September 2020 Spiritual Insights

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July 30, 2020
September 2020 Predictions
September 1, 2020

The stars are the reference points in astrology; they are especially important in Vedic sidereal astrology. This system incorporates the stars’ true placements astronomically according to precession. Vedic sidereal astrology stays true to the stars. Many reference points in the constellations relate to animals, people or symbols. These points stay constant.

September 2020 Spiritual Insights and Predictions

Brace yourself for the last part of 2020 because so much is about to happen. Many events are building for a final release. We are nearing the end to the coronavirus pandemic as the month of September brings much-needed relief. By the end of September, both Jupiter and Saturn will turn direct and Rahu and Ketu will transit into Taurus and Scorpio. But at the same time, Mars will take center stage as it stations and turns retrograde on September 9.

Amid a pandemic, civil unrest, and a divisive U.S. election season, we now have an asteroid zooming toward us. And on the day before the presidential vote, no less. The celestial object known as 2018VP1 is predicted to come close to Earth on November 2. Comets and asteroids are historically known to be signs or symbols of things to come. I believe this is a powerful symbol of the extremes of change and transformation to come.
The political race is about to change and become a serious concern. No matter who you favor in the race, realize what is actually happening is a powerful uncovering of the corruption that has been operating deep within society throughout the years. As both political parties attack each other, we are getting to the truth. As I have mentioned before, nature is balancing the extremes of unbalance. The laws of the Universe and nature involve balance and cycles are part of balance.

Everything happens for a reason! Even the coronavirus is a part of the cycle that will balance all the imbalances. The political race in the U.S. will reveal corruption in the world as the parties and reporters unravel the truth for many aspects of humanity. Humanity is about to uncover even more of the corruption worldwide. More than ever, people want the truth!

The anger is about to come to a head soon and will bring extreme blow-ups worldwide. As Mars stations in Aries in the nakshatra Ashwini (ruled by Ketu), riots and conflicts will begin to intensify. The world is beginning to explode with emotion. Mars will be retrograde from September 9 – November 14.

This month, planets are strongly placed with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in their own signs, and Mercury exalted. As Rahu is in Taurus and Ketu is in Scorpio, these are the signs in which they are exalted. So, the planets will deliver strong and powerful effects. This is the month great strides in a cure for the coronavirus will come to fruition.

The ghandanta planets Mars and Ketu are causing great fires and floods. Planets are ghandanta when they are in the last degrees of a water sign and first degrees of a fire sign. These placements represent drowning and losing control. As Mars transits in late Pisces and early Aries, there will be the most extremes in weather and fires around the world. Ketu will also be ghandanta most of this month as it is in early Sagittarius and late Scorpio. The remainder of 2020 will see an extreme crisis in weather, fires, and violence.

In contemplation over all the extreme events playing out this month, I have asked over and over for the spiritual message to give and to keep us going for this month. To be honest, I questioned the message over and over again, but it kept coming again and again.

What is the lesson I kept getting for the month of September? At first, it just didn’t make sense to me but this is the message that kept coming in loud and clear: have gratitude. In receiving this message, I asked how can we have gratitude amidst a pandemic, growing violence, and out-of-control conditions with floods and fires? So, I had to go to the book I wrote in 2005, Awaken to the Power within You, in which I wrote an entire chapter on gratitude and I reread it to understand the message.

Here is the chapter on Gratitude:
Gratitude is a feeling. To come from a place of thanks, show your appreciation. When others are grateful toward you for what you have done, it makes you want to do more for them. This has the same effect on the Universe. When you are grateful for that which you receive from your life, you put a positive loving energy out toward all that is, and it will only create more. You want to give to those you feel are grateful, and not those who have no appreciation for what you have given them. Gratefulness makes life flow with ease, the way it is supposed to be.

If you focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have, you will attract more of what you don’t have. You are, in essence, being ungrateful for what you do have if your focus is on what you don’t have.

When there is a terrible loss, the pressing issue of the loss will be your focus. It is like an injury. The pain of the injury will capture your focus. If you broke your arm, then you must focus on fixing the break instead of focusing on the parts of your body that are healthy. My point here is you must give your attention to what needs to be fixed but once that is healed, then it is time to give thanks for that which you are grateful for.

Gratitude is giving thanks for the blessings in your life. Take the time each day to focus on one thing you are the most grateful for on that day. Then, at the end of the week, take an inventory of all the things you gave thanks for during the week. Write all this down. Keep this list in a box. At the time of the full Moon each month, take the list out and reread them all. Feel with emotion how fortunate you are for receiving all these blessings. Although you may feel there is a power outside yourself that is granting you these blessings, you must realize you have played a major role in multiplying these gifts.

When we focus on what is right in our lives instead of what is wrong, we become part of the universal flow. To concentrate on what is wrong stops the flow and causes blocks and setbacks. There will always be something that appears wrong with everything because this world isn’t perfect, and not according to our expectations. And what one considers wrong may not be so to another. If you have a picture of a beautiful forest and there is one dead tree, focusing on the one dead tree instead of the thousands of healthy beautiful trees will cause you to lose focus of the big picture. Life doesn’t flow, and you will be caught up in the negativity. Let life flow and focus on its beauty even though there are some imperfections. The imperfections have their merit for there is a reason for everything. The dead tree in the forest must die to fertilize the ground for the other trees to grow. Don’t dwell on the apparent imperfections. This is a form of acceptance. For there is a reason for everything, and everything is in Divine perfection. If you cannot change things, then there is no use worrying about them. To accept things the way they are and focus on the beauty in life will create a flow and harmony for more giving and a life full of prosperity.

