Spiritual Insights & Predictions December 2018

December 2018 Predictions
November 29, 2018
Spiritual Insights & Predictions January 2019
December 28, 2018

Manifesting your desires.....

**Spiritual Insights December  2018**

The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio brings a year of powerful deep emotions. This sign is the most potent sign for manifestation of desire. I find the nakshatra Jyeshta to be the most effective for manifesting our deepest desires.

Jyeshta is the nakshatra associated with black magic, and is associated with hidden and occult powers. It also has an affinity for great wisdom as the eldest. But I have come to understand its association to black magic and occult powers is about the power to manifest.

In researching the charts of billionaires a commonality in their charts was the nakshatra Jyeshta. This nakshatra extends from 16 degrees 40 minutes to 30 degrees Scorpio. So the last 13 degrees 20 minutes of Scorpio is all-powerful in the art of manifestation. The new Moon this month occurs in Jyeshta and December 27 Jupiter and Mercury will be transiting here. The use of powerful intentions will manifest your most intense desires. Jupiter will be in Jyeshta most of this coming year.

The defining issue is what do you really want? Clarity and specifics are necessary. Vague and general wants and desires give exactly that, undefined results.

Many say they want a certain thing but realistically deep down they do not feel it is possible. These are the feelings that sabotage the results. You must feel and know you will receive what you desire. When you come from a place of knowing instead of believing, wishing and hoping you will manifest your desire.

It is important to make sure your desire is what will bring you happiness. We cannot wish to achieve or attain anything against anyone else’s will. Some may realize that the desires they wish for may not give the end result of their wishes.

In the process of gathering your thoughts together to focus and define your desires it is important to write a list and specify these things in great detail. Then you must focus your attention on a knowingness that you will manifest these things of desire.

As I was cleaning out my closet the other day I came across a list that I had made about ten years ago defining my exact desires. It was around the end of the year as a part of my New Year’s resolutions and what I wanted to manifest. I was completely astonished! I manifested every single thing on my list. This is the power of manifestation with deep emotion and knowingness.

Recently my son Preston asked me, “Mom how did you manifest the things you wanted in life?” My answer was that I had a deep knowing that it would happen.

It is when you bring your sense of wanting to the powerful feeling of knowing that you can make anything happen. This is not easy for those that are not believing that it is possible, but it takes practice to eliminate all self-doubt. You have to come to a place within your consciousness that you are deserving and do the work necessary to achieve the goals. You have to do deep psychological soul searching of the events or reasons you feel unworthy and realize these are the blocks you must release from past judgements about yourself.

With the power of Jupiter in the nakshatra of Jyeshta this month and year ahead realize you can and will manifest your hearts desire this year. Specify and list what you are here to manifest. It will be an amazing year for great awakenings and transformations.

December Predictions

The new Moon in Scorpio is conjunct Jupiter and Mercury this month. Scorpio is the sign of deep research and emotional processing. Deep feelings are surfacing from the past as we prepare for another new year.

Mercury turns direct on December 6th a day before the new Moon so  there is a turn for forward thinking and progress for a good future. This holiday season will be productive for the economy.

Many will choose to travel this month for the indications for travel are strong with Jupiter conjunct Mercury, and Rahu is trine Mercury while it is stationary

Uranus is opposed Venus, and Venus remains strong in its sign of rulership Libra. This indicates volatility in the stock market but on a personal level can indicate excitement in love and romance. The world is looking for new ways to build the economy.

The most defining aspect of the month revolves around Mars conjunct Neptune December 8th. Mars and Neptune contacts indicate deception and delusion. Mars is the dispositor of the New Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus making it a focal point for this month. It’s aspects are pivotal in making predictions for this month.

Mars and Neptune are in Aquarius in the nakshatra Shatabhishak. This nakshatra pertains to medical discoveries and healing. There will be new technological advances  in medicine and healing. It also pertains to the sky and astronomy which can indicate new discoveries in this area. This will open an understanding of alien life in the Universe, as well as the discovery of new stars and planets.

Neptune and Mars indicates there are secret plans to override and disrupt peace and security in the world. Many more internet hackings will occur invading people’s privacy.

As always, Neptune deals with deep secrets and the conjunction of Mars will dig up secrets that have been covered up for many years. The world is finally unveiling many truths to heal the planet.

As Mars conjoins Neptune the ruler of oil and gas, the prices of gas will begin to become very volatile as the oil nations begin to fight for control. As the year progresses in 2019 the prices of oil and gas will be at the focal point of the shifting stock market from 2019-2020.

Mystery and intrigue of the secrets of life will be of public interest while more movies and documentaries come out pertaining to life after death and the human quest for understanding the secrets of life.

The sign Capricorn is still heavy hit with Ketu transiting here, plus Saturn and Mars surround this sign creating a papakartari yoga. Because Capricorn represents the government there will be many problems around the world with laws and regulations. Presidents and leaders especially in the United Nations, will be working on agreements. The hostility and constant blaming and accusations in the U.S. government continues to increase causing more discord in the nation.

Comparing the planets this month with the U. S. natal chart transiting Rahu is exactly conjunct natal Mercury in the  8th house, further indicating secrets unfolding in the government and a major change in the economy.

This month we are all feeling the impending changes due to occur this coming year.

12/07 New Moon 21 degrees Scorpio

12/22 Full Moon 07 degrees Gemini

12/06 Mercury Direct: 03 degrees Scorpio

12/08 Mars conjunct Neptune 19 degrees Aquarius

Uranus opposed Venus

Saturn sextile Mars/Neptune

Jupiter conjunct Sun/Moon/ Mercury

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