Spiritual Insights & Predictions January 2018

December 2017 Predictions
December 13, 2017
January 2018 Predictions
December 31, 2017

I had a great year , accomplished many of my goals but all my perspectives changed November 22nd.

Spiritual Insights January 2018

This has been a very bittersweet year for me. I have met so many new people and had great success in many areas of my life. I wrote and published a new book, Rahu and Ketu our karmic Destiny through Eclipses, spoke at Vedic Astrology conferences, traveled Europe and the Mediterranean, produced many new YouTube videos opening more minds to astrology, written for my magazine Astrologic Magazine (astrologicmagazine.com), and dedicated myself to my University (UniversityofVedicastrology.com).

I achieved all my goals and the success I wanted but my perspective changed November 22, 2017. While on a cruise in the Caribbean with her family my sister Marsha had two heart attacks and is now in a coma. She actually died twice and was revived. I went to the Sedona conference with a heavy heart not knowing if my sister would be able to get back to the US from the Cayman Islands. Life has to go on and we have to keep our earthly responsibilities during times like these. But the prospect of death and mortality brings the reality of the true essence of life.

Interestingly enough during times of loss our psychic abilities become more acute. These are the times I become more in touch with the other side. This always connects us with Ketu in our charts. Ketu awakens us to all these things such as the other side or life beyond this world, psychic abilities, and death. We are never clear as to the end result in many cases because we have free will. When faced with death many times we have a choice to choose to leave or stay in this world. Astrologically we can always see the crossroads where we can choose. I know because many years ago I saw a death producing time in my mother’s chart and she did have a massive stoke on that day. The doctors said she would not live till morning but she recovered and lived for an additional 10 years. Realize without open-heart surgery or chemotherapy many people are alive today who would not be without these modern advances in medicine. Therefore, I never predict death but I can see when there may be a time to choose.

The day my sister had her heart attack I had told her she would have a spiritual awakening. Her daughters reminded me I had told her this. On that day transiting Jupiter conjoined her natal Ketu in the 4th house. The 4th house does represent the heart and the 4th house is a moksha house. I have seen many charts where Jupiter conjoined Ketu here and they of course didn’t have this experience. This is certainly a spiritual experience but where the really difficult experiences can be seen is in the charts of the loved ones. There are always indications there.

Some very interesting messages have been revealed to me that I believe can help many others regardless of what you have going on this year. I knew something was about to happen because I had the same feeling as when my parents became ill. Then the call comes that you dread and your heart drops to the pit of your stomach. This was a few days before I was to speak at the Sedona conference. Unable to do anything for her, I went and focused on my lectures and meetings. Temporarily your mind is taken away from your worries.

My sister was on care flight back home about 10 days later. Visiting her in the hospital was the saddest thing. You want them to respond but you know they cannot. Then I had a series of signs appear that could not be ignored. I dreamed that my sister woke up and was normal, but in the dream, I had two guys who lived next door that were musicians and I could hear then playing the drums constantly. It didn’t bother me at all. Then I remember meeting with my long time close friend Ringo Starr. (Remember this is a dream.) It was no big deal either that my friend was so famous. Then after waking up I realized that the dream may be significant for a client that day. My second client’s husband is a drummer in bands, and I realized the nakshatra I just published on my YouTube channel was Dhanishta (symbol is a drum). That evening I went to turn on one of my favorite shows, Ancient Aliens, and it had back-to-back programs on the healing and mysticism of drumming in indigenous cultures. This made me think of the entertainer we had during the banquet in Sedona, his name was Three Trees. He was a shamanistic drummer playing the drums all night. After this series of omens I realized this was a message for my sister. I told her daughters to get some recordings of shamanistic drums and put them on headphones for her. There is something about the continuous beat that activates our brains in a certain way and can break down old patterns. But for my sister it could activate the brain waves to connect and heal. She was totally unresponsive but now turns her head and half opens her eyes.

