Spiritual Insights & Predictions February 2020

Spiritual Insights & Predictions January 2020
December 29, 2019
Spiritual Insights & Predictions March 2020
March 1, 2020

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February 2020 Spiritual Insights

I have been referring to this month for a long time. So many astrological aspects are about to trigger a major event that will change the world.

Before I go into the astrological aspects and what they may mean for us, I want to reflect about the deeper meaning of what is being activated for us all now. The most important message that is being revealed now is the Jupiter and Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius. This conjunction has activated something very deep within all of us. As Ketu is the moksha karaka in a chart, it inspires us to find that spiritual essence within. Jupiter’s conjunct with Ketu particularly in the sign of truth and spiritual beliefs has activated huge issues for us to learn from.

With this understanding I have noticed that experiences, memories, and people from the past have surfaced daily in my waking hours and also in my dreams. I have been dreaming a lot of times and places from the past, and people that have passed on more than usual. At first, I actually thought it could be a message that I may be going to the other side soon. What I have come to realize is that many others are having this same experience. Knowing that Jupiter is a powerful expansive force, and with Ketu as the indicator of the past, I began to realize why this was occurring. Knowing that everything happens for a reason I asked my spiritual knowingness why this was occurring, what is the message. What was revealed to me is that this is the time when the spiritual veil between the other side is thin, and more than ever we are able to communicate with the spirit world. The reason for this occurrence is that we now need spiritual support, because there is an event that is about to take place this year that needs our awareness. We are being warned and supported as to the possible events that are brewing and developing.

This month is a turning point in history. The deep emotional sentiment you are feeling is here to heal and clear the past. It is time to become as a new born baby and have a clean slate with no attachments to the past and resentments. This is an opportunity to finally free yourself from past karmas. And as we know when stuck in the past you cannot progress and grow.

Now is the time to take what you have learned in the past to create a better life. When these thoughts emerge ask what you can learn to create a better future. This is the most opportune time for spiritual growth. This eliminates the emotional prison you have created, use this energy wisely.

For some, as the thoughts of the past emerge, they will become fixated on them, magnifying their anger and attachment to their feelings of hurt or injustice. These are the ones that will continue on the path of destruction. This will have a fanatical effect on those that are deeply entrenched in not letting go of their sense of injustice.

If you are attaching to negativity then your energy will be drained. We need this energy to work on the higher good for this planet. We cannot be emotionally involved with our righteous condemnation and think we are evolving spiritually. Get outside and beyond the projections of the mass consciousness.

Looking back at history helps to understand messages and trends occurring now in world consciousness. We can see events of the distant past objectively and why they occurred for our highest good. It is good to get outside ourselves and observe the events as though they are a movie, without judgment, knowing everything happens for a purpose.

As we observe the planetary energies, we can better understand how things will evolve and what we are to learn in this pivotal time in history. This month the astrological events indicate a true awakening as the transit of Mars activates the Jupiter and Ketu conjunction.

Mars is the planet of energy and is an activating force. When there are long-standing aspects Mars is the trigger. The long-standing aspects of the outer planets are in effect, such as Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in conjunction, and Jupiter and Mars conjunct Ketu. As planets conjunct Rahu or Ketu, they are conjoining the eclipses. The eclipses are the activation points. They are the indicators of fate and destiny. As Pluto conjoins Saturn and Jupiter this year be aware of the possibilities of war and destruction using nuclear energy.

Last June when transiting Mars transited Rahu in Gemini this triggered events that are to surface now, because now transiting Mars has come to conjoin Ketu, the opposite nodal point in Sagittarius. June was the time that Iran began hostile acts towards the U.S. It will be the point of reference and violence this month.

The previous eclipse point when crossed by a planet, and most especially Mars, activates the essence of this eclipse. The eclipse of December 26th was 9-10 degrees Sagittarius. Mars will transit this degree February 20-21.

Mars will be in the nakshatra Mula from February 7th – 26th which rules destruction. More violence will heat up as Mars is in the nakshatra Mula. This nakshatra extends from 0 degrees to 13 degrees 20 minutes of Sagittarius.

Another astrological signification that magnifies the events of this month is the Kala Sarpa yoga, as all the planets are on one side of the nodal axis (Rahu and Ketu). This intensifies events even more.

This time period reflects some of the same exact signatures as the time of September 11th, 2001. During that time transiting Mars was crossing (opposition) the previous eclipse degree 8 degrees Sagittarius in the nakshatra Mula, and Rahu was in the nakshatra Ardra which rules tragedy. Mars was conjunct Ketu at 8 degrees of Sagittarius. When the nodes of the Moon (Rahu and Ketu) go into these treacherous nakshatras every 18 and a half years the U.S has experienced violence. The birth chart for the U.S. is tremendously activated as the Ascendant is 8 degrees Sagittarius. Furthermore, there are four planets in the 7th house in Gemini Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Sun. The major difference is that Jupiter is in Sagittarius instead of Gemini, nevertheless Jupiter is aspecting these placements in each case. Jupiter in Sagittarius conjunct Ketu is more extreme, but indicates spirituality, truth and freedom.

