May 2020 Spiritual Insights

Using Vedic Astrology to Predict a Pandemic
April 6, 2020
May 2020 Predictions
May 2, 2020

The stars are the reference points in astrology; they are especially important in Vedic sidereal astrology. This system incorporates the stars’ true placements astronomically according to precession. Vedic sidereal astrology stays true to the stars. Many reference points in the constellations relate to animals, people or symbols. These points stay constant.

May 2020 Spiritual Insights

This year will be the most dramatic in history; everything is magnified, faster, and more condensed. The most significant event so far is the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is more to come. The months of May and June will have more surprises with a period of storms and earthquakes.


The most significant astrological event for this month is that three major planets, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn will turn retrograde. Saturn will turn retrograde on May 11, Venus will turn retrograde on May 13, and Jupiter will turn retrograde on May 14. Retrograde planets indicate it is a time to reverse and review. It is not a time to move forward. Therefore, this is not the month where things will open up. The retrograde activity can mean the stock market will have a decline as the result of many businesses remaining closed and losing money.


Now is the time that the results of so many closed businesses will have a long-term effect on the economy. The domino effect will begin as businesses begin affecting each other. It will begin to feel like a depression.


Even though I am predicting a depressed period now, I still believe there will be a comeback sooner rather than later. Retrogrades delay and push timing backward, but in the reset of everything, new developments and positive changes will evolve.


As Mars transits towards Neptune, scandals concerning the origins of COVID-19 will surface. As the truth surfaces in so many areas, the world will wake up. By next September, there will be healing that will eventually clear the air and dissipate the fear.


Governments and the economy are going through a major transformation. This crisis is changing the world forever and nothing will ever be the same. However, this is a good thing as it is forcing the radical change that needed to happen.


There is a Divine reason for everything occurring now. It may seem horrific but all the events are occurring to unveil the hidden elements. The corruption is finally clearing.


Humanity was on a path of self-destruction, but there is a Divine force that will bring healing like never before. We are now at the turning point and this transformation will bring a more evolved world. The upheaval is not quite complete yet, so be prepared to see more radical shifts this year. By 2022 – 2024, we will have a much better world.


The leaders who are the troublemakers will eventually disappear, governments will begin to cooperate and work together. This isn’t about politics; it is about a new system of peace and prosperity. This year is the true awakening of humanity, but massive destruction must occur to clear the way. This is the process of Ketu as it transits through the nakshatra Mula. Mula is the nakshatra of destruction. Ketu (True node) will leave Mula on September 19, 2020. This is when the air will clear and COVID-19 will not paralyze the world with fear.


This is a time of purging and every single event will be a very important episode leading up to the culmination of this transformative realization. It is much deeper than just politics. Everything has been put into play to lead to this evolution. World leaders came into power to manifest this series of events. Stand back and observe, don’t judge.


The political leaders of each country will enlighten the darkness that has been destroying humanity, regardless of intentions. Good or bad intentions, accidental or intentional circumstances will happen for the betterment of humanity.


I believe that any leader who is playing with nuclear energy will be unveiled. Some forces are protecting us from our annihilation. Some countries may work with these forces that will protect us.


What are we to learn from this current crisis? I believe everything happens for a reason and everything is an opportunity for growth. In these stressful and fearful times, we have to develop “Hope” for a better life, knowing things will get better and that there is a Divine Force that guides us at all times. When we are in a bad situation it is best to plan for the future when things will be better. This is one of the best things about being an astrologer because I can give hope that things will be better. If you know when things will get better you can focus on the finish line.


When your life isn’t working, it is time to cultivate a new way of doing things. There are always solutions. Focusing on solutions and the future instead of current problems always bring the change that will lead to a better life.


During one of my most difficult times when I was searching for solutions, I heard a moving story of a couple who capsized their boat in the Pacific Ocean and began to lose hope of surviving. I included this story in my book Awaken to the Power within You. (Kindle on Amazon)

The Prospect of the Future Gives Hope


When we are feeling depressed or sad, the best and most positive thing we can do is to look to the future. This will give us hope. When you are in a negative frame of mind, the only thing that can give you hope is to think of a time when life will get better. When will things change? Of course, things only change when we make different choices, but we can still make plans now for a better future. This is what needs to be done in times of depressing events.


There was a married couple who sold their house to buy a sailboat, and they set sail around the world. They loved the ocean and wanted to make this their new life. While in the middle of the Pacific Ocean hundreds of miles from land, a whale slashed a hole in their sailboat. They loaded their raft boat with all their food and water to sustain themselves until they could be rescued. Little did they know they would be on that raft for four and a half months! Meanwhile, they ran out of food and drank rainwater when they could. They even had to re-inflate the raft many times. They had to eat the birds and fish that came in contact with the boat. Day after day, they faced the challenge of survival and the fear that they may not survive. The reason they hoped for their survival was very interesting. The most important thing the wife did was she brought a journal to write down what they were going to do when they were rescued. One thing they discussed was what their first meal would be. She even designed their next sailboat. She never gave up hope of survival, and every day she planned for their future.


When they were rescued, they said they couldn’t have survived without each other. There were some days when the husband would get depressed and the wife would lift his spirits. When she would get down, he would cheer her up. They said they took turns supporting each other emotionally and spiritually.


