Spiritual Insights & Predictions January 2020

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December 3, 2019

World discord and political ideology is causing global unrest in over 20 countries. Flooding fires and tornadoes devastate the US.

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January Spiritual Insights

January sets the stage for 2020!
There are incredible and intense aspects starting out the year indicating a year of massive change and transformation. We will witness things never before in this year. The solar eclipse that occurred December 26th involves Jupiter with Ketu, and Saturn with Pluto. Now the Lunar Eclipse will activate the deep seated indications of this powerful Solar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipses, which are the full Moon with Rahu and Ketu, bring to fruition the indications of the Solar eclipse.

Jupiter will be conjunct Ketu at 14 degrees Sagittarius on January 8th. There is a wave of Divine energy prevent throughout this year. Everything that is happening this year is being directed by a Divine Force to change humanity for the better. It may seem like a destructive force but this is part of the Divine plan.

The most important effects that will evolve out of this year will be a deep spiritual transformation that will manifest miracles around healing and technological discoveries with energy. The entire concept of energy is changing and how it is used in healing the mind and emotions. These amazing discoveries in science, medicine and healing change how many view the world and have an effect on world consciousness.

Those who judge with hate and vengeance will not be a part of the cosmic awareness that is surrounding the earth at this time. It is time to see beyond the current illusion to understand the profound lessons being bestowed on humanity. The unconscious masses will be consumed with superficiality, but the greater effects of this spiritual transformation will have its effects for years to come.

Jupiter conjunct Ketu in Sagittarius is about spiritual liberation and truth. Revelations in this area will be surfacing now. The powerful destructive forces will cause a clearing for the future light to prevail. A new wave of Spiritual energy will infiltrate the planet. For those who want to grow spiritually this is the year that many revelations and miracles will occur. But others that do not want to change will become more angry and fanatical. There will be a stark difference in those who are aware and those unaware. Those who are aware will not be fazed by the ignorant. This is a year the light will transform the darkness.

Because this energy is so powerful and intense many people may die this year, but not necessarily due to catastrophes. Those who are weak and feeble may not survive the intense aspects in their natal charts. Deaths of many famous people will be top news throughout the year. The past and a big part of history is dyeing to a new world.

With so much focus on the impeachment process within the U.S. government, not enough attention is being focused in the world of terrorism. This makes the U.S. very vulnerable. Religious and political fanaticism dominate the consciousness creating a world of extremes.
Much destruction will arise from this.

As Saturn conjoins Pluto there is a breakdown of the old ways of government. The ugliness of politics and corruption tops the news. The masses are becoming aware of the negativity and are ready for a change.

The eclipses from December and January will have effects from January – March activating many intense earthquakes. This has much to do with the power of intense human emotion affecting the earth. Malaysia, China, Middle East, India and Australia will feel the effects the most with the eclipse path covering these lands.

The effects of the radical change coming from the events of 2020 will manifest in 2021. The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn will mirror the last time they were conjunct in 1960-1961. This was the time J.F.Kennedy came into office. Saturn
represents government and Pluto indicates huge destruction, be prepared to see monumental changes in the world’s governments.

As the impeachment progresses the economy will follow suite. Watch how the threat of impeachment effects the cycles with radical volatility in the economy and stock market. They will be in sink with many ups and downs.

Any New Year’s resolution you may make at the beginning of this year will come to fruition. This is a time to use this powerful planetary force for manifestation. Use the planetary energy for the good of the world and planet instead of focusing on the negative. Remember what you dwell on you will create in your own life.

Predictions and Planetary Aspects

The first week of January is positively influenced by the Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu Conjunction

January 02: Mercury conjunct Jupiter 12 degrees Sagittarius
Optimism for a New Year will consume the minds and hearts of many as we enter into the New Year. We are ready to start the year with good intensions that will change our lives for the better.

