Using Vedic Astrology to Predict a Pandemic

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The stars are the reference points in astrology; they are especially important in Vedic sidereal astrology. This system incorporates the stars’ true placements astronomically according to precession. Vedic sidereal astrology stays true to the stars. Many reference points in the constellations relate to animals, people or symbols. These points stay constant.

Using Vedic Astrology to Predict a Pandemic

The stars are the reference points in astrology; they are especially important in Vedic sidereal astrology. This system incorporates the stars’ true placements astronomically according to precession. Vedic sidereal astrology stays true to the stars. Many reference points in the constellations relate to animals, people or symbols. These points stay constant. For example, the star Regulus is the heart of the lion and should always remain in Leo (not Virgo as tropical astrology suggests). Aldebaran is the eye of the bull, so it must be in Taurus, not Gemini, and Antares (the heart of the Scorpion) belongs in Scorpio, not in Sagittarius.
In Vedic astrology, there are certain divisions of the zodiac that relate to star groupings in meaning and symbology. There are 27 of these star divisions, representing 13 degrees 20 minutes of the zodiac. They are called the 27 nakshatras (“that which never decays”). They are also referred to as the lunar mansions because the motion of the Moon each day (13 degrees 20 minutes) stays in one nakshatra per day and creates the 27-day lunar calendar in India. Each of these nakshatras derives its meanings from the stars.
As the planets transit through the signs, they also travel through the 27 nakshatras, adding profound and new meanings to these planets as well as to world experiences. The outer planets, especially, influence world events and even the consciousness occurring on planet Earth.

As an astrologer, I have always looked to eclipses as the focus of my predictions. An eclipse is when the Sun and Moon unite with Rahu or Ketu. There are two solar eclipses a year (six months apart) in opposing signs. One eclipse will be in conjunction with Rahu and the other Ketu since they are always exactly opposite. The eclipses are based on where Rahu and Ketu are transiting. It takes 18 ½ years for Rahu and Ketu to transit through all 12 signs of the zodiac, so Rahu and Ketu stay in one sign for 18 months. Therefore, we must focus on the placement of Rahu and Ketu by sign and specifically the nakshatra they are transiting through.

Vedic astrology is said to be accurate with predictions, because of the nakshatras. The nakshatra’s meanings are derived from the stars that are in these portions of the sky. The nakshatras are ruled by the nine planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu). The nakshatras ruled by Rahu and Ketu seem to be the most violent.

On the tragic day of September 11, 2001, I observed that Rahu was in Ardra and Ketu in Mula. These nakshatras are definitely the most dangerous and violent. Ardra is the nakshatra (symbolized as a teardrop) indicating sadness and tragedy. Furthermore, Rudra is the ruling god of storms and is depicted by howling winds. The nakshatra Mula is ruled by the god of destruction Niritti, known to indicate mass destruction for the purpose of clearing the way for new growth.

Since this was such a tragic day and had such effect on the world, I studied the planetary energy surrounding this event to better understand these cycles. I found that in all of the previous moments when Rahu was in Ardra and Ketu was in Mula, there were tragedies. These tragedies occurred exactly 18 ½ years apart. Before 2001 was 1982–the time of the AIDS virus that devastated and killed many people worldwide. 18 ½ years prior to this was 1963–when the assassination of President Kennedy shocked the world. 18 ½ years before that was the bombing of Hiroshima. And 18½ years before that, a major earthquake in Xining, China killed 200,000 people. All these events involved sadness, tragedy and destruction.

In 2019, I predicted trouble as Rahu was headed into Ardra from September 26, 2019 to April 2020 and Ketu would enter Mula from February 12, 2020 till September 20, 2020. But the window of time in which both Rahu would be in Ardra and Ketu would be in Mula was from February 12 – April 22, 2020. This was the critical time of danger. I predicted something tragic would happen along the lines of the past catastrophes. Another important variable was that transiting Mars was in Sagittarius with Ketu just as on September 11th 2001. Mars is an indicator of violence and acts as a trigger for events. At that time, Jupiter was in Gemini, but this time, in 2020, Jupiter adds to the volatility by being in Sagittarius with Mars and Ketu, so I knew something big was about to happen.

I issued warnings for a long time about this probable event and actually got a lot of negative comments about these predictions, especially from the Western astrology organizations. But the best thing about prediction is it enables us to prepare (and maybe even prevent) events if we are not overwhelmed by fear. This is the purpose of astrology.

