past will prove this point and many events will be predicted in the future. You will learn to work with transits as they affect our lives and changes in the world and consciousness.