January 04: Mercury conjunct Ketu
Mercury the planet of the mind and how we think is influenced by both Ketu and Jupiter giving rise to a new way of thinking. This energy will permeate the first week of January. Creative inventions and a revival in the belief of the miraculous broadens awareness. Motivational speakers with inspirational ways of thinking direct new ways to harness energy to change our lives. If you are seeking changes in your life this is the time to initiate and begin. Tapping into our own spiritual resources is easier now, for our psychic force is stronger. Learning to meditate can ground and transform our lives by shifting and changing out own thought processes.

January 04: Mars quincunx Uranus 6 degrees Scorpio/Aries
The New Year begins with a deep sentiment towards what needs to happen to change the situation in the world. Many are adopting a new way of viewing the world. Mercury with both Jupiter and Ketu indicates people are changing their minds. A more spiritual perspective takes over, but as Sagittarius rules extremes in opinion many will strike out with their strong opinions. During this time Mars is powerfully placed in Scorpio forming a 6/8 aspect to Uranus indicating a sudden unexpected event that will change the course of events.

January 08: Jupiter conjunct Ketu 14 degrees Sagittarius
Spiritual trends are the wave of the world. Just don’t get side tracked by cults, which will take hold of the fanatical. There will be many extremes and fanatics that consume the airwaves. People are searching for something or someone to lead them, and the more extreme the more likely they will appeal to those that are searching for answers. Take this time to center and still your mind. Meditation and connecting to your own spiritual resources will give you the answers you seek. It is a time to look within and not outside of yourself. This will be a profound year for enlightenment for many as they realize their own power and connection to the Source.

January 10: Lunar Eclipse 25 degrees Gemini
Vast amounts of information are surfacing now that will reveal the truth, and corruption will be exposed. This enrages the world as the truth is exposed. As the sign Gemini is all about communications, the extremes the media has taken to control the minds of the masses is being realized.

January 12: Saturn and Mercury conjunct Pluto 28 degrees Sagittarius
Governments topple and the masses of people feel the need to take control. They repeal the media and fight back. There is a civil war occurring within many groups globally. Never have people been more enraged with the leadership of governments and the world will take action. This will be a year of enormous protests and incredible civil unrest. Saturn and Pluto in aspect always indicates breakdown and destruction of the old outdated rules that no longer serve in a new and changing world.

January 15: Mars 8TH aspect Rahu 14 degrees Scorpio/Gemini
Earth changes and earthquakes are likely now, and the threats of terrorism are building. Hard aspects following an eclipse trigger and effect the earth. The emotions of the masses are surfacing and having an effect around the world. Areas most affected by the eclipse path may be the most critical, the Middle East, India, China, Malaysia and Australia.

January 24: Saturn enters Capricorn and New Moon 10 degrees Capricorn
Governments around the world begin to change with major plans to change laws. Eventually what will emerge out of this transformation is the merging of business in a better way that truly globalize the world. This will not be realized for a long time but now is the initial phase leading to this transformation.

January 27: Venus conjunct Neptune 22 degrees Aquarius
January 28: Mars square (4th aspect) Neptune 22 degrees Scorpio/Aquarius
Around these two dates January 27th -28th many scandals will surface and the truth will be known. Sex trafficking is a big part of this dark and corrupt world. Cover ups are now revealed.
Oil prices begin to rise and the stock market begins to sink, but there will be many ups and downs with great volatility till the month of September.

January 2020
01/ 02: Mercury conjunct Jupiter 12 degrees Sagittarius
01/04: Mercury conjunct Ketu
01/ 04: Mars quincunx Uranus 6 degrees Scorpio/Aries
01/ 08: Jupiter conjunct Ketu 14 degrees Sagittarius
01/10: Lunar Eclipse 25 degrees Gemini
01/12: Saturn and Mercury conjunct Pluto 28 degrees Sagittarius
01/ 15: Mars 8TH aspect Rahu 14 degrees Scorpio/Gemini
01/24: New moon 10 degrees Capricorn
01/24: Saturn transits into Capricorn
01/27: Venus conjunct Neptune 22 degrees Aquarius
01/ 28: Mars square (4th aspect) Neptune 22 degrees Scorpio/Aquarius

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