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July 2, 2017
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This month will be difficult due to Mars and the Sun conjoining in the sign Cancer. Mars is very dysfunctional in the sign Cancer, causing emotional upsets. The instability and lack of security upsets the stock markets. But Jupiter aspecting Venus in Taurus may help with the economy.

Spiritual Insights June 2017

This month will be difficult due to Mars and the Sun conjoining in the sign Cancer. Mars is very dysfunctional in the sign Cancer, causing emotional upsets. The instability and lack of security upsets the stock markets. But Jupiter aspecting Venus in Taurus may help with the economy.

Analyzing the planets in the U.S. chart gives a deeper understanding of the hidden dimensions to what is actually happening. The chart I am using for the U.S. has proven results. This is the chart rectified by Vedic astrologer James Kelleher. Events such as the bombing of Hiroshima, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and September 11th all prove out in this chart. Each time Rahu and Ketu are in Gemini and Sagittarius it affects this chart in a significant way. Rahu will be in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius from April 2019 till September 2020. During this time there will be a huge transformational event.

This chart for chart of the U.S. is extremely accurate, so the analysis of the transits and comparisons to this chart are very real. Therefore, events now are crucial to the onset of the events evolving toward the future events. Using the U.S. chart along with the president’s chart at any time always reflects the social climate of the country.

So many people close their minds and go into defense mode when speaking of President Trump regardless of their side or opinion. This is where the media wants the masses, in a state of polarization. When the masses are staged against one another the powers that control the world are in control. Regardless of your take on President Trump keep an open mind to what the planets are telling us.

Many are focused on President’s Trump’s impeachment, resignation or even assassination. To wish for the worse possible occurrence for a president is negative, unconscious and unethical as an astrologer.  The emotionally charged hatefulness is destroying the U.S. Most cannot look beyond their righteousness and justifications. The world is in a state of unconsciousness wrapped up in their opinions and obsessions of righteousness on either side of the fence.

From assessing the chart of the U.S. and President Trump’s chart there is a Divine plan that we may not understand right now. Too many things line up in the U.S. and Trump’s chart. So regardless what appears in the media or in our minds as right or wrong something good will come out of his Presidency whether he appears favorably now or not. The laws of the Universe are concerned with bringing balance and what is necessary for the good of mankind will occur even if it is destruction. Remember Shiva is the destroyer and sometimes destruction is necessary. He will be President till the mission is complete. There is a reason for everything and there is an important reason why he is President. I do not claim he knows exactly why at this time.

Our leaders are always a reflection of the masses and it is obvious the image of Trump is a reflection of our own righteousness and anger.

Based on the transits this month Mars and the Sun’s exact conjunction in the 8th house could reveal deep secrets concerning the manipulation of the masses through the media. Looking at the chart for the U.S. transiting Sun and Mars will cross over Mercury (media) with Rahu and Pluto (control and manipulation). The media is controlled by those in power to manipulate the minds of the masses creating mass confusion.

Many years from now we will understand the reason for the Trump Presidency. I have to hope for the best for this is hoping for the best for the U.S. When the U.S. prospers everyone prospers.

As Trump’s natal Jupiter aligns with the U.S. Saturn in the 10th house will bring opportunities (Jupiter) for the U.S. His natal Mercury aligns with the U.S. Jupiter bringing protection for Jupiter in the U.S. chart rules the 4th house. But as his natal Pluto aligns with the U.S. Rahu there may be some collusion with the powers that control the world. Most powerful leaders have to learn to work with them or they will be eliminated. There is no getting around this at this stage of consciousness on planet earth.

As President Trump is in the Jupiter maha dasha this makes the transit of Jupiter more important than any other transiting planet. Transiting Jupiter is aspecting his natal Sun in the 10th house representing his presidency which I believe protects him during this time even though it will be very difficult for him as he is in the depths of his Sadi Sati with transiting Saturn on his natal Moon/Ketu opposing his Sun. When both Saturn and Jupiter aspect a point it manifests important events in life, and this is a very important time of getting work done. Saturn will delay but gives endurance and discipline and Jupiter offers opportunities.

