Spiritual Insights & Predictions December 2019

Spiritual Insights & Predictions November 2019
November 12, 2019
February 2020 Predictions
December 3, 2019

World discord and political ideology is causing global unrest in over 20 countries. Flooding fires and tornadoes devastate the US.

December Spiritual Insights
What an exciting month we have ahead for us! The solar eclipse will take place December 26th at 9 degrees Sagittarius. This eclipse will set the tone for the New Year 2020. Sagittarius as the ninth sign of the zodiac is fiery and inspirational. It is all about finding the spiritual truth. What is beyond the physical realm is the spirit that moves and drives our lives.
The last time that Jupiter transited in Sagittarius with Ketu was in 1889. This was a time of spiritual awakening with the Spiritualist Movement in full swing with great spiritual thinkers such as Madam Blavatsky, cofounder of the Theosophical Society, Emerson, Thoreau and Alice Baily. This was also the year that the Fillmore’s started the Unity church. A new era of spirituality was born! So now again a new trend of spirituality will awaken the world.
While Jupiter is in Sagittarius it will be conjoining Ketu, which is called “the moksha karaka,” which means liberation from this world. Many say they want to achieve spirituality so they will not have to be reincarnated again into this world. This is what they perceive as spiritual liberation from this world. But in reality, the way to achieve this enlightenment is quite the opposite. To strive for spirituality to escape suffering of this world is not the way to reach moksha. The way to liberate the soul is to come from a place of loving the world and everything in it.
In October the Future of Astrology Conference was here in Dallas where the blending of minds and hearts came together with the pursuit of learning Vedic astrology. The initial class on Purva Punya and the fifth house set the tone for the entire conference. Purva Punya is the indicator of past life good karma that is due in this lifetime. But what we all felt and discovered is the power of the heart energy and the fifth house. This is what we are here to learn. When we come from this place, we experience healing of our emotions and connection to the Divine. The heart is where love and the Divine resides.
After the conference I visited one of my favorite places, Istanbul to celebrate my wedding anniversary and birthday and realized why this place is so special to me. The people are rooted in the heart energy. We took other family members who had never been to Turkey before and they were amazed with the warmth and hospitality. We noticed hardly any homeless people and asked a friend why, and she exclaimed that family members take them into their homes. Furthermore, stray dogs and cats are cared for on the streets. They are neutered and roam the city being cared for by all the shop owners and public. You see food bowls outside of every shop. Aside from being overweight all the animals appear happy and content. The public feeds and loves them.
I just returned from the Sedona Vedic Astrology conference right before Thanksgiving and had the same sense of togetherness and connection with all who attended. Then on Thanksgiving Day I realized the meaning of life is to give and receive love and with this comes an immense sense of gratitude and appreciation. This is what will heal our lives and the planet.
All the problems of social unrest, isolation, separation, judgement, hate and anger stem from a lack of love and appreciation. Those who feel unloved, unwanted isolated and alone become untrusting, sad and angry. But to heal the planet we must first work on healing within the family. Family values should be the focus of healing the world. There is a reason you incarnated into the families you are in and are here to heal and love them no matter what the situation. When you come from a place of love, support and appreciation you will attract others with this same connection.
There is a new wave of motivation with speakers and teachers that influence the world. We are evolving and growing with a new understanding of true spiritual essence, but of course growing pains are eminent and will cause enormous destruction. Sagittarius is the sign of fundamental and fanatical beliefs, and Jupiter and Ketu in Sagittarius will surface many radicals. But those who love and appreciate every aspect of this beautiful world will see the light of a new world full of love, compassion and experience moksha. Get ready for the transformation of our world through a spiritual awakening and this comes from the heart, love, appreciation and gratitude.
December Predictions
There will be many changes in the social climate this month as Mars and Venus change signs. The most important influence is Jupiter in the sign Sagittarius which puts Jupiter in a powerful position, in its own sign of rulership. This connects most of the planets as they disposit to Jupiter.
The first two weeks Venus and Jupiter together in the sign Sagittarius bring optimism and positive thinking. Mars in Libra keeps a peaceful trend, but will immediately change as it enters Scorpio on December 25th (Christmas Day).
Mars in Scorpio surfaces the underlying currents of dysfunction dealing with corruption in society. As Mars transits twelfth from all the planets in Sagittarius many scandals and corruption globally will be uncovered.
Venus enters Capricorn on December 15th which brings a productivity to the economy. Sales from the Christmas season are making record highs, and the stock market does very well. Venus in Capricorn is second from all the planets in Sagittarius indicating prosperity for the economy.
The solar eclipse on December 26th indicates a transformational shift in awareness and consciousness. Most remarkable about this eclipse is that it is with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of opportunities, expansion and spirituality indicating there will be a wave of expansive ideas. Positive motivational thinkers will uplift to bring hope and positive change for the world. But actually, when a planet is with the eclipse it is said to be eclipsed, meaning it is weakened or darkened. Furthermore, eclipses surface something that has been hidden. Realize that any hidden or secret agenda in the world or in your personal life will be revealed in the year of 2020. This will cause major confusion and destruction but promotes future healing. Realize we cannot heal without knowing the cause. Corruption and secrets in both religion and governments will explode and unravel the truth. There is a Divine force that will bring balance in the world through a wave of destruction.
What can you do? It is simple, find the beauty in the world by loving every aspect of your life realizing we are all growing by connecting to everyone and everything through the power of love. Many events in our lives give us the opportunity to grow spiritually. An open loving heart will heal your life and world. This understanding becomes real as you see the results you project into the world are reflected back into your life.
12/12 Full Moon 25 degrees Taurus 
12/15 Venus enters Capricorn 
12/25 Mars enters Scorpio and Mercury enters Sagittarius 
12/26 Solar Eclipse 9 degrees Sagittarius

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