Spiritual Insights & Predictions July 2018

Spiritual Insights & Predictions June 2018
May 31, 2018
July 2018 Predictions
July 6, 2018

Eclipses this month insures the most eventful period.....

Spiritual Insights


With so much devastation being predicted, what is the outcome and what good can I predict during this time? I see this as a time of evolution and change. The world is finally waking up and coming out of the dark. Many delusions are revealed such as the many biases of the news, manipulation of the government, and all the past corruption. The brewing anger will finally surface as is being symbolized by the volcanic eruptions. The earth shakes from the repressed anger and building emotions. This is a purging of all the mounting frustration and anger. This needs to finally explode in order to come to a healing. The healing can be seen with the aspect of Neptune and Jupiter in trine. There is a spiritual healing coming through from this purging. This needs to happen and many will have realizations that bring people together in the end.


Much will be learned about mental illness and healing of spiritual energies. The realization of this human condition is that the emotional body must be healed. This takes an awakening in consciousness.


So much anger being repressed for so long either explodes in angry attacks such as terrorism, mass killings, or suicide. Suicides are generally due to deep repressed anger that turns into depression and sadness. This sadness is so dark that it appears there is no way out. So at the core of depression is repressed anger. The emotional body is unbalanced due to many feelings that have been repressed. Because of deep feelings of loss, disgrace and humiliation, many revert to drugs to numb these feelings. The drugs cause major imbalances in the brain. All of this is due to a culmination of events that originate from past conditioning. Those that can understand and see the pain in others have to step forward to help those in need. Many in these dark places may not want help for they feel there is too much work in the process needed for change. One way or another, they need to be given opportunities to wake up. This means getting them in professional treatment. If they are family members, you must participate in the healing treatment because the loss of family is at the root of these dysfunctions. Most are in these places because they feel isolated from the sense of family. People need to have others love and care for them to heal, they cannot do it alone. If they do not feel there is anyone who cares, they will not care either. In this place, they will do unpredictable things to destroy themselves and everything they resent. Rahu in Cancer (sign of family) indicates that the family unit has been damaged. Unconsciously, those who feel no sense of a family will seek any means to find a connection. Without any connection, people feel loss, depression, anger and may seek extremes to end the pain. Love is the cohesive bond that gives us happiness.


The world is on a path of destruction only to come to terms with what is necessary for a healing. This time period is monumental and is leading us to more drastic changes, but as we transform to the next level, the evolution of the world will be a much more evolved and different place.


There is more to come as Pluto, Saturn, and Ketu conjoin. The last time Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Sagittarius and Capricorn was 1960-1961. So much will come together in the political realm and world affairs. The healing is evident. Cures for mental disease will come a long way healing our society and world. Can caring and love be taught, especially if it has never been experienced? This comes from a transformation in psychology of spirituality. This will heal the underlying issue that is plaguing the world. It is a time of awakening and now is an amazing time to be alive!


July Predictions




The eclipses this month will prove to create many events, making this time period the most eventful period of this year. A few weeks before and after the eclipses will be the most eventful. So this month and August watch for major shifts of energy.


There is a solar eclipse (partial) on July 12th at 26 degrees Gemini, and on August 11th at 24 degrees Cancer (partial). These solar eclipses span across two different signs and as they are far from Rahu, they are considered weak eclipses. But the lunar eclipse is the most eventful and telling as it is a total lunar eclipse with Mars. Mars is the trigger of anger and disruption instigating many events that will shake the world. There will be many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Mars will ignite not only emotions but also fires everywhere. The political climate around the world will be ferocious. There will be major uprisings concerning political leaders. Surprising scandals untouched before will arise. Around July 24th, Venus will oppose Neptune, indicating scandals and deception involving women in politics. It appears women will try to take President Trump down but it may backfire as the Sun, Rahu and Mercury are in Cancer, and the Moon as their dispositor is surrounded by malefics, Ketu and Mars. The Moon and Venus are indicators for females in a chart.


As Mars retrogrades in Capricorn, it will surface any shortcomings politically for President Trump. He must be careful around traveling. At the time of the lunar eclipse, Mercury will turn retrograde (July 26th) at 29 degrees Cancer. This degree is ghandanta, indicating many problems with storms and travel. July is a very bad month for travel due to the eclipses and Mercury aligned with Rahu and turning retrograde. This ghandanta degree represents drowning, as the last degrees of water and first degrees of fire are ghandanta, which literally means drowning. There will be storms and fires, mixed in with earthquakes and volcanic explosions. It may indicate tsunamis. The effects of these aspects will be felt for years.


Uranus is square this lunar eclipse, creating a tight T-square with the Sun/Rahu, Moon/Mars/Ketu and Uranus at the midpoint. Here is the indicator for great shakeups and change. Uranus is an indicator of earthquakes. There will be many new awakenings globally.


Jupiter is stationing on July 10th at 19 degrees. It is a wide orb but including Jupiter by sign, it is completing a grand cardinal cross opposed to Uranus and squaring the lunar eclipse points (Mars/Moon/Ketu and Sun/Rahu/Mercury). Jupiter will magnify the effects of this cross.


