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Years ago, I predicted 2012 would be a time of transformation. One of my main predictions was that the way we transfer and exchange money would change. I didn’t quite understand exactly what this would mean or look like, but now I am seeing the emergence of exactly what this means.

In 2008 I wrote that it was the year of a “Great Awakening”. I continually noted new ways to exchange money, but this was the year of a big stock market crash. Most people complained that I go that one wrong. But now hindsight is 20/20 for this was the actual beginning of bitcoin. I was always a fan of Bitcoin even though I was continually ridiculed. It all fit the future trends astrologically. In 2008 the banks and stock market went into a shock with enormous government bail outs and trillions of dollars were missing with no record of where it all went. There was incredible fraud and no accountability. It makes sense that a new way of exchange that takes out the banks is the future giving the power back to the people. Now that crypto currency is becoming mainstream the banks and government are getting involved.

The most important cycle I have been researching is that of Rahu and Ketu. It takes 18 .5 years to transit through all 12 zodiacal signs. But it is the half cycle (9 years) that you can see highs and lows. It has been 9 years since bitcoin started. It is at its all-time high this year.

Many of my readers have thanked me for their financial success through following my predictions. Some have told me that are now millionaires. I am so happy I could help so many achieve success this way. And I gave all this information away free on my YouTube and in my articles. Remember there are no sure deals but most of my tips were accurate. Basing this on the cycle of Rahu and Ketu there is still time to make money on crypto Currency but 2019 is where it may end.

Here is an article written three years ago!

Astrological Insights on Bitcoin

Years ago I predicted 2012 would be a time of transformation. One of my main predictions was that the way we transfer and exchange money would change.  I didn’t quite understand exactly what this would mean or look like, but now I am seeing the emergence of exactly what this could mean.

I am fortunate enough to have sons who keep me acquainted with the evolving future. All 3 of my sons are business minded and successful. My youngest son Austin is only 19 and he keeps me young, letting me know what is in fashion in all areas of life. But I came across an article he just wrote for a college class and asked if I could publish it in this magazine. It describes exactly what I was seeing astrologically years ago. Everyone spoke of 2012 as the year of endings and beginnings but I remember writing an article for the year 2008 as the year of an “Awakening”. Well it sure was an awakening for most, but not in a good way. Even though the stock market crashed and people were forced to tighten their belts I saw something very promising in the astrological aspects of that year. I though how could I have been so wrong? But now I know I was right because this was the year Bitcoin came into being. The Domain name for Bitcoin was set up on August 18, 2008. I am not sure of the time or place but this is a very powerful chart.

Even though we may not have a time we can gauge this chart using the Moon as the ascendant. I set the time for noon since we can see where the Moon is most of the day. Bitcoins are thought to have originated in Japan but we still don’t know the creator.

What I find fascinating with this chart is the fact that Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are all in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius aspects all 4 planets indicating gains. This particular year Jupiter was transiting with Pluto, which indicates great power.

Not to get too bogged down in the details of this chart I want to point out that there is an amazing conjunction coming in 2015-2016. Jupiter will go into Leo getting close to Rahu and I see this is a time of economic extremes. I believe as Jupiter crosses   Rahu in Leo there will be extremes that can make many people very rich very fast. And comparing this Bitcoin chart with the coming transits I believe this could be the next really big thing just as my son the young entrepreneur believes. Transiting Jupiter and Rahu will cross over all 4 natal planets, Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in Leo plus cast a trine to natal Jupiter and oppose the Moon. This to me is a windfall like a lottery win.

Here is my son Austin Patry’s essay on Bitcoin. Seems another writer has emerged in the Patry family!


Discovering Bitcoin

The next big thing is here. I’m talking BIG. I’m talking about something as big as the invention of the Internet, Personalized Computers, the Iphone, and Facebook. That kind of big.

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for the next big thing. I am always looking for what is trending, and how I can possibly invest, and multiply, my money. No doubt, it is a high risk, high reward system, but in order to reduce the risk, one must do vigorous research on the product. That is exactly what I have done on my latest investment, the “Bitcoin”. The Bitcoin is an upcoming decentralized, universal, and virtual currency that is easy, secure, open, and fair. But why invest in it? I will explain.

Bitcoins are the “first decentralized digital currency” ( This decentralization means that there are no banks involved, meaning little to no transaction fees when making Bitcoin transactions. This will ultimately save you time, money, and stress. Taking the bank out of the equation means the transactions are from person to person. The Bitcoin is a universal currency, meaning no matter where you are in the world, one can send Bitcoins to someone across the world within seconds from their tablet, smart phone, computer, or other device. This makes Bitcoins easy to use.

But putting your hard earned money, and trust, into another person across the world, with no bank security, seems dangerous, right? Well, through extremely complex coding, Bitcoin “verifies transactions with the same state-of-the-art encryption that is used in military and government applications” ( If you are still hesitant on security, there are websites such as, and, whose purposes act similar to that of a bank’s. On these websites, you can buy/sell/transfer Bitcoins just as you can do with checking/savings account on a bank’s website. Your Bitcoins are stored in your “wallet” which is similar to your checking and savings account. The log in is similar to a bank’s website, with many security questions, and the websites, upon request, give you a long complex code called your “private key”. This private key is similar to a bank account number. While a bank account number is the code that gives you access to your checking and savings account, your private key is the code that gives you access to you wallet. If someone acquires your personal key, then they can hack into your account, and steal your money,  just as if someone acquires your bank account number, they can hack into you account, and steal your money. The only difference is the personal key contains more letters, numbers, and other characters than a bank account number, making it even more difficult to hack into your account. You are also given a “public key” which is a long code composed of letters, numbers, and other characters, similar to your personal key. You give this public key to people so that they can pay you. This process makes the Bitcoins extremely secure.

Since Bitcoin is fully decentralized, that means there is no CEO of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was “created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto” (CNN Money) Interestingly, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto really is. His net worth is over 600 million, but he vanished around 2010 ( I believe that the absence of CEO is a good thing. This way there is no corruption or greed, and the so called “company” of Bitcoin is solely controlled by the people and maintained by a community of open-source developers. This makes the appealing to everyone in the world. This is why Bitcoin is fair to everyone.

One of the biggest aspects of using Bitcoin is that it makes the transaction fees, for buying and transferring money, little to nothing. There are minimal fees and the websites are free to use by any user. You can make voluntary payments in order to speed up some transactions, but that is about it. There are also free apps such as “coinbase” that keeps the users updated on the fluctuating price of the Bitcoin, news involving Bitcoin, and easy US dollar to Bitcoin conversion. Just like a stock in the stock market, Bitcoin changes price every couple of minutes at a live rate. As of right now, on Wednesday May 21st at 9:42 pm, one Bitcoin is equal to $488.15. Just a couple of years, one Bitcoin coin equaled only a few cents.

Bitcoin is easy, secure, open, and fair. This is only a synapsis that explains the power of Bitcoin. I encourage you to do your own research, as I have done in preparation for this essay. As I continue to type the word “Bitcoin”, Microsoft word keeps underlining the word in red, as if I am misspelling something. You would think they would have it in their vocabulary by now when their CEO, Bill Gates, is calling the Bitcoin “a technological tour de force” (Bill Gates – The world does not yet know about Bitcoin, and after my research, I am convinced that Bitcoin is the future of currency. I went into this research with a mentality that I may discover something useful to write about as a topic for my English class essay, and now after a couple of investment moves, I hope to come out as a millionaire.


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