In relationships, we have to remember to support one another. One person cannot carry the emotional load all the time. There are times when one is down that the other will have to keep their spirits high and vice versa. This is how we help each other through rough periods of life.

The powerful message here is how important it is for us to make positive plans for the future when we feel things aren’t going well. So, take out a journal and write down your plans for a prosperous future and what you intend to achieve – the more detailed the better. Write out a plan describing ways you will achieve your goals. This will have even more power if you make a collage with photos or images from magazines depicting the way you intend your life to be. This is a healing way to help achieve your goals and get through times of trials and tribulations. When things get rough, make plans for the future because the prospect of the future is what gives us hope.


Predictions for May


We are still in the cycle of the Kala Sarpa Yoga during May. This means that all the planets are on one side of Rahu and Ketu. Alternately, the transiting Moon will go in and out for two weeks. These are the times that are plagued with extremes of ups and downs. A better result is on the way once we leave this cycle in mid-July.


Rahu has entered the nakshatra Mrigashira which means there will be a search for a cure for the COVID-19. This is the star of searching and collecting, and many will be on the hunt for ways to solve the many problems occurring now. Rahu will be in this nakshatra until February 12, 2021, where it will enter into Rohini. Ketu will leave Mula and enter into Jyeshta on September 19, 2020, as soon as Ketu enters Scorpio and Rahu enters Taurus. While Ketu is still in Mula, there will be many problems and destruction. I believe we will definitely have a positive change to this difficult time by September 19.


From May 14 -June 4, Mars will be transiting in the nakshatra Shatabhishak while Rahu is in Mrigashira. This is important because Shatabhishak is ruled by Rahu and Mrigashira is ruled by Mars. So they exchange nakshatra signs, plus Rahu is aspecting (trine) Mars. This intensifies these two planets as Mars and Rahu are extremely violent. Interestingly the nakshatra Shatabhishak rules hard to cure diseases indicating the extremes the virus can have on the population. I believe certain areas of the world could be recovering but the impoverished areas may be experiencing more of this disease. The search for a cure becomes more pressing.


Throughout most of this month, transiting Mars will be in Aquarius aspecting (square) the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. As Mars is with Neptune, I perceive great tension and sudden upsets. There is a strong possibility of earthquakes and tsunamis as a result. China, Japan, and the Middle East are hot spots to watch.



May 01: Mercury conjunct Uranus 12 Degrees Aries

Mercury and Uranus together indicate inventions and realizations that appear as flashes of insight. This is the time great minds come together with new realizations concerning health and healing. Uranus rules energy and electricity and I believe there will be discoveries with healing involving energy. There will be great progress, with a cure for the virus plus other diseases.


May 04: Mars enters Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius will see political fights as people begin to blame and attack each other over political views. Since Mars is in Aquarius ruled by Saturn, this will pertain to politics and government unrest since Saturn disposits to Capricorn and is the sign of government. Mars in Aquarius can bring a change in oil prices while it is approaching Neptune (oil and gas). This will be evident in June when Mars conjoins Neptune.


May 07: Full Moon 23 degrees Libra

This Full Moon will bring to light the political unrest and the hidden agendas concerning politics. Emotions begin to heat up and the world is on edge. Impatience is building while the Sun transits through Aries.


May 11: Saturn Retrograde 7 degrees Capricorn

During this week as Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus turn retrograde, the economy and world governments are struggling. Saturn and Capricorn rule the government, and there is a steep price to pay as the world spirals into a depression. There are many problems governments need to fix at this time.


May 12: Rahu trine Mars 5 degrees Gemini/Aquarius

This is a very intense time and the prospect of violence surfaces while many are becoming worried and suppressed. Frustration and anger may cause family upsets. There needs to be more protection and support for those in need.


May 13: Venus Retrograde 27 degrees Taurus

Venus rules love and romance and the retrograde of Venus can bring back old flames or loves, but many times it won’t work out. The return of old feelings and love can heal past issues around broken relationships. While Venus is in Taurus, it can be a great time to develop latent creativity or find peace in gardening. There is an appreciation for the arts.


May 14: Jupiter Retrograde 3 degrees Capricorn

Jupiter is very weak in Capricorn but Saturn in Capricorn uplifts it nicely. The retrograde means there is a lot of work to rebuild the economy. The stock market could drop lower. A major shift is coming and an entirely different government is about to emerge.


May 20: Venus square Neptune 26 degrees Taurus/Aquarius

Relationships and love need to be analyzed. There is the possibility of deception and a change of heart in relationships. Be honest and clear for now is the time dishonesty can break a relationship.


May 22: Mercury conjunct Venus 26 degrees Taurus, New Moon 7 degrees 56 Taurus

The truth will be revealed in any relationship, love, or friends for this will strengthen and bring love together. It is time to begin new projects that bring solutions to ongoing problems. Take up a creative hobby to keep busy and heal the worried mind.


May 28: Mercury conjunct Rahu 5 degrees Gemini

Worry and obsessive feelings and thoughts are not helping. Travel is not a good idea at this time. It is best to lay low and use the mind for productive ventures.


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