Spiritual Insights & Predictions January 2019

Spiritual Insights & Predictions December 2018
November 29, 2018
January 2019 Predictions
December 28, 2018

the new year brings love....

Spiritual Insights and Predictions for January 2019

The year of 2019 opens with a deep and powerful quest for truth with love and compassion. Mars is in the compassionate sign of Pisces and Jupiter is in passionate Scorpio, both water signs of feelings and emotion. They are in Parivartana and Sandbanda, Mars and Jupiter are totally connected by aspect and mutual exchange. Jupiter aspects (trine) Mars in Scorpio and Mars is in Pisces. This activates a powerful feeling of connection and love, this year begins with a prevailing desire for peace on earth. 

This is beautiful way to start out the year. The water signs are the signs that promote deep feelings of healing through love. My philosophy is that to heal our lives we must connect to the powerful feeling of love. Love is what heals past emotions that keep us tied to the karmic wheel. The moksha houses are the houses associated with the water signs, and water signs are emotion and feelings. Moksha is the spiritual liberation of the soul, which is the purpose and essence of our life on Earth. The moksha houses in astrology are the 4th, 8th and 12th houses, the 4th sign is Cancer and the 8th sign is Scorpio and the 12th sign is Pisces. These three houses are the most misunderstood houses because they deal with issues and aspects of other dimensions not of this earth. They concern the things we cannot see or measure in earthly ways, such as emotions of love and feelings, and all three also relate to the past. 

Interestingly all three houses and signs relate to death and the world beyond. The 4th house is the end of life, 8th house is death and transformation, and the 12th house is endings. 

All of these houses and signs pertain to deep spiritual resources, and while Jupiter is transiting the sign of Scorpio we can tap into these deep spiritual resources to heal our lives directing us to moksha, our final liberation. Mars is in the most spiritual sign of compassion, Pisces, indicating this month we can all access the power of compassion and love. I know the world will be a completely different place by the end of this powerful year, before we embark on 2020.

Jupiter will conjunct Venus in Scorpio on January 22 at 21 degrees of Scorpio. Although Jupiter and Venus are not friendly to one another they are still both benefics and will empower this sign all the more for deep feelings. Both Jupiter and Venus are in the nakshatra Jyeshta. This is the most powerful nakshatra for manifestation through deep passionate emotion. Any wishes and desires you may focus on during this time will come to fruition. Please be aware the highest of all motivations is for moksha, which will ultimately bring happiness and joy, for this is the realization of true connection with the Divine, which eliminates all darkness and ignorance. This ultimate knowledge brings enlightenment, which ultimately eliminates all suffering. This far exceeds any earthly desire. Moksha is not suffering, it is the elimination of suffering.

There are great spiritual forces directing the evolution of our planet this year. The year begins with this beautiful sense of love and compassion. Don’t let this feeling fade too much as the world is thrown in the evolution of change. This is a year where many will awaken to the destruction of the many old outgrown regimes.

This month is a monumental month of change as there is a partial solar eclipse, and a total lunar eclipse. Eclipses are so powerful because they bring to light the darkness that needs to be healed. As the light of the Sun and Moon are darkened the result will be an uncovering of the ignorance that plagues our planet. It is time to let go of our perceived opinions that shape our perception of the outside world. All perceptions are formed from past experiences. Everyone has different life experiences that filter our view of the world. This limits your awareness and actually causes the unpleasant experiences that limit your ability to receive what you desire.

Each and every time you dwell on negative feelings or opinions of the past you actually lower your energy. These thoughts and feelings limit your power to excel.  This means opinions that have a negative emotional charge, where you were wronged, victimized and political views or religious beliefs. All these feelings are draining your energy that can be applied to the manifestation of the good you want to achieve this year. So keep yourself in check monitoring where your emotions are being directed and projected. There is nothing positive that will be created by feeling upset over political opinions or religious condemnation, no matter how right you believe you are. This planet has a lot to learn from this way of thinking. It is actually the biggest lesson due to occur on planet earth this year as Saturn and Ketu conjoin in Sagittarius. Those who aspire to moksha will go grow beyond the early veil of ignorance from past preconceived ideas based on these conditioned opinions. 