As transiting Mars and Sun are in Trump’s 12th house there are hidden agendas being planned against him and the 12th house pertains to activities of the past. There will be some major accusations staged against him.

The eclipses of next month will surface many hidden agendas and secrets of the past concerning the corruption of the government and the financial world. The uncovering of such deep dark secrets will not set well with those in power so watch for the blame being overturned back at Trump. This is a way to quiet him.

As debilitated Mars aspects the U.S. Moon (8th aspect) in the 3rd house of communications it also rules the 8th house, once again indicating the uncovering of the secrets the media and the government has been concealing.

Soon Rahu will enter Cancer (September) entering the 8th house. There is much more exposure to come and as Trump gets closer to exposing the truth more will be directed and pinned on him. I am sure we will never know the truth but know that truth is wilder than fiction. What you think you know and believe is opposite of what you are being led to think.

An exercise to open your mind this month is to change your thinking from fear to trust for Mars in Cancer brings up fear and lack of trust. But most of all consider that what you are being led to believe may not be the truth but recognize and know that there is a Divine force that is directing the Universe and what appears to be happening that is bad is actually good. There is an unveiling of the truth throughout the summer with this most powerful solar eclipse. Ask that the anger and frustration that permeates the world currently can be transformed into understanding, peace and love.


This summer is brewing with emotion and anger. At the culprit of the emotional anger is the loss of security. Mars is transiting in Cancer with the Sun. The loss of security reflects in the stock market which will fall this month from previous highs. Terrorism is on the rise as these planets intensify emotions and anger around the world.

The Sun will conjoin Mars July 26th at 9 degrees of Cancer. Mars is extremely weak in its debilitation sign. Mars will be transiting the 8th house of the USA birth chart. This effects the US economy. Looking back at the last time Mars and the Sun were transiting the sign of Cancer would be the summer of 2015. Mars transits the zodiac (all 12 signs) every two years. So Mars in Cancer is not really rare, and the Sun is always in Cancer July 14-August 14.

But this is the year that the Sun and Mars exactly conjunct in Cancer. The economy seems to reflect the sense of insecurity in the government and safety which is at an all-time low. There is an unraveling of secret plots in the government causing great concern globally. What appears as the truth on the surface is actually not real.

Transiting Mars is aspecting the Moon in the USA chart by its 8th aspect. This represents the manipulation of the Media worldwide. The Moon rules the 8th house in this chart.

Mars is the planet of energy and with it traveling in the debilitated sign of Cancer people are losing their will and ambition. There will be a rise in fatalities due to disease and suicide.

Saturn is Ghandanta all summer adding depression and emotions being out of control. Ghandanta means drowning indicating a sense of the world being out of control and can literally mean drowning which indicates floods and storms.

Saturn is opposing Venus which is isolated from the other planets in Taurus. Saturn and Venus contacts represent loneness and problems in relationships. Isolation and irrational feelings and behavior will dominate the news and even our personal lives.

Jupiter is aspecting (trine) Venus in Taurus. Venus is a focal point since it is receiving aspect from both Jupiter and Saturn. In this case Venus represents the financial markets since Venus and Jupiter are in earth signs. Venus will protect the markets even though Mars will have a depressive effect this month. Areas Venus rules pertain to entertainment therefore movies, food, and beverages.

Rahu and Ketu are on the verge of shifting signs at 0 degrees of Leo and Aquarius. Rest assured as they make the shift in September the focus will concern the securities and financial volatility worldwide since they will enter the 8th house of the USA chart.

Mercury is in Leo conjoining Rahu also pointing towards distorted mentalities. As we move into August Mercury will be slowing down to retrograde with the Solar Eclipse indicating big trends of reversals than what we perceived before. We are on the edge about to fall off the cliff.