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Vedic Astrology Consultations

The Galactic Center with Joni Patry offers a full range of astrological services.

Your Vedic astrology reading will take place in person at the Galactic Center, by telephone or by Skype.

For telephone appointments, you will call Joni’s number at the scheduled time: 214-352-2488… or you can call her at joni.patry on Skype.

As a courtesy, a recording of your reading will be emailed to you as an mp3 after the reading is completed.

There are 2 different ways you may to schedule an appointment with Joni:

  1. Call 214-352-2488. This is a Dallas, Texas, USA phone number.
  2. Use the online Consultations Appointment Calendar to view available times, and schedule and pay for your consultation.

Initial appointment times in the Appointment Calendar are for Joni’s location in the the Central Time Zone, so adjust your clocks accordingly. Check the appointment consultation email you receive. CDT or CST after the appointment time is for the Central Time Zone.

For telephone consultations, you will call Joni at the time of your appointment: 214-352-2488… or you can call her at joni.patry on Skype.

Natal Chart Analysis

$300 for one hour
$400 for one and a half hours

This is the most comprehensive and complete reading. If this is your first reading, this is the one to get. It covers all areas and aspects of your life, past, present and future.

There will be a focus on your gifts , goals and the purpose and karma of your life. Before looking at the future Joni will take you backwards in time to understand the results the planets have produced in the past for this will make your future predictions more accurate. Future predictions for a year and a half, month by month will be covered in detail and any major events in the distant future will be outlined. Predictions are made using the Vedic Vimshottari dasha system combined with the transiting planets.

You may ask any questions. You will have your answers after this reading is complete

Varshaphal Reading (Solar Return Chart)

$300 for one hour

An in-depth look at the coming year. This is in effect from birthday to birthday. This predictive tool gives month-by-month analysis with the mudda dasha system. It is extremely articulate and precise with timing of future events.

Auspicious Date Chart (Muhurtha)

$300 for one hour

Determination of the best dates and times for weddings, incorporation of a company, beginning a new project, etc.

Horary Astrology (Question)

$200 for 30 minutes

A thirty-minute analysis of one specific question and the outcome that can be expected. The time the question is asked is determined to be the “birth” of that question.


$300 for one hour

Learn the best locations on earth to experience career success, love, health and happiness according to your personal planets in relation to geographical lines.

30 Minute or Full Hour Update

$200 for 30 minutes
$300 for one hour

A full 1 or 1.5 hour natal chart analysis must be done within the previous 6 months before this update reading will be done.

The Update reading is of the natal chart, current life events and what to expect for the rest of the year. A focus on the future using predictive techniques, transits and dashas. Any specific questions concerning future events for the remainder of the year (since the previous full natal reading) will be answered.

How to find Wealth, Money and Happiness

$300 for one hour

In this reading you will find your capacity to unleash your personal power to achieve wealth. Your unconscious blocks will be revealed and addressed to be healed. What type of work will empower you and bring you success. Many aspects will be analyzed in the chart, particularly your blocks to money. This takes a revealing look at Jupiter, Venus and your 2nd and 11th houses along with the dasha sequences. Money is not the answer for true happiness but is the result of a life without limitations and fear.

Your Karmic Destiny and Self-Realization

$300 for one hour

A one hour reading to identify your own personal destiny and what is needed to break through barriers to find your own personal bliss. The focus is on Rahu and Ketu within your birth chart to discover your karmic destiny; what you came here to learn and grow through. Then a complete analysis of your navamsha chart will reveal the fruits of your life.

The one thing that is required with this reading is an accurate birth time because the navamsha chart is specifically based on time.

Relationship Compatibility

$200 for 30 minutes
$300 for one hour

Analyses compatibility and relationship issues between two people.

Must have complete natal reading to have additional 30 minutes compatibility with another individual. Without a natal chart reading, an hour ($250) is required for a compatibility analysis.

Chart Rectification

$500 for one hour

If the birth time is unknown, a deep analysis of major events in a life can determine an accurate time of birth.

  • Even though I have studied Astrology for many years, there is no ceiling to this science, there is always new ways of looking at the planets and with this course I have expanded my understanding and knowledge of Vedic Astrology tenfold.
  • I have embarked on a journey in University of Vedic Astrology with Joni Patry. You get all the answers with a reading from an astrologer from time to time but nothing beats understanding all the life answers through your own comprehension.