The solar eclipse is in Sagittarius while Rahu is still in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn. This indicates the shifting into the Sagittarius/Gemini axis for the coming year. A new awareness is due to shed light on all the deceptions of the past, for Sagittarius is the sign of truth. The total lunar eclipse will occur in Cancer which indicates the shift of financial security in the world. Still many truths will be revealed in the world crisis pertaining to governments and world leaders. As the eclipses this summer are in Gemini and Sagittarius the truth will be unveiled around religious beliefs. Furthermore, the future eclipses will deeply affect the United States as they will be affecting the U.S. chart with four planets Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Sun in Gemini. Every time Rahu is in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius there are destructive events in the U.S., and ultimately change world consciousness.

The eclipse season, which is two weeks before and after eclipses will be very intense with earthquakes. Uranus will station direct January 6 at 4 degrees Aries. Moving towards February, the intensity for earthquakes becomes even stronger as transiting Mars conjoins Uranus February 13, and February 8-9 Mars will be at the midpoint of Rahu and Ketu. This will shake up the world in terms of natural disasters.

As Saturn and Ketu near each other in Sagittarius there will be a transformation in beliefs. The way people believe will be threatened, for Sagittarius is the sign of religion and law. As the manmade laws of religion are under fire many will feel lost without direction. There will be corruption and scandals uncovered in the churches. Now those responsible will be brought to justice. This will affect all religions. Those who feel their religion is the only way may be threatened and enraged fighting back with a vengeance. This will manifest in more religious fundamentalist terrorist attacks.

All religions will come under scrutiny as the realization of war and destruction take place as a result of these beliefs. This is the beginning of true spirituality, where a connection of the truth and Divinity direct people to connect within. The initial problem is most of humanity is too weak to follow their own divinity, they look outside themselves to connect to the Divine searching for leadership and direction. When we put out trust in outside leaders, priest, or gurus we will always be disappointed for most spiritual leaders are human and will be overcome by ego. This is the wave of the future and the dissolution in old outgrown belief systems.

The summer months are crucial in political events and world affairs. This could be the most destructive time of the year. I see the potential for major violence. May-July will be very intense due to Mars in Gemini conjunct Rahu opposed Saturn conjunct Ketu. Mars will conjunct Rahu in Gemini June 12-13 and Mars will conjunct Rahu opposed Saturn 23-24 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius. This will affect the United States for these planets are affecting, as mentioned before, four planets in the U.S. natal chart. This is not a good time to travel. But you will be okay if these planets are not affecting any planets in your natal chart. 

President Trump’s natal Moon and Ketu are in Scorpio and as transiting Jupiter nears his natal Ketu in the 4th house this could indicate heart problems. He needs to care for his health this year, for it will be extremely stressful. This aspect of Jupiter will be very intense, as Jupiter stations around 29 degrees Scorpio-0 degrees Sagittarius the last part of March and April. The political landscape will be under extreme duress with an increase in political conflict causing the U.S. to be a hugely divided nation, when unity is needed the most. The damage these political wars will create will be stifling for the U.S., and many countries around the world are at odds with their government and leaders. As Saturn conjoins Pluto the political world becomes a war zone and will destroy many nations. An entirely new way of government will emerge out of this destruction.

March will be a time of radical shifts due the change of Rahu into Gemini and Ketu into Sagittarius. Right as they change signs the economy will begin a big shift downwards causing fear and perceived impending doom. One of the reasons for the decline in the stock market is the increase in the price of oil and gas, causing stocks that are dependent on transportation and shipping to have increased costs.

Everything always happens for a reason, and these reasons are always for progressive growth in consciousness on planet earth and for humankind.  We are moving towards a more advanced consciousness as many of the outgrown ways of the world are coming to an end. Through much destruction comes a new beginning. Just as the symbolism of the dancing Shiva suggests that Maya (illusion) will be destroyed through the fire of destruction. The year 2019 is the turning point of the transformation of humanity.

May the New Year bring you the joy and happiness of moksha, dissolving all suffering!


Planetary Aspects

01/13 Jupiter square Neptune: 20 degrees Scorpio/Aquarius

01/22 Jupiter conjunct Venus: 21 Scorpio

01/21 Mars Square Saturn:  19 degrees Pisces/Sagittarius

01/21 Mercury enters Capricorn

01/25 Jupiter trine Mars: 22 Scorpio/Pisces

01/29 Venus enters Sagittarius

01/31 Saturn aspect (3rd) Neptune: 20 degrees Sagittarius/Aquari



01/05, Partial Solar Eclipse: 21 degrees Sagittarius (Ketu)

01/21, Total Lunar Eclipse: 6 degrees Cancer (Rahu)

Jupiter and Mars in Parivartana

Uranus Retrograde: Jan 6 2019 04°Ar29′ D


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