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Facebook has announced that they will release their new cryptocurrency, “Libra”, by the first half of 2020. What does this mean for the cryptocurrency space? How does this effect the adoption and price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP (Ripple)? What other major crypto events have happened in the past year, and what events are going to happen in the next year that can drastically effect the market?

The cycles of Cryptocurrency is revealed through the stars. Join Joni and her crypto-enthusiast son, Austin, LIVE as we take a closer look at the charts of the very important crypto players such as Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins. Using their charts along side the charts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, we can hone in on future trends.

While Joni will talk about Astrology, Austin will inform about the past, current, and future state of the cryptocurrency space. Don’t miss out! Crytocurrency is the wave of the future.

During the webinar, there will be a live chat to interact with other crypto stars along with a live Q&A at the end of the presentation. Joni and Austin will also be an active resource to the all webinar gusts and happy to answer all questions thereafter the presentation.

Also, we have some exciting news! We have another Crypto Star hosting the webinar with us!

Aleksandar Koprivica, a professional cryptocurrency and blockchain trader (been trading forex and stocks for 12 years), will be joining us. Aleksandar is from Serbia, and he works with a well known trader in America, Todd Gordon, who is a CNBC contributor for the last 10 years. Aleksdandar leads Todd’s crypto service at www.tradinganalysis.com.

We decided that adding Aleksandar to the webinar would be a valuable addition to the class because now you will be able to have a viewpoint from someone involved in technical analysis/trading. He will share, in a simple format, his factual and mathematical data that he has discovered through extensive research, and where he thinks the price of Bitcoin is going. He will also discuss a technique called “Elliot’s Wave” which is a trading tactic that identifies extremes in investor psychology such as fear vs greed along with highs and lows in prices.

Here is his Twitter for reference: https://twitter.com/calyonfx


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