I believe there are so many messages we are receiving from the other side if we pay attention. We are co-existing on both the spiritual and material plane if we pay attention. Dreams are always a way to connect to our subconscious and omens or signs are the Divine’s way to give us the messages we need.

Life is short and very precious. We must live life consciously, aware and with purpose. It is believed to incarnate in a body is a great privilege and here on earth there is the greatest capacity for growth. When we experience loss, there is a great sadness that connects us to the Divine that is within us. During these times, we realize there is more to life than what we experience daily. This awakens us to what is important in life. We are here to experience love and caring for one another. We must come from a place within our hearts, to give kindness, love and appreciation. This year is a year of spiritual awakening for many as the world transforms and changes. We don’t need to feel loss to reconnect to the essence of our soul and the heart we just have to experience deep connected and unconditional love. As the planets move us through life’s experiences here on earth we can strive to make this a better world through connecting to the love within our hearts. This will change your life and the energy on planet earth. We have to feel to heal our lives and promote healing here on planet earth. Happy New Year. May your heart open with the love and power of the Divine within us all.


January Predictions and Highlights for 2018

What are the trends and cycles that we will experience on planet earth this year?

* Rise of new political party that has a cult like following

* Major earthquakes around the world

* Terrorism on the rise

* Extreme Religious Fanaticism

* Rise in many Cults

* Commercial airlines are target for terrorist

* More tornadoes and floods

* Uncovering government’s hidden agendas and corruption

* Economy hits highs and stock market is at its peak

* New ways to exchange money, crypto currency is here to stay and changes the world

* Brace for a really cold winter

* Health discoveries

* Assassination Attempts

January has two full Moons, January 2nd and January 31 (lunar eclipse). This is a Blue Moon, meaning more than one full moon in the month.

This month begins the year of highs and lows. The first six months we are on a high and the second half will be a low. This concerns the stock market particularly. But overall the economy is on a roll this year. The last time Rahu was in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn was 1999-2000. This reflects another time the stock market was on a high, but the market changed and the dot.com bubble burst, this will occur again by 2019.

Uranus stationing and turning direct at 0 degrees of Aries is very significant because this is the Aries point indicating a major turning point for humanity. Uranus is called the great awakener and this is exactly what is about to happen. Uranus rules the future and technology which is changing faster than we can keep up with. Air travel will change and so will space travel. Connections to beings from other worlds will finally come out. The threat of nuclear war attracts aliens to intervene.

Mars conjuncts Jupiter every two years but the last time they exactly conjoined in Libra was August 9th 1982. This will promote the creative arts this year particularly music. This year musical genius will emerge beginning this January.

January 16th is the new Moon, and Mars enters Scorpio aspecting Uranus in a 6/8 (quincunx) relationship. The energy will shift considerably on this day. Angry attacks surface. Terrorism is on the rise with fire and aggression. This will be a very violent year with numerous attacks and assassination attempts on leaders around the world. Earthquakes will predominate the major changes in the world.

There will be a drought this year that activates even more fires throughout the world and in California.

The economy is on a rise but the most pivotal change of all has to do with crypto currency.  This is the wave of the future and those that don’t believe this or want to except this will be left behind. But those who are futuristic will benefit greatly. This is a great year for financial wealth if you are able to watch and monitor these trends, and astrology is the best way to ride this wave.

01 02 Full Moon 18 Degrees Gemini

01/31 Full Moon/ Total Lunar Eclipse (Blue Moon) 18 degrees Cancer

01/02 Uranus Direct 0 degrees Aries

01/06 Mars conjunct Jupiter

01/12 Saturn conjunct Mercury

01/15 Jupiter sextile Pluto

01/16 New Moon 02 degrees Capricorn

01/16 Uranus Quincunx Mars

01/16 Mars enters Scorpio

Kala Sarpa Yoga

Saturn conjunct Pluto

Jupiter Trine Neptune

Venus conjunct New Moon

Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra parivartana first half of month

Rahu/Ketu stationing 20 degrees Cancer/Capricorn

Saturn sextile Neptune

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