Spiritual Insights & Predictions June 2019

June 2019 Predictions
May 26, 2019
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June 29, 2019

Extremist are gaining ground, violence is spreading, governments are being challanged...

Spiritual Insights and Predictions June 2019

The opposition between Mars and Saturn creates oppression and anger that strikes out as major problems with travel since these planets are in Gemini and Sagittarius, the signs of travel, trade and information. Mars is conjunct Rahu causing extremes and upsets in communications. This indicates problems with air travel and operations such as computer glitches with air traffic control and strikes in the transportation industry. Mars is close to Mercury interfering with transportation, subways, trains, buses and airlines. Restrictions, delays and cancellations concerning trade wars cause economic issues.

Mars is in a precarious position now opposed Saturn and around June 12-14 it will conjunct Rahu and oppose Saturn. June 17-18 a full Moon will further activate more problems related to the angry disruptions occurring now. The opposition of the signs Gemini and Sagittarius concerns beliefs. There is an extreme righteous condemnation prevalent around the world. The extremes in behavior cause great discord globally and personally.

Mars is in the sign Ardra, the nakshatra of tragedy. This area of the zodiac was activated by Jupiter and Rahu in 2001. There are similar events brewing globally in the world. The most significant feeling is fear. The world is consumed with fear, which will affect the economy.

Attacks and anger will strike different areas all around the world. The U.S. is a big target for terrorism. One of the positive outcomes will be a dissolving of religious condemnation from extremes of religious fanaticism. The ultimate realization of this time on earth will be a global understanding the Universal law of unconditional acceptance and love. Events during this time will bring people together. Everything occurring now will begin to dissolve any extremist views even in the current political parties.

What is actually occurring is the destruction of the extremist parties around the world. For example, this includes the far right and far left in the political realm in the U. S. What is occurring is their war will exterminate each other with a new party emerging that will be neutral to the extremes. These extremes are revealing the issues with morality and righteousness. Both sides feel justified in the beliefs. The political parties are a perfect mirror of this righteousness and condemnation which is polarizing, separating and tearing people apart. What needs to be recognized is that humanity at the core wants the same thing regardless of what political leaders represent to us. The lesson that will come out of this polarizing time is Unity. There is a Divine force that brings to our awareness what we need to learn, and many times the lessons culminate in destruction. The Universal law always brings balance. We do not understand what we are here to learn when consumed with anger, righteousness and our sense of justice. If we would resolve ourselves to the understanding that we are all one and want togetherness and unity regardless of our political or religious views, then the world would come together with an appreciation of one another instead of anger and separation. There is a Divine purpose for everything and we are all moving towards a new world reality. This may not occur overnight but it is being born at this time.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction indicates a massive break down of the old and out grown ways of dictatorship globally. It is not the time to support extremist parties for they will be dissolved by each other. This can activate the threat of nuclear bombings. The world is on alert right now.

Mars and Rahu in Gemini affects communication breakdown. Be aware that computer glitches and hacking will cause major problems in the world. Miscommunications cause major setbacks. Travel will be very difficult for airlines will be affected. Mass air trafficking goes haywire as computers are hijacked that control the order in the sky. Imagine mass chaos in the sky!

Neptune turning retrograde begins a time of secret revelations surfacing for the next five months. Major effects are due in July as the eclipses occur and Mars opposes Neptune in Cancer.

Tensions in the Middle East will come to a turning point with extreme violence. The extremists are enraged and provoking violence. The world is at a peak of violence and rage.

The world is at odds with world trade with major tariffs and regulations bringing a halt to the usual transactions and trade around the world. China and the U.S. will be at odds with one another causing more reversals in the stock markets.

The solar eclipse will occur July 2 at 16 degrees Gemini. This means this is a trigger point, and as planets transit over this degree before or after and eclipse, major events globally will occur. Transiting Mars will transit over this degree June 1 and 2 activating this degree. Interestingly, this is also close to the degree of the U.S.’s natal Jupiter and President Trump’s natal Mercury, which is 15 degrees of Gemini. This indicates there will be a major upheaval in the U.S. during this time. Actually, the world is due to explode with major events around the world in June and July. This is going to be a very hot, controversial and explosive summer. As tempers and emotions rise, so do world events. The world is at a crisis and turning point, and not only are the people turning on each other but the world begins to blow with explosions, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Throughout June there are trigger points occurring.
June 1 Mars 16 degrees Gemini is conjunct the eclipse degree of July 2.
Mars is in nakshatra Ardra (nakshatra of tragedy).
Mars is over 24 degrees in declination, meaning it is out of bounds. Mercury is 25 degrees in declination. When a planet reaches over 23 degrees in declination it is considered out of the range that is measured in declination. This means the indications of that planet are out of control. Mars was 26 degrees 47 minutes on September 11, 2001, way out of bounds. Mars as the indicator of anger and war was a result.

Here are all the critical transits of June:
June 5 Mars will be conjunct the Moon in Ardra.
June 12 Mars conjunct Rahu
June 14 Mars oppose Saturn
June 15-June 18 Mars, Mercury and Rahu are conjunct.
June 17 is the full Moon as it transits into the nakshatra Mula (nakshatra of destruction). The Moon is conjunct Ketu/Saturn opposed Mars/Rahu. Plus, the Sun joins forces in Gemini June 15. Mars and the Sun are transiting the sign of Gemini till Mars enters cancer on June 24.

It seems the entire month has critical aspects which will surmount in major events. July will result in events that are triggered by the transits of June and a critical event will come from this that is indicated by the next eclipse on December 26 resulting in the most powerful event predicted by February when Mars will cross the December 26 eclipse degree of 9 degrees Sagittarius and Pluto and Saturn conjoin in January 2020. All these events in June are important in the turn of events that will occur January-February 2020. February 18-21 Mars and Ketu will be in the same placement in Mula as September 11 and even the Moon will transit over these degrees. This is the biggest turning point but now there are events that lead to this major crisis.

With so much volatility globally, the economy will shift. As it changes there is a shift in oil prices, which will cause reversals in the stock market. Oil prices will affect the price in trade and shipping reversing many stocks on the stock market. The fears in the economy will shift and empower cryptocurrency.

One definite prediction is the world will never be the same, and rest assured this is going to be the most eventful times on earth. What happens now will condition events for the next 2020 elections in the U.S. There is a major turn of events that will change the outcome of the next decade 2020.

What will evolve out of this is a new Spiritualist Movement, which is an understanding and the practice of Unity.

06/03 New Moon 18 degrees Taurus
06/04 Venus enters Taurus
06/12 Mars conjunct Rahu 23 degrees Gemini
06/14 Mars opposed Saturn/Ketu 24 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius, Mars is conjunct Rahu
06/19 Sun conjunct Rahu 5 degrees Gemini
06/17 Full Moon 1degree Sagittarius
06/17 Mars conjunct Mercury 26 degrees Gemini
06/21 Neptune turns Retrograde 24 degrees Aquarius
06/22 Mars enters Cancer
06/23 Saturn conjunct Ketu 24 degrees Sagittarius
06/28 Venus enters Gemini
Jupiter is opposed the New Moon in Taurus

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