Spiritual Insights & PredictionsMarch 2019

March 2019 Predictions
February 26, 2019
Spiritual Insights & Predictions April 2019
March 28, 2019

March is the time for action,,,change will occur rapidly, church rites are removed turbulence amongst the Catholics

Spiritual Insights March 2019

This month expect radical shifts of energy as Rahu and Ketu will change into Gemini and Sagittarius. The nodes of the Moon change signs every 18 months and take 18 and one-half years to transit all 12 signs. Therefore it was 18 and one-half years ago that Rahu was in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius. Going back to four cycles before there were major events that particularly struck the United States of America. Reverting back to 18 and one-half years ago it was 2001 which was the attack of September 11, then before that, 1982 was the onset of the AIDS virus killing more people globally than any other event, then 18 and one-half years prior, 1963 was the assassination of President Kennedy, 18 and one-half years before that was 1945 the bombing of Hiroshima. Rahu and Ketu will now be in Gemini and Sagittarius from March 2019 till September 2020.

Realizing these events affected the United States I want to analyze the charts of both the U.S. and President Trump to get a better understanding of what this major astrological shift will bring. Rahu and Ketu create the eclipses, therefore the eclipses will be in Gemini and Sagittarius for the next 18 months. There will be a solar eclipse in July in Gemini and a solar eclipse in December of this year in Sagittarius. Eclipses always bring out hidden or repressed issues. Reverting back to the last time the nodes were in these signs we can better understand what this transit will reveal, not only in world events but also in our personal lives.

As planets transit close to Rahu and Ketu this year they determine when events will occur. Transiting Saturn is converging onto Ketu this year and transiting Mars will trigger Rahu May 8-June 24. Events will even escalate into 2020 as Mars again transits the eclipse degree in February 2020. Major transformative events will most definitely happen within these times.

The first two weeks of June will be the most intense, for transiting Mars will be opposing Saturn and conjunct Rahu. This deeply affects the U.S. and President Trump for transiting Mars and Rahu conjuncts all the planets in the U.S. chart in Gemini. Specifically Jupiter and the Sun in the U.S. chart need to be watched because the Sun represents the President. In President Trump’s chart his natal Mercury is the same degree as the natal Jupiter in the U.S. chart, 15 degrees of Gemini. No doubt there will be a major event that changes the outlook of the U.S. profoundly. May through June is when Mars will affect this point. May 30, Mars will be 15 degrees Gemini.

For the month of March we will begin to get an indication of the direction the world is moving towards. There is an air of emotion that is beginning to consume the world. So many repressed emotions are beginning to be purged. It has been very quiet over the past few months but now the revolution of human emotion will take over.

Anything and everything that has been repressed in our world or personal lives will surface. This is a time of great healing but for most emotions that have been repressed due to denial will surface. This is a very serious time in the evolution of humanity. So much will change now and those stuck in the traditions of the past that no longer work will be dissolved.

This month opens up a rude awakening for many, but it can be a spiritual awakening for those who choose to see the truth. There are so many astrological indications for this unbelievable transformation. The energies are intensely changing and here are all the reasons why!

1) Rahu and Ketu are changing signs. Ketu transiting into Sagittarius the sign of spirituality and truth will surface and expose the reality behind our spiritual beliefs. This means corruption in the churches around the world will be exposed and eradicated. Plus Ketu begins to join forces with Saturn dissolving the deception that has been suppressing the truth.

2) Jupiter is ghandanta (last degrees of water and first degrees of fire). This stirs up deep emotion around the world and is revealed in profuse storms and severe weather around the world. Furthermore, the last degrees of Scorpio are the most hostile and detrimental portion of the zodiac. This is considered the tail of the Scorpion and is most harmful. For Jupiter to station here is huge in the effects that will be experienced by all humans on earth. Hidden secrets will arise!

3) Mercury will be retrograde this month from March 5-March 28. In Pisces but will turn direct exactly conjunct Neptune in Aquarius. Retrogrades are a time for review and introspection. Retrogrades also bring up issues from the past, and this is a time of great inner evaluation to heal the issues that have held us back. This is a time of deep spiritual growth personally and spiritual evolution in the world. Of course many that refuse to change will develop major problems in their life and health. When people stay in denial the physical body eventually begins to crumble.

4) The new Moon is conjunct Neptune. This is another indication of the incredible changes to develop this year. Neptune is the uncertainty, fog and illusion that has been prevalent for so long and now the realization of the truth on so many levels opens.

5) Saturn and Pluto are closing in on a powerful conjunction representing the breakdown of the world’s governments that have kept the world in seclusion and darkness. Everything that has been occurring now in government is moving towards this transformation. Everything we have been lead to believe is deceptive and wrong. Realize the obvious is not the reality.

