Spiritual Insights & Predictions November 2017

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October 1, 2017
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December 9, 2017

Many are wondering why is there so much discord and hostility, what is going on in the world that is creating violence and natural disasters.

Spiritual Insights November 2017

As the winds of change set in we are all feeling a bit more introspective. It is a time of reflection and self-analysis. The past year was full of more violence and anger. Many wonder what are we coming to as the world becomes so intense.

The Ghandanta planets produced their effects literally for drowning and feelings of being out of control. This month Saturn is still in its final phases of Ghandanta as it transits through the early degrees of Sagittarius. Planets are Ghandanta when they are in the last degrees of a water sign and the first degrees of a fire sign. By the end of November, the Ghandanta effects will be over.

There are positive astrological effects concerning both Jupiter and Venus in Libra. Jupiter and Venus may not like each other being the leader of their astrological camps but in Libra they can find peace in their differences. Venus loves to be in Libra as it rules Libra. We can use this time to find peace and balance in our lives.

Most importantly if we find peace and balance in ourselves then this will be our reflection to the world. I cannot stress the power of the law of attraction enough. I see its effects every day. This simple law is noticeable in my life daily. What you project out into the world by what you are feeling will be what you receive it back into your life.

It saddens me to see so many people with hate and anger in their heart as I watch what’s currently in the news from around the world. For people to have hate, condemnation, and anger in their hearts means they have experienced these feelings first hand. To know these feelings means they were subject to these projections by others. The more they express these feelings outwardly the more they will have anger, hate and condemnation reflected back onto them.

I wrote last month my feelings of how many people believe God punishes therefore must be angry and he projects this vengeance onto humankind individually as well as collectively. So many responded with the extremes of judgement and fanaticism. This is where it saddened me for I realized so many people are still suffering with this conditioned mindset from their upbringing. Even those under the extremist beliefs of karma believe we must be punished for the past evil karmas.

It all starts with ourselves to free ourselves from the past conditioning of punishment within. I believe if you can change the conditioned consciousness from within you will see a bright new world reflected outwardly.

Those who constantly complain and see the world as a mean and bad place who believe in punishment will receive these same reflections back in their lives and then wonder why they have so much difficultly. They are the victims of their own projections. But what makes me sad is that they had to learn this behavior. For people to be judgment, hate and anger means they have had these emotions projected onto them in their formative years. These are leaned behaviors. But we have to retrain our consciousness and be the things we want projected in our lives. It starts within with what we truly believe. This is a revelation in thought and consciousness. If you can shift to a new awareness that the world is a reflection of your inner beliefs and what you project outwardly you will receive in return. It really pays off to make this shift.

A lifetime of beliefs is controlling your mind and setting the stage of your life. Begin seeing the good in people and the prospects of a better life and world and you will receive back this reflection. Everything you are receiving in your life right now is a result of your beliefs being reflected back into your life.

This past weekend as I went to teach my workshop on Rahu and Ketu at the Birla Center in Canada I was received with such joy and happiness. Everyone greeted me with such excitement and happiness. When you looked into their eyes they sparkled and lit up. The eyes are a reflection of the soul. This community of truth seekers all work together to help each other grow in consciousness. In essence the light within me recognized the light with them as the word Namaste indicates. This was a real-life example of how the law of attraction works.

But as I returned to the outside world I experienced the struggles and disillusionment of the unconscious world. My husband Daniel and I kept commenting on how lovely and sweet the people were at the Birla center. As we sat in the waiting area for our airplane we were seated close to a woman on her phone. I was exposed to the issues many face and deal with on a daily basis. She was talking in a really loud voice nonstop for what seemed like an hour. I was trying to read some of my new books from the Birla Center. Her conversation was totally one sided. I was amazed at how she never allowed the other person to speak. She spoke of the food industry poisoning the world (Monsanto), the injustice of the police, the government laws, environment, and global warming. There was so much righteousness, condemnation and anger in her voice. Regardless if some of the issues she spoke of are right or wrong it was the emotion of anger that was being projected. Unknowingly she will have these exact emotions reflected back and then become a victim believing the world is a bad place but she never realizing it is only her reflection of condemning righteousness she is receiving back. There was no give or take in the conversation to listen and learn from others. She was defiant, righteous and condemning. I realized it doesn’t matter if she was right about her convictions, what matters is her anger behind her convictions.

In stark contrast as I was at the Birla center was a place of love and caring attitude and the stark contrast made me realize the difference in attitudes and why the world is in the state it is currently in.

Many on a spiritual path may have the right beliefs on the way we should eat, the environment and the way the government is run, but being angry, defiant, judgmental and condemning is the emotion that speaks the loudest and it is the emotion behind the projections of what we feel is right or wrong that has to be analyzed. It is the emotions behind our thinking and beliefs that fuels the projections that are being reflected back regardless if they are right or wrong.

In my previous newsletter I wrote of the ups and downs of the oil industry due to Saturn’s cycle in Scorpio. I personally found it to be fascinating that the prices of oil were so cyclic and can be predicted by the transit of Saturn (ruling crude oil). But many wrote back expressing disappointment and anger commenting on me being unevolved and not caring about the environment. Those who cast judgment with anger live with anger in their hearts expressing righteousness and fanatical views. Remember it is not about being right or wrong but the emotion behind the projections.

