Spiritual Insights & Predictions June 2017

June 2017 Predictions
May 31, 2017
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July 2, 2017

The summer is beginning to heat up in terms of anger and hostility. As Mars begins to dance with the Sun tempers begin to fly.

Spiritual Insights June 2017

The summer is beginning to heat up in terms of anger and hostility. As Mars begins to dance with the Sun tempers begin to fly. Events will intensify till they conjunct July 26 at 9 degrees of Cancer. As Cancer rules security and family many aspects concerning these issues will be disturbed.

Early this month seems most difficult as Mars first enters into Gemini aspecting Saturn. Ketu is aspecting Mars. Saturn is debilitated in the navamsha.

At the time of the New Moon June 23 the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars will be in Gemini and the nakshatra Ardra. This represents sadness for the symbol for this nakshatra is a tear drop. Rudra the storm god rules this nakshatra indicating storms and severe weather during this time. The recent terror attack in England concerns problems focusing on terrorism and the many more threats yet to come.

Transiting Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio June 21 and will hover in the last degrees of Scorpio (Ghandanta). These are the some of the most malefic degrees of the zodiac.

Mercury is traveling at top speed but as it transits in Gemini it is the final dispositor of all the planets with Mars. Travel will be most difficult with the threat of terrorism at its peak. Security will be amped up raising suspicion everywhere.

Mercury is the planet of communications and travel which is the focus. The real issue now is, there is complete and total confusion and isolation concerning the agendas involved in world affairs. No one understands or trusts each other. Investigations fly rampant with political leaders and at the core of all the anger, suspicion, lack of trust is the need to be heard and understood. All means of communication is out of control with seething anger and disrespect. The energetics of the world are becoming angrier and this is mounting as we approach the coming total solar eclipse August 21.

We tend to lose trust and faith when we feel we aren’t heard by others. We must all try to be understanding, and support and validate the feelings of others.  Discounting other people’s feelings leads to resentment.

People who are continually discounted will find any possible way to find support and validation. This may result in many negative behavioral patterns. For example, street gangs, mafia organizations, cults and the world problem now with terrorists. If you feel the need to invalidate someone, look into your reasons why. To invalidate someone means you have to prove them wrong. This actually means you are not secure with your belief.

It is sound that first began the creation of our physical Universe. In Genesis, God said, “Let there be light.” It was the sound of the spoken word that created the light and Universe. This is the power of sound or vibration. This means the spoken word is the source of power in this world.

In order to bring peace into your life during these turbulent times it is important to recognize and be purposeful with our choice or words. Words have power and energy and can destroy or enlighten your life. Use positive affirmations to affirm the positive in your life and others. When you speak of fear, disrespect and distrust this is what you will experience, but when you speak of love, respect and trust then this will be your experience. Always remember what you put out into the world you will receive back.



June 1-3 is critical! Here are all the aspects occurring around the same time:

Ketu is aspecting Mars (trine) this represents danger especially with air travel due to their positions in air signs. Meanwhile Saturn is opposed Mars causing major setbacks and delays.

Venus is conjoining Uranus.

Rahu is aspecting (trine) Venus.

Uranus rules technology and airplanes. This is not a good time for meetings and travel.

When planets are in trine aspect they are conjunct in the navamsha. Watch when malefics are trine each other. Therefore, the navamsha chart for these three days is extremely difficult. Mars is conjunct Ketu and Venus conjunct Rahu. Saturn is debilitated in Aries adding to the difficulties this week. The Moon will be in Leo aspecting by opposition Neptune indicating the lack of clarity and hidden agendas.

Saturn is Ghandanta in the first degrees of fire and the last degrees of Scorpio. The last degrees of Scorpio is considered one of the most treacherous areas of the zodiac so there is much turbulence possibly with drowning, as ghandanta means drowning. This can represent floods and severe weather. Mars, Sun and Mercury are in the nakshatra Ardra ruled by the storm god Rudra.

June 20th Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio. At this point 29-28 degrees of Scorpio. This area of the zodiac is the tail of the Scorpion indicating poisons. There may be toxins in the water or air.

This will activate President Trump’s Moon and Sun indicating a very difficult time ahead for him. As transiting Jupiter is aspecting his Sun simultaneously he should make it through this time but once Jupiter shifts signs in September his protection will be lost.

June 15 Sun oppose Saturn and Sun enters Gemini:

June 16 Ketu aspect Sun:

June 18 Ketu aspect (trine) Mercury and Saturn opposes

June 19 Mercury enters Gemini

During this four-day period June15-19 expect Problems arising with travel and angry disputes. This combination of Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Ketu could indicate terrorism due to the heightened anger.

June 25 Mars aspects Jupiter

This aspect adds intensity to the communication problems since Mars is in Gemini and Jupiter is in Virgo both ruled by Mercury which concerns again communications and travel.

June 28 Mars conjunct Mercury:

As Mars conjoins Mercury tempers will hit a peak. This concerns irrational behavior since circumstances create problems with rage and anger. Many are beginning to really fight back with a vengeance.