As Mars retrogrades back and forth it is crossing Ketu three times. The first crossing of Mars (direct) is on June 7th at 13 degrees Capricorn, the 2nd crossing (retrograde) is on July 20 at 11 degrees Capricorn and the third one is on September 25th (direct) at 10 degrees Capricorn (same degree as the lunar eclipse). This means the havoc of Mars with Ketu will continue throughout September. But as Venus transits in Libra, approaching its retrograde cycle in the sign of Libra, there will be attempts at peace. As Jupiter and Venus transit together during September and the first part of October, negotiations for peace will prevail.


Saturn’s station in Sagittarius on September 6th at 8 degrees of Sagittarius is aligned with Pluto. There has been much astronomical contesting the true placement of Pluto, and many are discovering it is not where astrologers believe it is. The calculation I have been given is that Pluto is around 8 degrees of Sagittarius, not at 26 Sagittarius. If this is true, we will have the Saturn-Pluto conjunction at this time. This is another indication that the way politics and the government is run is being overthrown. There is a total breakdown of government affairs and nothing will be the same following this period of time.


Throughout the end of July through August, according to declination, Pluto and Saturn are aligned parallel and Mars is out of bounds (past 23-24 degrees in declination). This is another indication the world is out of control. Pluto and Saturn parallel indicate extremes in the stock market due to the upheavals in the government. Pluto and Saturn were contra Pharrell at the time of the 1929 stock market crash. But being parallel above the celestial equator is definitely better. When planets are below in parallel, it is doubly bad. Parallel means planets are aligned in declination referring to latitude. When planets are in conjunction, they are aligned in longitude. When planets are aligned both in latitude and longitude, they are totally aligned, this is called an occultation. Saturn and Pluto will be totally aligned in August and September (according to the new findings on Pluto’s true position).


With all the astronomical and astrological data occurring here, July-September will be the most intense time I have seen in years. Everything is surfacing to bring forth the truth. There will be explosive earth changes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and storms, hurricanes.


Governments tumble and go through a transformation. Political leaders are threatened in every way. Death defying events will occur. There will be problems in the aviation industry with more accidents due to weather as well as terrorism.


Terrorism is on the rise with many attacks based on religious fundamentalism and fanaticism. Cults are on the rise to give those who are isolated a feeling of connection.


There will be fires all over the world (Mars and Ketu rules fire). The summer will be exceedingly hot in the northern hemisphere.


Anger, hostility and protests breakout everywhere, even in personal relationships.


Many more iconic celebrities will die from health matters and mental disorders. The news will be constant in reporting these deaths. Those who have planets in the area of Cancer and Capricorn will be deeply affected. Many more suicides will prevail. The statistics prove that suicides were at an all-time high in 1999. Interestingly, that was when Rahu was in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn, where they are now again 18 ½ years later. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon rules the mind so Rahu here causes extremes and imbalances of the mind indicating more mental disturbances. If there is someone in your life that you suspect has a problem, please get them professional treatment immediately. The Moon with Ketu and Mars is very disruptive to the mind. As The Moon and Mercury oppose each other during the eclipse, people will not be in their right mind. Both the Moon and Mercury rule the mind and this eclipse will make people completely out of their minds. People will be reacting irrationally with anger, hate and depression. There will be more mass shootings and suicide. As Mercury stations ghandanta, this also represents being out of control.


The stock market will be making a nose dive, adding to the mental aggravation of the masses.  When money becomes tight, many people lose control and revert to drugs and suicide. But it is a time to buy into the stock market while the price is low. I believe it will rebound towards the end of the year beginning in October.


The same goes with crypto-currencies. As a matter of fact, when the economy begins to fail through the stock market in many countries, people begin to put their money in cryptocurrency. This occurred in Greece and now is happening in Italy. The more regulations are implemented around cryptocurrencies, the better the value and the market becomes. It is still in its infancy, but it is the wave of the future and will transform the way we deal with money.


Neptune and Jupiter in trine will bring forth a healing of the emotional body as we will better understand how to heal these issues that plague humanity. There will be an evolution in consciousness. It may be that humanity is helped out by beings either physically or spiritually working on the earth plane. Beings from other worlds are working hard to heal the polarization of hate and anger that is destroying humanity. The Neptune and Jupiter aspect is the saving grace. Many will express this healing through the media of films, music and writings.


07/12 New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse 26 degrees Gemini

07/27 Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse 10 degrees Capricorn

tight conjunction of Full Moon conjunct Mars and Ketu (9-10 degrees Capricorn)

07/26 Mercury retrograde 29 degrees Cancer

07/10 Jupiter direct 19 degrees Libra

07/24 Venus opposed Neptune

Mercury conjunct Rahu

Mars conjunct Ketu

Jupiter trine Neptune

Pluto opposed Sun/Moon

Saturn quincunx RAHU

Mars, Saturn, Pluto retrograde