At the Birla Center, I felt a comforting love and acceptance. To feel accepted and not judged is what we all desire. I felt appreciation for my work.

The realization of this stark contrast of two different worlds makes me realize all the more the place I want to come from in my heart to project this energy out into the world and have these emotions and feelings reflected into my world and to alleviate so much suffering through the emotions of the collective consciousness. It is time for self-introspection and realize not the issues you feel strongly about but the emotion behind these issues and how you are projecting your feelings onto others.

Another take away from this past weekend is it wasn’t the beauty of the place in Canada that will always remain in my heart but the relationships and experience of the people that I will never forget. It is always about our connections to others that opens our hearts, heals, inspires and activates our spirit. This is true love and happiness and this experience will always be a part of me. Thank you Ghanshyam, Guylaine, Kathy, Peter, Johanne, and Maxime, and everyone at the Birla Center.

Wishing everyone a blessed new start realizing the happiness and love within you and having it reflected back through others. This is a beautiful world we live in as we receive what we give.

I am always reminding myself “It is the emotion and feeling behind our beliefs and thoughts that is reflected back and creates our world.”

November Aspects and Prediction

Jupiter conjunct Venus
Mars square Pluto
Rahu aspect Mercury
Saturn square Mars
Ketu aspect Mars
Kala Sarpa Yoga
Mars and Mercury in parivartana (mutual reception)
Jupiter and Saturn in sextile

The Kala Sarpa yoga is in effect from November 9th-25th as the Moon is contained within the axis of Rahu and Ketu. This intensifies the effects of the planets during this time. Events have a fated quality with a sense of purpose. So expect some powerful realizations during this time.

Saturn is Ghandanta while it is within the first degrees of a fire sign. It is finally in Sagittarius to stay for the next two years. The Ghandanta effects will be over by the end of the month when Saturn clears the first 3 degrees. But with Saturn in a fire sign look to indications around fire to be more prevalent. Saturn is in the nakshatra Mula which indicates destruction and hopefully the destruction of the illusions. The goddess Niritti rules Mula and is the goddess of destruction.

Venus is in Libra, one the best signs Venus can be in because Venus rules Libra. Jupiter is in Libra too promoting the need for balance and peace. This should balance the effects of the recent angers and hostility rising throughout the world. But Jupiter and Venus are not compatible with one another being the rulers of their planetary camps, the Devas and the Asuras. Here we will see a competition of the forces of dark and light. In ancient myth the Asuras are led by Venus and the Devas are led by Jupiter. The Asuras are the Demons and the Devas are the Angels. Interestingly in the myth they are both out to get the nectar of immortality and youth in the end the Devas outwit the Auras in getting the prize which in some way connotes that the Devas thought to be so good and spiritual actually have a sneaky manipulative side. The stories of mankind are usually about the forces of good and evil where the good overcomes the bad, as in Hercules, Superman and all the western movies with cowboys and Indians. Rarely do you see the outcome where the good is actually a part of the bad. I believe this little twist can indicate that the evil we see may not be as bad as we are lead to believe and vice versa the good guys may not be as good as we are led to believe. As this relates to our world be aware the forces of good and evil are not so black and white. Remember the American Indians were originally perceived as the bad guys. We now see things very differently as the cowboys invaded their country.

Even politically understand the forces of apparent evil and good may not be as you believe. There is no one good guy verses the bad guy and now is the time these forces are brought together in the sign Libra for peace. As Venus is stronger in Libra the apparent Asuras gain in strength from the Devas. There will be compromise of these powerful forces.

Mars in Virgo is in a difficult position as it is aspected by Saturn and Ketu. This will surface problems with disease. When Mars transits in Virgo it can bring out more viruses and infectious diseases so take caution health wise during this month. The had aspects to Mars causes setbacks in the progress in healing of certain health problems.

Mars is in Parivartana with Mercury. Mars is in Virgo and Mercury in Scorpio. These two signs indicate deep research in the area of understanding disease and prevention. Furthermore the 6th and the 8th signs represent breakthroughs in science and healing. Communications will involve powerful understanding and healing on all levels. This is a transformative month for opening the mind to a new way of thinking and healing of consciousness.

Jupiter and Saturn are in a sexile (3/11) the rest of the year while Jupiter is in Libra. This is a good relationship between these two social planets concerning the economy. This year and this month continues the good effects in the economy which will continue to prosper.

As Rahu and Ketu transit in Cancer and Capricorn there is a focus on massive changes in the government. Ketu in Capricorn indicates uncovering of secrets within the government particularly from the past. Watch how many secrets and scandals are revealed. This can indicate many revelations of the distant past. For example the Kennedy assassination or the Roswell incident.

Rahu in Cancer represents the breakdown of the family unit in society and the need to unite with a sense of family throughout the world. This can bring together both good and bad organizations such as spiritual groups to heal the sufferings of the world or cults that unite those with hateful causes such as ISIS. People have the need to unite and feel included in a cause. Here again exemplifies the forces of good and evil but the core essences is actually people needing to feel connected no matter if the cause is evil or good. Most people feel their group is for a higher good even though it may cause suffering to others.

My prayer is that the ignorance of righteousness and hate is extinguished. This is surfacing in so many ways as people believe their way is the only way. It is time to be understanding and compassionate to all beings on earth. Use the Libra energy this month for balance and understanding to heal your life and others.