Being in a state of gratitude and appreciation is a very positive state of mind. To be joyful in this way will attract more of this feeling to you. To appreciate the beauty and gifts you have will only multiply more of this in your life. Your outside world is always a reflection of what is going on inside you. So if your home is in disarray, then this means there is confusion within you. What a beautiful reflection you will see in your world if you have gratitude.

You will come to a point where you understand why you are here. You will understand that each and every person you perceived as a threat, or who hurt you, has given you the Divine insight into the issues and feelings you needed to release. We come to a place of gratitude for our suffering, for the suffering woke us up to the exact problems that were keeping us from our realization. We thank the people who hurt us the most, for they have given us the insight into our soul so we could see the real issues in us that we need to change, so that we can come to the place of an enlightened soul. It is all an inner journey to reveal the attitudes that keep us from this ultimate realization.

Resentments are the powerful emotions that keep us reincarnating here on earth to work out. We are so emotionally attached to these resentments. Our teachers are the ones who activate our resentments the very most. If you can recognize they are here to teach you that you are here to release these resentments, then you will be full of great gratitude. This realization will give you the freedom and realization of what you came here to learn. You will be free, never suffer or hurt again. You will know only love. This isn’t about forgiveness, for there is nothing to forgive. This is one of the most important keys to our ultimate understanding. Forgiveness means there is something wrong. There is nothing wrong. Our focus needs to be on what is right instead of what is wrong. Gratitude focuses on what is right. There is only gratitude in all of this. Gratitude will release you from the suffering and pain of this world. You are love, joy, happiness, and oneness. You are a part of the almighty power; you are one with God.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others
Marcus T. Cicero 106-43 BC

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.
Melody Beattie

After rereading this chapter, I now understand why this was the message that kept coming to me loud and clear as to what we are here to do amidst these incredibly difficult times on our planet. Realizing everything is happening for a Divine reason and we are here to grow in awareness, consciousness, and spiritually, then there must be an important lesson in these trying times. Even though it may seem impossible to find something to be grateful for at this time, it is the only way to overcome the negativity rampant on the planet now. When you come from a place of gratitude, you come from a place of love and perceive the world from a place of love, acceptance, and beauty. You will receive and create wonderment and happiness in your life and this multiplies outward into the world.


September 02: Mercury enters Virgo, Full Moon 16 degrees Aquarius
Mercury in Virgo is another strong indicator this month in the area of finding cures for disease and particularly the coronavirus. Mercury is the planet for communications and connections. Virgo is the sign for health and healing and this empowers minds in a way that healing and better communications are sought around the world.

The full Moon in Aquarius is another indicator for advances in healing humanity and cures as
the full Moon is in the nakshatra Shatabhishak, which also pertains to healing as it is said to be the hundred healers.

September 03: Saturn quincunx Rahu 1 degree Capricorn/Gemini
This is a difficult aspect as it represents an unharmonious time with government leadership. This will not help the issue concerning the fight over mail-in votes as Saturn is in Capricorn ruling government and Gemini rules the ways we connect and communicate, and, therefore, rules the mail service. This will be a major debate at this time.

September 09: Mars Retrograde 4 degrees Aries
Mars is the planet of war, anger, and violence, and the sign Aries is most associated with action and impulsive energy. This retrograde period will magnify anger and hostility globally. Retrogrades reveal issues from the past that need to be healed. This sign and nakshatra issues of anger will resurface such as racial and political concerns around the world. The nakshatra Ashwini pertains to healing and travel. These will be issues to be worked out to heal the global pandemic and travel on all levels, such as airlines, trains, and ships. This can even represent danger or accidents involving travel.

September 13: Jupiter Direct 23 degrees Sagittarius
Jupiter moving direct is a big indicator of the world moving forward instead of the delays and setbacks experienced before. This is another indicator of forward movement in the progress of eliminating the coronavirus. Optimism and confidence in freedom from the global lock-down is finally here. The last time Jupiter transited over this degree was around February 20, 2020 when the coronavirus was becoming a major threat. Now that Jupiter is finally transiting forward in Sagittarius, it will bring the realization of the spiritual transformation that is here to stay. Expect exciting news in the area of healing and an awakening with new trends towards opening the minds and hearts to a more spiritually awakened world.

September 19: Rahu enters Taurus/Ketu enters Scorpio
Rahu in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio are exalted in these signs meaning this is a time of great healing. When Rahu and Ketu leave the signs Gemini and Sagittarius, there is always a healing from the aftermath of what the nakshatras Ardra and Mula produce. Once Ketu has passed through the last ghandanta degrees of Scorpio, then there will be a major healing globally. This will be in the beginning of 2021. Rahu in Taurus will empower the economy around the world as well.

September 24: Mercury opposes Mars 02 Libra/Aries
Conflicts and aggression surfaces. There is a strong deadlock in beliefs especially in the political scene around the world. Arguments, disagreements, and conflicts begin to heat up.

September 27: Venus enters Leo
Creative energy runs high as optimism begins to return around the world. Music and movies inspire souls and consume the media. Indications of leadership begin to give hope again.

September 29: Mars square Saturn 1 degree Aries/Capricorn,Saturn Direct 1 degree Capricorn
Cardinal signs seem to dominate the heavens, which means forward movement in all areas of life (Mars in Aries, Mercury in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn). Saturn stationing direct is another indication that the economy will improve and countries will become prosperous. Saturn in Capricorn means there will be a transformation in the way that the economy and the government is run. Mars and Saturn will indicate setbacks and delays in the economy at the time of this aspect but will quickly be resolved as Saturn begins to move direct. If the stock market is affected by this square, then it could be time to invest because I see a quick reversal.

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