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Now as the world is becoming a war zone of differing beliefs...

Spiritual InsightsMay 2019

May 1-8, 2019
Maldives Creator Retreat
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June 1st-8th

Soneva Fushi, Maldives

Maldives Creator Retreat

June 1st-8th, 2019

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Spiritual Insights May 2019

As Saturn and Ketu transit in Sagittarius there will be extremes in judgement and people’s sense of righteousness will be heightened. Everyone seems to criticize everything and anything that encroaches on their sense of justice. This also affects us on a personal level. Be wary of finding faults with others opinions. The most important thing to realize at this time is that no one likes to be judged. Try to understand that everyone has an opinion based on a past experience that has conditioned their response. There is no real right or wrong, only ignorance.

We are all growing toward a spiritual realization through understanding that the choices we make in our beliefs are based on our emotional conditioning of the past. If we can stop and revert back to events that are prompting our beliefs we can eliminate the limiting beliefs we have.

The fact is if you are being angered by others opinions regardless if they are wrong or right then it is you that has the issue. Once you have resolved the issue within yourself then you will not be presented with these issues that anger you. Being caught up in the injustices of the world only promotes more injustice. Realize now is the time to address these issues within your own understanding and personal lives because this actually affects the world issues.

The stars and planets emit their cosmic rays in all of us. The means that scientists measure energy is so backwards. They cannot measure energy with the archaic physical means we have now. The cosmic rays direct everything in the Universe and science will never understand how this works at the level it is. We cannot understand this from our means of measurement and comprehension, but understand astrology, which is the deciphering of these cosmic rays on our world and minds is the most valuable science of this Universe. Astrology will unlock the secrets of the Universe, and our soul and spirit. Understanding the cosmic rays the stars emit into our beings will bring cosmic consciousness, which is enlightenment.

The ancients were more in touch with the power of astrology, as all those in power had their astrologers. Recognize that the kings, queens and even the popes had astrologers. This was revered as a Divine gift to mankind and as the world evolved into a very materialistic place away from the understanding of the inner spirit the understanding of astrology became a lost science.

Now as the world is becoming a war zone of differing beliefs, judgements and polarities many will be searching for more meaning in life. The planets direct the cosmic rays of the Universe leading us to a better understanding of our world.

During this time there are many issues surfacing the vast polarities of our time. Political leaders that have come into office are here to help us see the extremes in judgement causing the vast polarization. Coming from this understanding we may be able to see what the cosmic rays are trying to teach us. We must try to understand what the message is all about.

The signs the nodes of the Moon (Rahu and Ketu) are transiting create the eclipses. Symbolically eclipses are the most important planetary phenomena because it is the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth. These are the determining forces of our spirit (Sun), feelings/emotions (Moon), and our physical world (Earth). The solar eclipse darkens the Sun and the lunar eclipse darkens the Moon. In this process hidden issues we are here to learn are revealed. The sign placement is deeply revealing and directs the consciousness of the world. Because sidereal astrology is true to the stars, meaning as the stars move in precession they stay in alignment to the nakshatras and constellations; this is the true astrology.

The eclipses occurring now are in Gemini and Sagittarius revealing the vast polarization in beliefs, leading to extremes in fundamental and fanatical religious and political beliefs. As always you may look backwards 18.5 years ago to the time the nodes were in these signs before to better understand what is being revealed now. This not only pertains to our world events but also reveals events in our personal lives. Remember 18.5 years ago was 2001, and at this time the attack of September 11th occurred involving the terrorist attack based on radical religious beliefs. As we approach this time again, we can already see the building of events occurring now that are involving this kind of fanaticism as in the attack on the church in Sri Lanka, and I believe this is only the beginning.

The most treacherous times are coming, especially as Mars and Rahu transit together especially when Mars is in the nakshatra Ardra, the nakshatra of tragedy. Ardra extends from 06 degrees 40 minutes to 20 degrees 00 of Gemini, and Mars will be transiting here from May 17th – June 6th. Events during this time will fuel even bigger events in early 2020 particularly in February when Rahu is transiting in Ardra and Mars is in opposition in Mula the nakshatra of destruction. Here we can clearly see the evolving times to come through the message the stars are clearly giving us.

Planetary Aspects for May

Transiting Mars will enter Gemini May 6th and remain there till June 24th. Mars is a planet that triggers events. During this time Mars will be in the same sign with Rahu magnifying events. The sign Gemini rules communications and this indicates anger and hostility in the manner in which people will be conveying their opinions. Repressed emotions will surface at this time culminating in emotional extremes resulting in an extreme in terrorism.

As Gemini rules transportation and travel there will be more difficulties surrounding travel as heightened security is activated due to major threats. There may be major problems with airlines, take caution.

Saturn is conjunct Ketu in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the sign of religious beliefs. This placement will heat up issues of fundamental beliefs in all religions. Terrorism will prevail globally but the country that appears to be under attack is the U.S. There is rage as the political extremes seem to face off. The political climate around the world is more extreme than ever. The sense of righteousness and justice turn many in disbelief of the laws both in the legal system and religion. The world is at odds where people begin to lose their trust and faith and the result is people begin to look within for their own leadership instead of looking without for the answers.

Mars is aspecting the Saturn/Ketu conjunction by its 8th aspect (quincunx) the first of the month causing great dysfunction. The world is in despair from earth changes and extremes in weather. The discontent in the world emotionally is disrupting the peace in the world. The world appears out of control as mass emotion shakes the earth.

Humanity is going through a deep cleansing as the darkness and perversions of the churches and governments reveal the corruption rampant underneath the surface. People lose trust in the goodness of mankind but the cleansing is necessary for the light to prevail.

Mars’ aspect to Jupiter as it is ghandanta and stationary represents extremes in weather and problems with water. There can be the spread of disease through contaminated water. Drowning is the effect of ghandanta planets, and Jupiter seems to always magnify things.

May is a difficult month as Mars aspects Saturn and Pluto causing fear and uncertainty in the financial markets as well. The price of oil and gas will continue to rise causing many companies that are dependent on transportation to have to raise costs, this will cause the economy to fluctuate.

05/01-02 Saturn conjunct Ketu
05/01-02 Mars quincunx Saturn/Ketu
05/04 New Moon 20 degrees Aries

05 05 Jupiter opposes Mars 29 degrees Taurus/Scorpio
05/06 Mars enters Gemini
05/08 Jupiter trine Venus
05/10 Venus enters Aries

05/18 Full Moon 3 degrees Scorpio
Jupiter stationed 29 degrees Ghandanta (last degree of water sign)

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