Spiritual Insights & Predictions November 2019

November 2019 Predictions
November 12, 2019
Spiritual Insights & Predictions December 2019
December 1, 2019

World discord and political ideology is causing global unrest in over 20 countries. Flooding fires and tornadoes devastate the US.

November 2019 Spiritual Insights

I have been reflecting on the message the stars are revealing as I contemplate my 2020 predictions. This is the year that will change future awareness. No matter what you believe, the world will change dramatically for all of us this year.

 This year has the most extreme astrological aspects indicating radical transformation and reform. We all feel it and know it is coming. The placements in the zodiac are pivotal and indicates the evolution of our world consciousness.

The recent Saturn and Ketu conjunctions are the focus of what will surface. As this pinpoints the powerful placements that now Jupiter will transit over bringing a cleansing and healing in these areas.

The most powerful aspect of this year is the Jupiter and Ketu conjunction. The last time Jupiter and Ketu conjoined in Sagittarius was October 1889. This was the time of the Spiritualist movement with Emerson, Thoreau, Alice Baily and Madame Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society. Also Charles and Myrtle Filmore began the new thought movement of the Unity church in that year.

This month Jupiter will transit into Sagittarius on November 4th. This will begin the transformation in consciousness. I believe again there will be a new thought movement that changes the world. It will merge science with spirituality which are actually one and the same.

Understand that we all have the power to change our lives when we connect to the infinite power that connects us all within our hearts. Realizing this simple truth will eliminate suffering and bring healing to ourselves and the world.

The planetary rays are part of the cyclic process that helps in the evolution of mankind. The transits are cycles that are of a higher vibration that is always progressing mankind in evolution in consciousness. We only need to understand and harness this energy for the highest good.

There has been scientific studies lately that have proven that consciousness actually exists outside of our selves. And our feelings and emotions affect the outside world creating chaos or peace. Many people in near death experiences talk about being outside their body viewing the doctors operating on them. This consciousness is actually what we can be trained to work with using the power of feelings, emotion and shifting beliefs.

This powerful week-end at the conference I want to use the understanding of planetary energy to direct our power within to change ourselves as well as shift and transform the planet. Now is the time as we approach 2020.


11/04 Jupiter enters Sagittarius: this is a very powerful transit and as Jupiter approaches Ketu in 2020 there will be a spiritual awakening for many. The urge to look deeper within will inspire everyone. But this is not the time to give your power away to others by following spiritual teachers. It is time to find your own spiritual guidance and trust from within. We are all powerful and need to realize the incredible power within ourselves through the heart, this is where love and the divine reside within us. Realizing this connection will heal our lives and the world.

The last part of October and the first part of November Jupiter will be ghandanta (last degrees of water and first degrees of fire) indicating the extremes that are felt as the world seems to be spiraling out of control. Ghandanta Jupiter will bring on a rage of floods and extreme weather. Jupiter is also transiting in the nakshatra Mula while it transits the first 13 degrees and 20 minutes of Sagittarius from November 4 – January 4. This is the nakshatra known for destruction and will produce mass transformation in 2020, particularly from February – March.

11/10 Mars enters Libra: Mars is the planet of aggression and transiting in the sign of peace and balance can stabilize some of the constant fighting. But many times this may indicate passive aggressive behavior.  Use this aspect to find peace through processing feelings of anger in a positive way. As Mars transits in Libra, Venus will be in Scorpio empowering these two planets to bring more negotiations for peace.

11/12 The Full Moon this month will bring awareness of the eminent changes coming because the Moon is with Uranus, known as the “great awakener”. Close to the end of the month (11/24) Mars will oppose Uranus instigating shake ups throughout the world. this could indicate earth quakes or violence.

11/20 Mercury is retrograde most of this month in Libra. The retrogrades of Mercury this year takes place in air signs (sidereal), indicating the need to learn more about how to communicate. The sign Libra is about creating and nurturing better relationships. One of the lessons is to learn to truly listen and open your heart to love. Retrograde planets always have a significant lesson to teach us as we reflect and review the energy of the sign it retrogrades.

11/21 Towards the end of November, Venus will join Jupiter in Sagittarius giving a better understanding of the arts and beauty. But Sagittarius is the sign of beliefs and this can intensify our emotions surrounding our beliefs. Realize old patterns and negative beliefs from the past must be addressed and eliminated for healing.

11/26 The New Moon in Scorpio begins a deep emotional reflection as it is surrounded by all the planets on either side in Libra and Sagittarius.

11/ 16 The Moon conjoins Rahu forming the Kala Sarpa yoga the next 2 weeks till November 29th. This is when all the planets are on side of Rahu and Ketu (excluding the outer planets). This always intensifies feelings and emotions around the world. It brings out repressed feelings and intensifies any events occurring at the time.

As Jupiter transits in Sagittarius with Saturn and Pluto many new beliefs are changing. This represents a major manifestation and opportunity to change our lives affecting the world. Use this planetary energy well.

November Aspects

11/04 Jupiter enters Sagittarius

11/10 Mars enters Libra

11/12 Full Moon 25 degrees Aries

11/20 Mercury Direct 17 degrees Libra

11/21 Venus enters Sagittarius

11/23 Venus conjunct Jupiter 3 degrees Sagittarius

11/24 Mars oppose Uranus 9 degrees Libra/Aries

11/26 New Moon 09 degrees Scorpio

11/27 Neptune turns Direct  21 degrees Aquarius

Mars and Venus are parivartana: Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio


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