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October 11, 2016
2016 Election Predictions
October 25, 2016

The Power of Forecasting - This will be a unique symposium on Forecasting, led by many of the world's leading astrologers. Hilton Orange County / Costa Mesa: http://www.isarastrology.org/2016-conference Joni is on the Presidential Panel: Predicting who will be our next President.....

Joni Is speaking at the ISAR 2016 Symposium
October 13 – 17, 2016

The Power of Forecasting
This will be a unique symposium on Forecasting, led by many of the world’s leading astrologers.
Hilton Orange County / Costa Mesa: http://www.isarastrology.org/2016-conference
Joni is on the Presidential Panel: Predicting who will be our next President

Spiritual Insights October 2016

As the political race is intensifying in the United States the planetary energies are giving us amazing insights to the world consciousness.

I did a YouTube video March 14, 2015 concerning a King is born. I had no idea what I was referring to at the time but I believe I have an understanding now. I was referring to the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Leo on the fixed star Regulus that was to occur in June 2015. YouTube In that video I said a king will be born or someone will come into power that will change the world. In ancient times this conjunction in Leo was hypothesized to be the bright star the three wise men were following. Now don’t get me wrong I am in no way comparing this to Jesus. But I do believe this event is significant in the respect that this has something to do with the events that are due to occur. For on the day of this conjunction June 2015, Donald Trump announced his run for President of the United States. A profound lesson will come of this regardless of who is President.

As Neptune sits on the degree that is opposed the previous eclipse degree watch the deception and hidden issues that are prevalent during this time. Neptune deals with secrets that are never revealed therefore much of what is being presented now is false and illusionary and the truth may never come out. Of course this opens the doors to many conspiracy theories, which most are even more deceptive. But the truth that is hidden is the inner shadow we are all reflecting outwardly through this political election in the U.S. And for those in other countries there are similar effects occurring in your government affairs.

Most everyone is angry because no one likes to be lied to. It seems to stem around problems with greed, corruption and power. In politics it seems politicians set the rules they are above. People want leadership they can be proud of and respect. So why do we have two leaders running for President many people do not respect?

I believe this political election will teach us major and powerful lessons about ourselves and the world. The world is a reflection of our inner world, “as above so below”. Certain countries are reflected by their leaders. Even business environments are a reflection of their leadership and CEOs.

Donald Trump came into power because so many people are so disenfranchised with politics. He represents someone who completely disrespects all political rules. And on another note he represents our obsession with glamour, entertainment and opulence. Hilary Clinton represents the opposite. She is the politician who can make conversation to please and politely negotiate but this is foreseen as the same old government: meaning no change.

Many people are sick and tired and downright angry at the complacency of the government that they will vote for Trump just to get back at the government regardless of the results. They want change even if it means the United States could be destroyed.

Money and power have always ruled the world and many feel Donald Trump is saying what no one has had the guts to ever say. It is shocking but on other side of the coin is someone who is pretends to be something they are not. Is Hillary really the sincere public servant she pretends to be? No one trusts her because of her past history. Whether or not you agree with what I am stating, this is the reflection of the mass consciousness.

What is being mirrored here are our shadows of deep resentments of the world and our government being the source of our problems. Donald Trump represents the rebellion and anger we have against government and all the unjust laws. He represents the retaliation of the mass anger. The more anger the more outrageous he becomes. The realization of this inner force and lesson can teach us volumes on ourselves and the predicament of our world. No matter what happens in this political race Donald Trump is a teacher for us to see our shadows being reflected. These shadows can heal or destroy our world. This all depends on if we can learn from them or be controlled by them.

I don’t think anything is set in stone yet. I believe there could be an unforeseen shift in the elections. It depends on our realizations and understanding instead of being controlled by the mass anger as the political games become more violent. These two angry forces may destroy themselves. My prediction is that both of them may be denied the right to be President if they continue with so much vengeance, and the mass emotions of the people are at the core of this rebellion.

I believe there is a Divine force that will direct this cosmic play and the lessons will be profound. The Universal law is that through destruction nature will always bring balance. The world is blinded by the anger and emotion provoked in this political standoff but the truth will be revealed at a later date if you are willing to see it.

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