Spiritual Insights & Predictions March 2018

March 2018 Predictions
February 28, 2018
Spiritual Insights & Predictions April 2018
March 30, 2018

Let the truth be known...

Spiritual Insights March 2018

As Mercury retrogrades in the last and final sign Pisces it gives us the opportunity to review and analyze the past based on our feelings. When Mercury retrogrades it is usually in the same element throughout the year. Pisces is a water sign which is relative to moksha, which means spiritual liberation from this world. When Mercury goes retrograde it is time to reassess, review and reflect. We have so much to learn from experiences in the past if we choose to see the lessons.

Jupiter is in Libra and Venus is in Pisces exchanging signs. This empowers the connection between these two planets. Jupiter brings growth and opportunities and in Libra means healing and balance to many past injustices. Venus in Pisces can heal the past problems many have had with their beliefs. This can bring the world together with a sense of understanding from a spiritual prospective. But with the aspects of Mars and Rahu to all the Pisces planets this month the realization of all the past religious and political injustices surface to be healed. This will be made apparent in the social context of world affairs and will be reflected in our individual personal lives.

From the vantage point of past injustices the case of Natalie Wood’s drowning resurfaces as the case of her untimely death is reopened after 36 years. The injustices of the government and how it affects the people’s feelings of trust is surfacing too. In 1971 Rahu was in Capricorn and Ketu was in Cancer, during this time there were repressed truths concerning the government and the lies told to the people surfaced. Many learned to distrust what they were being told. A new movie has come out called “The Post” about these turbulent times during Nixon and Watergate and the lies the people were being told about the Vietnam war. During that year Rahu and Ketu and the eclipses were in the opposite signs as now which means hidden secrets are revealed. Natalie Wood drowned around the time eclipses were in these placements of the zodiac. Eclipses have a way of surfacing the hidden according to the signs they are in.

As this reflects in our own lives we have to recognize where we feel a personal injustice and understand the truth will be realized. Many feelings from the past are being dredged up for healing. As we recognize these feelings we can heal our lives from these realizations.

Moksha is the ultimate eternal quest and is realized through the emotions. I have always said in order to heal we must feel. The moksha houses are 4, 8 and 12. These are relative to the three water signs which are the 4th sign Cancer, the 8th sign Scorpio and the 12th sign Pisces. Water signs are the signs that deal with emotion. So much disease is due to not being able to express or feel certain emotions. As we repress painful feelings they lodge in different places of the body, fester and grow into disease. Therefore, processing and feeling our emotions is what liberates us from this world. When we hang on and remain stuck in anger, frustration and resentment we are not processing. When people are very angry about an injustice they feel they begin to formulate their lives around it projecting it outwardly onto others. Seeing the world as a place of injustice they become the victim never realizing they are recreating their feelings and situations. The way to process emotions is through coming to a place of understanding how these situations began.

During this time we all have the opportunity to peer deeper into ourselves to better understand what emotions surface to see what has been controlling our behavior. From this we can make a connection as to why certain areas of our lives have problems. This will even reveal some of our health issues. Any of our beliefs that bring up anger or resentments have to be addressed now. This may concern family and relationships with unprocessed feelings from the past. Don’t deny these feelings. You have a right to feel the way you do and there is nothing wrong with the way you feel. Give your feelings validation. This is what it takes to process your feelings, but once you have processed your feelings recognizing and validating them, then you must take it as a lesson well learned and move on. It is over and cannot affect your future life anymore.

Don’t let past experiences taint the way you see your world. See the world as a fresh new experience not conditioned with any past emotional judgments. Even reactions to politics or religious beliefs must be left behind because our reactions are based on past experiences and judgments. Do not project past conditioning onto others or situations. From this realization life will change and the denials of the past will set you free. These are the lessons we came to experience. This Is a time for inner reflection which can free your soul. This is moksha!


March Predictions

Mars is transiting in Sagittarius with Saturn and Pluto indicating major uprisings in the area of beliefs and religion. Sagittarius pertains to righteousness, justice and fundamentalism. There will be more attacks and possible airline crashes between now and September, mainly due to terrorism.

Mars and Saturn together intensify emotion, and as Mars aspects the new Moon, Mercury, and Venus there are angry disputes worldwide. As emotions fly high so do natural disasters. There will be more storms and earthquakes around the world.

The sign Pisces is fully aspected not only by Mars (4th aspect) but Rahu as well (9th aspect). Emotions concerning past injustices are brewing and stirring old resentments from the past. Water signs have a way of uncovering deep buried emotions that direct reactions and behaviors. Most human tendencies are expressed by the conditions of life from the past.  Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back can help heal conditioned emotional behaviors.

Jupiter and Venus are in parivartana, (mutual reception) in each other’s sign of rulership. This connects these planets totally. Pisces represents emotions and the past while Libra represents justice and balance through world affairs. Many past injustices are surfaced for healing now.

When planets turn retrograde it indicates a time to review and to reassess things from the past to make a better future. Many injustices will be reviewed to heal the past. There are so many planetary relationships surfacing to heal the past.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces (debilitated) gives the opportunity to reflect on past injustices especially concerning religious beliefs. This can bring a major healing and resolution.

Mercury retrograde always concerns dysfunction with technology, communications, and the internet. Major disruptions are due to computer failure. It is not the time to begin new projects but it is time to finish those you have already started.

There will be problems with the church and possibly issues with the pope. Pisces where Mercury is retrograding is the sign most associated with religion. Additionally, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are in the religious sign of Sagittarius. Both Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter which is about religion and philosophy.

Through confrontations in beliefs realizations and peace will be made. This is a time of healing the past.

Those with Pisces planets will have an intense month with many changes and emotionally charged events.  Everyone will have a healing in their life if they choose to learn from their past.

03/17 New Moon 2 degrees Pisces

03/02 Full Moon 18 degrees Leo

03/31 Full Moon (Blue Moon) 17 degrees Virgo

03/23, Mercury Retrograde: 22 degrees Pisces

03/09 Jupiter retrograde 29 degrees Libra

03/11 Mars trine Uranus 2 degrees Sagittarius/Aries

Venus and Jupiter in Parivartana (Pisces/Libra)

Venus exalted (Pisces)

Mars conjunct Saturn

Jupiter trine Neptune

Mars aspects (square) Sun/Moon/ Mercury/Venus

Neptune quincunx Rahu

Jupiter at midpoint of Rahu/Ketu