Spiritual Insights September 2017

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October 1, 2017
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November 1, 2017

The aftermath of the powerful solar eclipse is producing major destruction around the world.

Spiritual Insights September 2017


The recent hurricanes around the world are indicative of the Ghandanta planets Saturn, Mars and Rahu. Saturn is Ghandanta through October as it is in the last degrees of Scorpio and early Sagittarius. Mars was Ghandanta transiting the last degrees of Cancer and early Leo the end of August and early September with Rahu early degrees Leo and late degrees Cancer. There was a hurricane in Hong Kong and the most destructive hurricane of the century in Texas. Ironically Ghandanta means drowning. It also refers to being out of control as the emotions and temperament globally have been consumed with emotion and anger.

The emotions are stirred by the planets, and the emotions around the world stir up storms and natural disasters because the massive human emotions affect the world and currents in nature. The extensive rain may be cleansing and symbolize tears.

Riots have been breaking out concerning statues of the United States civil war.  Retrograde planets bring back issues from the past. Mercury retrograde will always resurface things of the past pertaining to the sign and nakshatra they are in. In Leo and Magha nakshatra this points to leaders, presidents and CEOs.  As the effects of the polarization of world leaders surface many protests will follow.

The issues I am discussing here are repetitious of the messages I have been sending out over and over in my insights because retrograde planets bring back something we must learn from the past. They are reminding us of what we need to learn.

During this time people choose to be angry and obsessed with the past. Instead of learning from the mistakes of the past people are letting the sense of victimization control their future. Always there are two ways to look at something, one positive and one negative. Is the glass half full or half empty?

Those who want to get ahead and improve their life look at difficulties as opportunities to learn. Instead of looking at the world as dealing you a bad hand or bad luck realize you have the power to change.

Anger and hostility only breed resentment, attracting more bad situations. Blaming others and situations creates victims. Victims stay stuck in their pity and expect others to feel sorry for them. When no one feels sorry for them they strike out in contempt that the world is a bad place. Then they resent those who are in a better place than themselves who are projecting evil and judgment. They become hostile and righteous.

The anger that is consuming the United States about the statues that represent the past negativity can be viewed two different ways. It can be viewed as a negative reminder to keep us stuck in the hate and ignorance that existed in slavery OR it can be viewed as how we overcame the hate and ignorance of slavery. Look at how far we have come from the ignorance of slavery to having an African American President. We have changed and transformed our nation though many realizations.

There is no place in the world that offers more opportunities than the United States. There is no caste system, here the poor can become rich and the rich may become poor. It is a matter of choice. In the U.S. the experiment of free will to choose our perspective of life can define the level of success you will receive.

Groups of people can feed off each other validating their misery. People need to feel validated but when they are validating hate and negativity they stay stuck in their misery.

It takes courage to break away from the friends and people that keep you stuck in negativity. Remember misery loves company. You attract what you are. If you surround yourself with angry, hateful people, you will be consumed with anger and hate and likewise if you are angry and hateful these are the people you attract. What you focus on you will attract in your life.

It is time to take back your own power and not be affected by the emotions and anger of victims persuaded by anger and hate. We cannot blame others or circumstances for our positions or conditions in life. Realize you have a choice to see the positive which means taking charge to learn from past mistakes and your life will change as a result.

Here is an inspiring interview with Morgan Freeman to realize the opportunities for change.



Predictions September 2017


Venus conjunct Mars

Mars square Saturn

Neptune oppose Mars

Saturn square Mars/Mercury/Venus

Saturn sextile Ketu

Rahu/Ketu change signs Cancer/Capricorn

Jupiter changes signs Libra

Kala Sarpa Yoga

Neptune oppose Mercury

Neptune oppose Venus

Mars conjunct Rahu (Ghandanta)

**Mars will cross over the eclipse degree of August

09/28 Pluto turns Direct: 22 degrees Sagittarius

09/05 Mercury turns Direct: 4 degrees Leo

I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to our friends in southeast Texas because of all the devastating destruction that occurred in these areas. We send healing energy to you!

August 25-September 1 Mars and Rahu are conjunct at Ghandanta degrees. Mars conjunct Rahu is extremely dangerous. The outcome of this conjunction will bring radical destruction. There is extreme flooding around the world as Mars and Rahu conjoin at Ghandanta degrees (last degrees of water and early degrees of fire). Saturn is also Ghandanta stationing in the last degrees of water (Scorpio). Ghandanta literally means drowning. Rahu is Ghandanta August and September at these degrees. There are crises all over the world concerning natural disasters. Houston and Hong Kong two heavily populated cities were hit by violent hurricanes. I have been predicting hurricanes and severe weather for August and September due to the Ghandanta planets.

Right before Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast I warned people on my Facebook page to take this storm very seriously and that it would be worse than expected because these Ghandanta planets are very dangerous.

Mars will transit over the previous eclipse degree of August 21 (4 degrees Leo) September 3-4 and Mercury will turn direct on September 5 conjunct Mars. Both Mars and Mercury will conjunct the degree of the recent solar eclipse. Eclipse degrees stay active for six months to a year. This represents danger! At this same time Neptune opposes the Sun surfacing more crises all over the world. There will be more violence and attacks.

The aftermath of the powerful solar eclipse is producing major destruction around the world.

On the new Moon on September 20 Mercury opposes Neptune.

Then September 24 Mars opposes Neptune. Neptune as the indicator of deception indicates the deep deception occurring under the surface that will reveal the coming trends of world events

September 16 the Moon joins Rahu, and for the following two weeks all the planets are contained within Rahu and Ketu, meaning the Kala Sarpa Yoga is active. This means conditions will take a turn. There is a strange sense of destiny and fate controlling world events. What appears as detrimental will be for the betterment of humanity.

The most important planets that depict change are transiting into different signs this month. Jupiter transits into Libra September 11 and Rahu and Ketu transit into Cancer and Capricorn (true node). Furthermore, Saturn will finally move into Sagittarius around October 26. These changes are creating huge transformational shifts coming for everyone globally.

Jupiter in Libra will bring more peace and balance to the world. The ability to compromise and find justice is a Libra quality. This placement in an air sign predicts much colder winters globally for the year. There will be more extreme storms, with wind and tornadoes.

The transit of Rahu in Cancer gives power to government and will actually help the economy. There will be an increase in protection and securities around the world therefore stocks involving weapons and aircraft will be on the rise.

Revelations of secrets transpiring over the last 18 months finally surface changing the perceptions globally. The world will never be the same.

The last time Rahu and Ketu transited through Cancer and Capricorn was January 1999 through July 2000. The economy was booming! Transiting Jupiter was in Libra October 2005-October 2006. Refer back to these times and you will better understand how the transits during this coming year will affect you. Many are waiting for the next financial collapse but I don’t think it will happen till the end of 2019 and 2020