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June 29, 2019
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The eclipses in July are very powerful bringing.....

July Spiritual Insights

This is a month of intense feelings with a lack of direction. Feelings are out of sorts and there is much confusion, particularly because Mercury is retrograde for most of the month with Mars in Cancer. People are unusually emotional about getting their points across. There is a sense of confusion about what we are feeling and communications seem to become misunderstood or misread. Mars is debilitated in Cancer therefore our drive and energy seem to be low.

I get a sense that there is a lack of meaning and purpose in our lives and to remedy this is to fine-tune our intentions. To clarify our true intentions will activate our purpose. If you feel unclear about what you want, or if people are not understanding you, it is because you are not clear on your intentions. Your actions and words must be aligned with your intentions to have others understand you and to manifest your goals.

So many people are haphazard about their lives, never really focusing on what they truly want. They live their lives in confusion changing their mind daily. Now that Mars and Mercury are in Cancer it is time to use the power of feeling and emotion to determine what you want to cultivate and manifest in your life. This will avoid the pitfalls this energy can bring about this month.

What is your intention behind your words and actions? What do you truly want to bring joy and happiness now? You can and will create your desires through focusing on your intentions. Using fire is the most powerful way you can fine-tune your intentions for manifestation. Remember fire is the symbol for power, as in Greek myth the gods were enraged when Prometheus gave fire to mankind. Fire is used in many rituals, lighting candles is a part of healing in churches, and don’t forget we always light a candle and make a wish on our birthdays. There is a reason why we use fire to empower our intentions.

Here is a very special exercise using the flame for manifesting your goals and aligning your spirit to find purpose. This is an excerpt from my book, Awaken to the Power within You.

Lighting Candles
A powerful technique to focus your mind is lighting candles with intent. As a candle is lit in a church for those in trouble or sick, we can do the same for ourselves. To give this ritual more power, find a special place to keep your candles. The important thing to do is to make this very special and meaningful. Contemplate what you want to create or desire, and focus your mind to the flame as you light your candle. Sit and meditate on the flame of your desire, and know that this flame has the power to activate and create your wish. It is the power of your intention that will manifest your goals or desires. Whether or not the flame has any power at all is irrelevant. You can also use other meaningful things such as crystals and stones to infuse your energy. You are empowering an object with your mind to manifest your desires.

The power is within you, and the flame is enabling you to focus your intent with a sense of power. The power is in your intention. Know that the flame is symbolic of the vast enormous power within you. This is a very reverent time, because you are activating or becoming aware of the spirit that resides within. This is the Divine creative power of the Universe.


The eclipses in Gemini are very intense for travel and miscommunications for Mercury is also retrograde. Technology problems, computer glitches and hacking are the focus of this month.

Mars is transiting alongside the Sun from June-September. During this four-month period anger and fire are more intense. The world is hot and fiery. There will be more fires and explosions.

Mars is debilitated causing issues with Mars. This may be a deflation with real estate prices, but next month gas and fuel prices will increase, when Mars opposes Neptune. The economy is on shaky ground with many ups and downs. With fuel prices increasing many companies that depend on shipping and transportation may have more financial expenditures, therefore their stocks may drop but the stocks around oil and gas will rise.

Time to take care of your health now and build up your immune system because this October will be one of the worse flu seasons in a very long time. This may indicate a disease epidemic since Neptune notoriously brings problems with undetected issues around disease with the threat of poisons in the air, water and food. During this time, Mars will align with the Sun in Virgo in a Yod with Neptune and Uranus. So please prepare now, don’t wait till October.

Ketu, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all aligned by 22 degrees South in declination. These are very volatile planets indicating an extremely transformational time in our history. It seems like nothing is going on but actually the biggest changes are occurring underneath the surface that will change the outlook of the world forever. These changes involve the economy and there is a new dimensional shift that expands the vibrational frequency. Those aware will definitely feel this.

While Jupiter is in the intense water sign Scorpio there have been extreme rains and floods this year and the weather will intensify all the more as we come into hurricane season as the eclipses bring transformation this month.

The planet that rules the sign that Jupiter is in determines the events occurring throughout the year. Jupiter is in Scorpio and Mars rules Scorpio. Therefore, throughout the year that Jupiter resides in Scorpio the transit of Mars determines the changing events. As Mars changes signs throughout the year so does the focus of the worldwide events. Mars is in Cancer from June 24-August 8. So, for six weeks this will bring many, many changes because Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon and brings fluctuations. Additionally, both Jupiter and Mars in water signs brings even more floods and rain.

Times around the eclipses bring major shifts of energy. From the last part of June till the first part of August will bring earth changes meaning earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, severe weather, storms and hurricanes.

The events of May and June were imperative to the realization of what is to come in February 2020. What was triggered at this time will result in a massive blow up after the next eclipse in December. February is when transiting Mars will transit to the opposing position that it was during May-June of 2019. Mars is the trigger and the sensitive areas of the zodiac currently are where the eclipses are in Gemini and Sagittarius.

May-June 2019 Mars was in Gemini and February 8-March 21, 2020 is when Mars will be in Sagittarius and the mounting events will come to a huge event that will change humanity. The events and effects will change everyone’s views on politics. The future of the next political race is dependent on the events at this time. Personally, I believe this time will result in a war based on the placements of Mars and Ketu conjunct in Sagittarius. Furthermore, Jupiter will be conjunct adding to the intensity. This time period is astrologically most like the day of September 11, 2001, when Mars and Ketu were together 18 ½ years ago. But what makes it so much like that fateful day is that Jupiter was aspecting by opposition in Gemini and now it is conjunct this Mars/Ketu. Jupiter expands whatever it is aspecting making the events larger. The Mars/Ketu conjunction will be conjunct the ascendant degree of the U.S. chart.

I don’t mean to be projecting always onto this prediction in 2020 but it is of utmost importance to understand that currently what is happening now will have its effects at that time. Trade wars, oil and gas prices, and the situation with Iran may seem small now but this is only the beginning. And this also applies to our own individual lives, so pay attention to the issues surfacing now because there will be an event that changes your life in a big way based on these issues now.

Now the prices are still relatively low with crypto currency but they are on their way back up. I hope you invested when the prices were low. I kept trying to remind everyone it is the wave of the future and to invest when it was really low. No one seems to be interested when it is at a low, but that is exactly the time to invest. Once it is way up again everyone will be paying attention, but that is not the time to jump in. I kept reminding everyone even though I was ridiculed. I believe 2020 and especially 2021 it will be doing very well.

Oil and gas prices are on their way up as I predicted. These predictions sometimes take a little time but if you understand the astrological cycles you will understand these will be the trends in the coming years.

07/02 Solar Eclipse 16 degrees Gemini (Ardra)
07 02 Saturn conjunct Ketu 23 degrees Sagittarius
07/07 Mercury Retrograde 10 degrees Cancer
07/09 Sun conjunct Rahu 23 degrees Gemini
07/16 Lunar Eclipse 29 degrees Sagittarius
07/23 Venus enters Cancer
07/26 Mars quincunx Saturn (8th aspect) 21 degrees Cancer/Sagittarius

07/30 Mars quincunx Neptune (8th aspect) 24 degrees Cancer/Aquarius
07/31 New Moon 14 degrees Cancer
07/31 Mercury Direct 29 degrees Gemini

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