Referring the last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius with Ketu it was 1889. But there was not an exact line up with Mars in Sagittarius. In that year there were many positive things that came about, Heinrich Hertz discovered electromagnetic waves, and a spiritual revolution was active with the spiritualist movement and the Unity Church was founded. I also just noticed this was the year that Adolph Hitler was born. I suspect this indicates the extremes of power for good or bad.

Something huge is brewing based on the transiting planets. This year is a turning point in history and this month will begin the transformation. This is a time of extremes and I believe the spiritual veil is very thin and we can access this potent opportunity if we come from a higher vibration. You will not be resonating to this higher vibration if you become involved in your base emotions concerning politics and religion. Remember again, get outside and beyond these projections of the mass consciousness.

Extreme power can be harnessed for good or bad. You can harness this powerful energy for your highest good. Nothing is set in stone, and the outcome depends on the choices that you make now.


February 02: Venus enters Pisces

Venus is transiting Pisces its exaltation sign throughout this month. This activates the power of Venus the planet of love and affection. We will come together with a sense of forgiveness and healing. Since Jupiter rules Pisces it is the dispositing planet for Venus, and Jupiter is in an extraordinary position in its own sign of rulership. This empowers Venus’ ability to bring compassion and love during these rocky and turbulent times. We will come to realize the importance of our relationships and the healing power of love. It appears we will need to come together and support each other unconditionally. Venus also rules peace, and this is the time peace needs to be addressed on all levels.

February 07: Mars enters Sagittarius

As Mars transits through the last degrees of Scorpio right before it enters Sagittarius it is ghandanta. A planet is ghandanta when it is in the last degrees of a water sign and the first degrees of a fire sign. This essentially means feelings of being out of control. It also causes extreme storms that cause drowning.

As Mars enters Sagittarius it will be in the nakshatra of Mula which rules destruction. This will be a time of impending violence and emotional turmoil. Sagittarius is the sign of truth and spirituality but has the tendency to indicate religious fanaticism, which breeds terrorism. This can be a time leading up to another September 11th with this intense energy activated now.

February 09: Full Moon 25 degrees Cancer

Emotions are intensifying as the full Moon brings to awareness the deep-seated fears and events that are surfacing now. The sign Cancer is the most sensitive and everyone is feeling the tensions around the world. With all the hostility brewing, the global markets are extremely volatile. Many secrets of the past concerning family, and on a global level about governments and their leaders, are surfacing.

February 14: Venus square Rahu/Ketu 13 degrees Pisces /Gemini/Sagittarius

This is Valentine’s Day and the focal planet for the day is Venus, ruling over love and romance. Make commitments to your partner and you will see healing in your personal relationships.
Venus is now at the midpoint of Rahu/Ketu. This concerns the unraveling of corruption in the financial world. Venus represents mega wealth and can trigger a turning point as to how money is spent. The market will be extremely volatile as a result. Negotiations concerning world trade is the pressing issue and compromise and resolution comes together.

Relationships in love will be an issue for most everyone. It is time to set your goals and priorities. Deep connections in love can open and heal the heart.
Negotiations with global war and peace are being discussed, and hopefully there can be a compromise.

February 23: Venus square Jupiter 24 degrees Pisces/Sagittarius

Negotiations towards peace and compromise are being discussed. This is a powerful time to open your heart, heal and let go of past hurts and resentments. Jupiter as the dispositing planet of Venus transiting with Ketu gives healing power to let go of the past and make way for a prosperous and happy future.

February 25: Pluto enters Capricorn
Mars conjunct Ketu

Mars is a trigger for all the planetary energy that has been brewing for a long time. As it conjoins Ketu these two forces are very volatile and violent. Mars is potent powerful energy and rules anger, conflict, weapons, and war, while Ketu is said to be like Mars, as it indicates a burning desire. Both Mars and Ketu rules weapons and fire, and are known to activate explosive events. Ketu is also the karaka for terrorism. Putting together all the potential indicators of these two planets as they conjoin in Sagittarius, the sign of fundamentalism, righteousness, fanaticism, truth and spirituality you can surmise the possible results. This could indicate a terrorist attack that can lead to a spiritual awakening.

February 28: Venus enters Aries

Venus as in Pisces opened the heart and promoted healing in relationships through compassion and love. Now the transit into Aries gives rise to suspicion as Mars is now the dispositing planet of anger and conflict. Much of the promises made may come under scrutiny. Venus in Aries can bring sexual attraction, but be cautious because this can be a fleeting moment. Passion may lead you down the road of disappointment.

February 20-21: Mars conjunct previous Eclipse degree

Mars will cross the previous eclipse degree triggering events indicated by the Solar eclipse. This is a time to lay low and be cautious. Stay away from crowded places. This can trigger violence and attacks.

February 02: Venus enters Pisces
February 07: Mars enters Sagittarius
February 09: Full Moon 25 degrees Cancer
February 14: Venus square Rahu/Ketu 13 degrees Pisces /Gemini
February 23: Venus square
Jupiter 24 degrees Pisces/Sagittarius
February 25: Pluto enters Capricorn, Mars conjunct Ketu
February 28: Venus enters Aries
February 20-21: Mars conjunct previous Eclipse degree

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