As I researched these indications, current events more and more clearly revealed the shape of the tragedy, and the idea of a pandemic became more of a possibility. I had seen Rahu and Ketu in certain nakshatras so many times, it could not be a coincidence. At the time, I considered these findings astounding!

The nakshatras that were the most prominent in disease (especially pandemics) were again Ardra and Mula. Since they will always occur in opposing pairs, a second pair involved in pandemics and extreme world events was Swati and Ashwini. These nakshatras are also ruled by Rahu and Ketu. Ardra is ruled by Rahu and Mula is ruled by Ketu, while Swati is ruled by Rahu and Ashwini is ruled by Ketu. A third pair of nakshatras that are ruled by Rahu and Ketu are Shatabhishak (ruled by Rahu) and Magha (ruled by Ketu).

By far, the most conclusive placement in tragic events was always Ardra and Mula. But looking back into the most catastrophic pandemics, I found too many pandemics with these placements to be a coincidence. All of them had Rahu and Ketu in either Ardra or Mula but most of them were when Rahu was in Ardra and Ketu in Mula.

In 1918, when Rahu was in Mula and Ketu in Ardra, the world experienced the most destructive virus ever–the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. This flu infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide—about one-third of the planet’s population—and killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims, including some 675,000 Americans.” *

In 1889, when Rahu was in Ardra and Ketu in Mula, the Russian Flu pandemic started in Siberia and Kazakhstan, traveled to Moscow, and made its way into Finland and then Poland, where it moved into the rest of Europe. By the following year, it had crossed the ocean into North America and Africa. By the end of 1890, 360,000 had died.

In 1666, when Rahu was in Ardra and Ketu in Mula, the Bubonic Plague made its second recorded appearance. The bubonic plague led to the deaths of 20 percent of London’s population. As human death tolls mounted and mass graves appeared, hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs were slaughtered as the possible cause and the disease spread through ports along the Thames. The worst of the outbreak tapered off in the fall of 1666, around the same time as another devastating event—the Great Fire of London.

In 1350, when Rahu was in Ardra and Ketu in Mula, the Black Death claimed one-third of the world’s population. This first appearance of the bubonic plague possibly started in Asia and moved west in caravans. Entering through Sicily in 1347 A.D., when plague sufferers arrived in the port of Messina, it spread throughout Europe rapidly. Dead bodies became so prevalent that many remained rotting on the ground and created a constant stench in cities.

England and France were so incapacitated by the plague that the countries called a truce to their war. The British feudal system collapsed when the plague changed economic circumstances and demographics. Ravaging populations in Greenland, Vikings lost the strength to wage battle against native populations, and their exploration of North America halted.

The other nakshatras ruled by Rahu and Ketu that have had devastating effects are Swati and Ashwini, especially when Rahu is in Swati (ruled by Rahu) and Ketu is in Ashwini (ruled by Ketu). Here are a few major events concerning these placements:

In 1957 when Rahu was in Swati and Ketu in Ashwini, the Asian Flu started in Hong Kong, spread throughout China and then into the United States. The Asian flu became widespread in England where, over six months, 14,000 people died. A second wave followed in early 1958, causing an estimated total of about 1.1 million deaths globally, with 116,000 deaths in the United States alone. Fortunately, a vaccine was developed, effectively containing the pandemic.

In 1865, when Rahu was in Swati and Ketu in Ashwini, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

In 1520, when Rahu was in Swati and Ketu in Ashwini, the Aztec Empire was destroyed by a smallpox infection carried by African slaves.

Of course there are other variables that can have an effect on viruses such as the transit of Neptune. But the most inclusive results are with the placements of Rahu in Ardra and Ketu in Mula, resulting in tragic events in humanity.

My primary purpose as an astrologer is to forewarn and possibly prevent devastating occurrences through the power of prediction. My research has concluded that there are certain cycles that further the advent of destruction. These are not necessarily times that people need to fear; they are periods of readjustment or reset from negative trends that result from building emotions and fears rampant on planet Earth. Understanding the reasons behind these devastating times in history can help us better navigate our lives during the difficult times.

We need to realize that fear breeds disease and disease breeds fear, so it is time to connect with our inner guidance. Everything happens for a reason and, in times like these, our spiritual connection within will bring calm and peace, knowing that our trust and faith will protect us. Astrology has taught me the importance of cycles and how to balance and navigate my life in accordance with these important cycles.

*Data on Pandemics from History com.

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