Spiritual Insights & Predictions October 2018

October 2018 Predictions
October 1, 2018
Spiritual Insights & Predictions November 2018
October 29, 2018

Venus retuns love , after the retrograde of venus many will feel love.....

Spiritual Insights October 2018

This is a month of recommitment and a return to love. I find it interesting that as Venus begins to turn retrograde in Libra I am reminded of the incredible work of the “Course in Miracles”. The basic premise of the course is that the only reality in this world is love, everything else is based on fear. In any decision always ask yourself, is the decision based on love or fear. If the decision is based on fear it is the wrong decision, but if it based on love it will always bring happiness. The answer to everything is love. It is that simple!

Judgmental and hateful attitudes in religion or politics separates people. A quote from the Course in Miracles always comes to mind to heal the issue of all arguments, “would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” It doesn’t matter if you are right. The need to be right is based on a deep insecurity which always boils down to fear.

No one wants to be condemned because they believe differently. The accusers don’t realize their need to be right causes their own unhappiness. It is actually a reflection of their own insecurity (fear) projected onto others. But since they cannot be wrong, they will never seek the answer to their unhappiness.

Surrendering to the need to be right heals relationships. Many think they are surrendering by ceasing to talk about a topic, but deep down still feel righteous about their cause or belief, this is not a surrender to the need to right.

The beauty in letting go of judgment and coming from a place of acceptance frees the soul to a sense of peace and love. This doesn’t happen overnight, but does evolve through learning the simple lesson from the Course of Miracles, that there are only two emotions, fear and love. It is time to be honest and ask if we are being motivated by fear or love. Many religious and political beliefs are based on fear, but when we base decisions on love there is no judgment of others.

It boils down to the love and appreciation we have for ourselves, because if you have a love for yourself there is no need to be right. You are Divinely connected to the spirit of God within you and will be guided through the power of love. As you come from this place you will find you attract others who reflect the essence of love instead of fear. Relationships heal as fear is eliminated.

It is time to heal relationships now with Venus retrograde. When a planet turns retrograde the essence of what that planet indicates  becomes the focus. Venus is the planet of relationships, plus the sign Libra is the sign for relationships, as it is the 7th sign relative to the 7th house in astrology. It is the house of contractual agreements with others.

We have to be honest in our commitments to others, but in reality all relationships are reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. Our inner fears will be reflected through our relationships, about loyalty, commitment, security or abandonment. Once we banish the fear within ourselves, letting go of all blame and judgement we experience true love. Remember the essence felt within is reflected. We all seek loving and happy relationships. Judgement and blame are based on fear and the need to be right. Putting others down to make yourself more superior is an act of the ego, which separates us from others. Unity on a level of understanding and love heals all relationships.

As Venus retrogrades in Libra many opportunities will arise to heal with the power of love. There may be a return of love with an old lover or a chance to heal current relationships. The power of love brings acceptance. You will transform and attract the love you are and deserve. This is a wonderful time for healing all relationships in our lives. Now is the return of love!



October 8th Venus turns retrograde and surfaces many opportunities for healing relationships. It will remain retrograde till November 16th. Sometimes old relationships reemerge or issues to heal relationships arise.

Mars is still conjunct Ketu in Capricorn till November 7th indicating the break down in global affairs within governments. As Capricorn rules the government Its placement with Ketu dissolves many past outdated rules. Mars is strong in Capricorn therefore can strengthen the economy and laws concerning real estate and property. Governments allow more opportunity to begin new businesses. This creates new business around the world.

Jupiter is conjunct Venus and Mercury in Libra till Jupiter changes signs into Scorpio on October 11th. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury together form a Saraswati yoga (all 3 benefics in the same sign). Saraswati is the goddess of education and the arts. Jupiter’s transit in the sign Libra gives great awareness and developments in all areas of the arts. Creativity will be at its peak, with a better appreciation for art, music, theater and writing. This is a time to pursue any new endeavors that involve creativity. Look for new arrivals of movies, books, music and art to flood the airwaves. An air of inspiration through the arts thrives in the Universities and schools. People open their hearts to peace and love as these planets open minds to unity and acceptance.

Uranus opposes Jupiter, Venus and Mercury indicating a new awakening in consciousness. Uranus in Aries means this is a new beginning in the prospect of peace and new developments in the trade wars.

October 30th Venus opposes Uranus: Libra is the sign of contracts and agreements and Uranus’ opposition means a new position taken towards peace. In our own personal lives this can mean a chance meeting with someone unexpectedly, a new relationship may begin.

As Jupiter comes into Scorpio (October 11th) a feeling of passion and emotion inspires the world. Jupiter in Scorpio will manifest many positive developments in the economy. It will be good for oil and gas industries but more difficult on the economy concerning trade and transportation since the prices of oil and gas will increase.

October 28th Jupiter will conjunct Mercury indicting a good time to travel. The world is coming together. It is a good time for future plans and contractual agreements personally, and globally. There is an air of optimism, as these planets represent the ability to see clearly to make future plans.

10/08 New Moon 21 Degrees Virgo

10/24 Full Moon 07 degrees Aries

10/ 05 Venus retrograde 06 degrees Libra

10/10 Mercury opposes Uranus

10/11 Jupiter enters Scorpio

10/28 Mercury conjunct Jupiter

10/30 Venus opposed Uranus

Mars conjunct Ketu

Sun/Moon quincunx Neptune

Jupiter conjunct Venus and Mercury (Saraswati Yoga)