All secrets of the past are revealed! This means government cover-ups but don’t be so quick to judge because the truth will be surprising. This involves the truth behind the Kennedy assassination, aliens and much more around the world.

This is the most powerful time ever in history to work on ourselves spiritually. There is a new awareness that is opening. With the crumbling of the churches worldwide people are turning to a new awareness in their hearts. The radical opening of the powerful healing of the emotional body radiates from the heart energy. Realize the world is waking up to the power of human emotion as all five of my astrological reference points are coming into play this month.

Human emotion is extremely powerful and is directing the energy of the world. When the world is consumed with fear and anger the weather is more severe and the earth begins to shake. Earth changes and natural disasters are felt all over the world. There has been a buildup of repressed emotion that is about to spew everywhere.

Recognize this is a time when the illusions of our past will be revealed. It is time for serious inventory of our lives. If you are not happy then it is time to take back your power and analyze what is causing your unhappiness. Discontent, unhappiness, depression, anger and sickness are a sign that you are repressing something that needs to be revealed now. These emotions also block you from achieving your goals and aspirations in life and ultimately your happiness. Realize the way you feel is reflective of all these emotions. The way we feel is determined by our emotions and mind that is developed over time from our early upbringing and experiences. The way we respond or react to the outside world comes from our unconscious that is determined by our feelings. But with the conscious realization of why we react to the outside world in the manner that we do will heal it. But this does mean we must become aware of the many beliefs formed from the past. Most of all we must see our most feared denials.

Our world is a reflection of our inner world. If we are angry or fearful then we will see angry and fearful people mirroring our inner world. If we are judgmental and distrustful then we will see this reflected outwardly, with a life full of those who judge us and those we cannot trust. If we feel loved and come from a place of trust, then we will have these responses reflected back. We are projecting what we feel on a deep emotional level onto the outside world. This is actually why the world is in such a dire state right now. It is not about who is in political office but the fact that so much judgement is cast or projected outside the self that a revolution is about to explode. This is why major events are about to happen. Those in political office are a reflection of what is within the masses of people. Even with this awareness those who proclaim to be spiritual begin with all sorts of judgments. We must stop the judgement! And with any judgement take that as an opportunity to clearly see yourself.

But here is the GREAT news! You can take back your control and power with the realization that you are in control of your life by changing your emotions. The emotional body or your feelings emanate from your heart. It is a truth that the spirit of the Divine resides in our hearts (not our brains). The heart is the most powerful essence that can feel and direct the most healing force in the world and beyond which is love. Every human emotion that creates unhappiness is from the lack of love. When we feel unloved or unwanted it builds on all the unhappiness in the world. This is the dilemma that always plagues the world and it is the simple truth that we are here to learn and heal. Now is the most important time in humanity that we are here to learn this. Choose to feel love, devotion, compassion and gratitude for every aspect of your life and you will not only heal your life but contribute to the healing of humanity. To see a beautiful and joyful world you must begin with connecting to the love and Divine spiritual connection within your heart and with the powerful emotion and feeling of love the world and your life will be transformed. There has never been a more powerful time than now to create the changes you want in your life.

Planetary Transits and Aspects

03/28 Mercury Direct 21 degrees Aquarius
03/29 Jupiter enters Sagittarius Jupiter is ghandanta 0 degrees of Fire and 29 degrees Water signs March-May. Severe storms and weather, drowning, tsunamis and earth changes result from out of control human emotion.

Mercury is retrograde most of month with the change of the nodes (Rahu/Ketu and Jupiter transiting into Sagittarius for three weeks marks a very eventful month.

The new Moon with Neptune indicates the unraveling of many secrets concerning the government’s affairs since Saturn is the dispositing planet and is nearing Pluto indicating the breakdown of the government due to scandals and secrets.

Mercury retrograde this month is another feature that indicates past events will surface to reveal many secrets.

Pluto conjunct Ketu is indicative of many turbulent affairs with organized religions. The truth of repression of secrets in the church causes social unrest with these institutions.

Rahu and Ketu shifting into Gemini and Sagittarius marks the beginning of big changes in the society and economy.

03/05 Mercury Retrograde 5 degrees Pisces
03/06 New Moon conjunct Neptune 21-22 degrees Aquarius
03/06 Rahu enters Gemini and Ketu enters Sagittarius
04/20 Full Moon 6 degrees Virgo
03/21 Mars quincunx (8th aspect) Jupiter 29 degrees Aries/Scorpio
03/21 Venus enters Aquarius
03/22 Mars enters Taurus
03/28 Pluto conjunct Ketu



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