Spiritual Insights & Predictions August 2019

August 2019 Predictions
July 29, 2019
Spiritual Insights & Predictions September 2019
August 29, 2019

The summer heat is proving deadly as record high temperatures scorch Europe......

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August Spiritual Insights

As Saturn and Ketu intermingle throughout May to September there is constant fear that keeps taking hold of the world. Saturn is the planet of fear and with Ketu, the indictor of loss and fear, we cannot help but have a sense of this fear-enticing aspect. Saturn and Ketu are within three degrees of each other for half the year. Saturn exactly conjuncts Ketu May 2, June 24, and September 28 all around 20-26 degrees of Sagittarius.

This brings up many fears around beliefs and truths since this is the meaning of the sign Sagittarius. You will see intense fear arising especially concerning our beliefs. This is probably why there is a reemergence of fanatical beliefs. One belief that seems to be on a comeback to my surprise is fear around Satan. I think it is interesting the word Satan is close to Saturn and both indicate fear. Understand all of this is religious fanaticism. Let’s take a closer look at what this is about and how we can understand this better. Saturn also rules reality, discipline, structure, hard work and karma. But it no doubt concerns endings, hardship, difficulty, lack, death and fear.

The word that keeps coming up wherever I go is fear. I feel the need to address this to better understand where humanity is going, and particularly on an individual basis. When we come from a place of fear, we block everything! We become paralyzed. We cannot tap into our intuitive guidance or develop our innate talents or willpower. The Course in Miracles states that there are only two emotions, fear and love. When we come from a place of fear, we must replace it with the only healer of all, which is love. The Course says you cannot be in a place of fear when coming from “Love.”

What is fear based on? We come from a place of fear when we are insecure and we fear the unknown. What people do not understand they are fearful of. The biggest fear concerns death as this is unknown territory. I find it interesting that so many people have latched onto the belief in Satan lately.

The fears with the devil goes back to the control religion places on us. These beliefs concerning religion are fear based. This is what I consider to be a devil… FEAR! Religion or spirituality should be teaching LOVE! This is the way to freedom, joy and happiness and this is what we have come here to learn.

Fear is a choice we make every day. This is symbolized in the image in tarot cards of the Devil, which is a man and a woman who stand on each side of the Devil with a very loose chain around their necks. This indicates it is their choice to be bound by the material world and fear, and that they can easily take the chains off and choose to be free.

Realize this fear is blocking you from your highest potential. When we come from a place of fear always remember you can choose to come from a place of love. Conspiracy theories are sometimes fun to entertain, but don’t take them so far as to consume your life with fear. Know that the truth is always revealed and truth comes from the light that eliminates darkness. It is based on love not fear and evil. Trust is the key component of love and will always prevail.

Coming from a place of trust, faith and love you will see as you put this energy out into the world it is retuned back to you. The darkness of fear and evil will dissolve and the beautiful things in life will come your way.

August Predictions

This month all the delays and setbacks of the past few months begins to move forward as important planets Mercury and Jupiter are direct. Jupiter turns direct August 11 producing positive movement in the areas that seemed stuck before. There is a positive feel in the air.

But at the same time things are heating up in the political realms as the Sun travels with Mars and finally conjoins August 31. This will heat up and ignite many tempers. Anger and hostility in terms of political views become a hotbed for fanatical opinions.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will be transiting in Leo this month activating the need for leadership and power. Leo is the sign for loyalty and this will be a hot topic in the political world as well as in our own lives. When we are loyal, we come from a place of integrity and trust. Remember you must be these things for yourself and others now.

Venus is traveling next to the Sun most of the month causing extreme combustion. Issues around relationships are very problematic. Venus is also diplomacy and with its energy wiped out it cannot function therefore many are coming from a place with no filters and act irrationally.

The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde this month. Uranus turns retrograde August 11 (when Jupiter turns direct). The outer planets rule the collective unconscious and means many are turning within and feel an innate sense of fear brewing beneath the surface. We all feel a major shift is coming. When Uranus turns retrograde it usually has an effect of earth changes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

When it comes to the economy oil prices are at a premium and taxation and finances are about the issue of petroleum and energy. Import and export of this product will be an issue.

The world is changing dramatically within the area of technology and like it or not cryptocurrency is not going away. We cannot fear what we do not understand. As I have said many times before people used to not understand credit cards, and later the internet and feared it as a consequence. Don’t judge anything with harsh opinions you know nothing about based on fear. Fear is the emotion we must eliminate as much as possible, replacing it with love.

08/04 Mars Quincunx Pluto 27 degrees Cancer/Sagittarius
08/08 Mars enters Leo
08/11 Jupiter turns Direct 20 degrees Scorpio
08/11 Uranus turns Retrograde 12 degrees Aries
08/12 Venus combust (conjunct) the Sun 25 degrees Cancer
08/16 Venus enters Leo
08/30 New Moon 12 degrees Leo
08/15 Full Moon 28 degrees Capricorn
08/31 Sun conjunct Mars 14 degrees Leo
Sun/Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury in Leo oppose Neptune and trine Saturn

©2019 Galactic Center | Galactic Center

©2019 Galactic Center | Galactic Center

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