Spiritual Insights & Predictions February 2018

February 2018 Predictions
January 31, 2018
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February 28, 2018

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world.

Spiritual Insights February 2018

With a heavy heart, I begin this month with deep introspection about life and death and the reason why we are here. Last night I left my sister Marsha’s bedside as she slowly slips away to the other side. Reflecting on her life many realizations surface. Her greatest accomplishment in her life was her four children. She dedicated her life to raising her children. Her family was her purpose. The triumphant culmination of her passing involved her final mission to unite her entire family together for their last meeting where everyone celebrated and gave thanks for their life and being together.

She organized a cruise where all of her children and grandchildren came together to celebrate Thanksgiving Day together. Following that final dinner on the ship, she had a deadly series of heart attacks. The event she planned involved getting 20 people together; her husband, four children, their spouses, and 10 grandchildren. It was her generous wish to pay for the Caribbean cruise to celebrate Thanksgiving all together. She made it to this day enjoying the cruise but it meant her mission was finally complete. Her legacy is her family.

My sister was a spiritual devote of Paramahansa Yogananda and was initiated into Kriya yoga many years ago. She frequented many of the SRF (Self Realization Fellowship) retreats in Los Angeles. I imagine Yoganada was one of the first to greet her to the other side.

The most unrecognized job is being a parent, and especially a mother. It’s ironic because this is the most important work one can do in a life. To love unconditionally, nurture, protect and care for children is the most rewarding experience in the world. It truly opens the heart – and the heart energy of love is the true meaning of why we are here. Marsha’s love of her family and children was her most important accomplishment and transcends any earthly experience.

Following her initial heat attacks while on the ship, I had a series of events happen and dreams occur where she was trying to communicate to me. Soon after the news of her heart attacks she went into a coma but I felt her consciousness had already left her body. In one of my  bedroom closets, I have a poster of family pictures from my father’s funeral. It was knocked to the ground one evening while I was trying to fall asleep. I knew this was an omen about her. Then the following night a very large suitecase was knocked to the ground, again while I was trying to sleep. I knew this was another message. I thought she just cannot be in her body.

I had very vivid dreams of her during this time where she was vital, full of life and always her face glowed. Then I had the dreams about drums. I now realized that the drums were a means to keep her body here because she wanted to deliver one final message to her family.

A few days ago I had a dear friend, psychic medium John Cappello meet me with her family to help us understand what she wants to tell us. From her bedside John revealed her frustration of not being able to get control of her body. She wanted everyone to know and appreciate her efforts to unite the family. She had worked so very hard to get everyone to arrange their busy schedule’s to be on that cruise. Unconsciously she must have known this was to be their last time together so she wanted it to be the very best gathering before she had to leave this life. She just wanted to be appreciated for this valiant effort.

Before the cruise she had just bought a new house. She worked tirelessly to make the house perfect and didn’t like asking for help. This was simply too much to take on for someone with a heart condition. The stress of the move and organizing the cruise was too much. She bought the house to have more room for the visiting grandchildren. It was always about the family and children.

But her most important message was she wanted to be appreciated for her efforts. Upon this realization, I feel her message was heard and now she could leave. It seems right after this meeting her body started shutting down, now she could leave.

The night before I went to her bedside I had a very vivid dream of her. I was sleeping at her daughter Somer’s house when I awoke and there were many people dressed in suits and dresses as for a funeral. I recognized some of the people as our relatives from New Orleans. As I asked if Marsha had passed no one would answer clearly. Then everyone joined hands in prayer. I looked up and saw Marsha clearly standing with everyone in the circle. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was in physical form like everyone else. I immediately told my sister Carol to look at her. She saw her too and we both couldn’t believe we were seeing her. Marsha’s face was radiant. I really wanted her daughters to see her too but was concerned she may not be visible anymore. I ran to get her daughter Tara but as suspected Marsha was gone when I returned with her. I believe this dream indicated Marsha just wanted her children to believe many of the things she was trying to explain about her spirituality and appreciate all her efforts as a mother. Maybe my sister Carol and I were the ones who could truly see her. Not being recognized for her efforts broke her heart as this is the reason for heart conditions.

The most important messages I want to instill from my experiences are that we truly never die for I have had very vivid encounters with my sister through my dreams.

Always through my psychic experiences throughout my life the message is that in reality this life is only a dream and when we truly awaken from this dream is when we pass to the other side. My parents both appeared to me in dreams showing me that they were alive.

Another important message is the power of unconditional love that comes through children and family. Learn to love and appreciate your family for they are your greatest opportunity for the most important lesson in life, to open the heart and love unconditionally. This is the purpose of life.

Death is a new beginning and a true awakening although we will dearly miss our loved ones who pass. We have to remember we are here for only one thing and that is to grow spiritually and spiritual growth comes from opening the heart. Marsha is a great spiritual teacher of this powerful message as she loved unconditionally her family. I will miss her dearly.


February Predictions

 02/15 Solar Eclipse: 3 degrees Aquarius

02/17 Mars square Neptune 19 degrees Scorpio/Aquarius

Mars, Saturn, Jupiter aspect- Aquarius: Sun/moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune

Venus conjunct Neptune

Mercury conjunct eclipse

The solar eclipse this month is aspected by Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. The concentrated energy in Aquarius brings forth progress in humanitarian efforts. This comes with great resistance, but much progress will come out of the actions put in place this month. When Saturn and Jupiter both aspect a sign and planets it is a point of manifestation. Jupiter gives opportunities, Saturn gives discipline and Mars gives the energy for action. Over the course of the next month many of the planets will turn retrograde but now they are in forward motion.

During eclipses (which occur two times a year) world events intensify. There are more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The mass emotions increase causing extremes. Eclipses surface hidden secrets. Since the Solar eclipse is in Aquarius many political leaders will be exposed. But the Lunar eclipse that occurred January 31st is in Cancer indicating revelations in government corruption. These revelations will cleanse the corruption making way for opportunities for a new government that promotes business and the economy.

As Mars aspects Neptune deception and delusions will be revealed concerning the events of the past year. Neptune rules secrets and hidden agendas and the aspect of Mars will surface many secrets. This will concern the past corruption of the government concerning hidden agendas of the financial markets.  Neptune rules oil and gas and when Mars aspects Neptune the price of fuel usually goes up.

This is an out of sign eclipse (partial) meaning the New moon is in a different sign (Aquarius) while Ketu is in Capricorn. A solar eclipse occurs when either Rahu or Ketu is within 18 degrees of the New Moon. This month Ketu is 13 degrees from the New Moon. So they are in different signs.

Mars in Scorpio intensifies emotion and causes more violent attacks across the world as it aligns with the fixed star Antares (star of war). This occurs days before the solar eclipse, February 11-12. Anger and frustration is occurring around the world and in or own individual lives.

Jupiter is stationing at 28-29 degrees of Libra intensifying the need for compromise and peace. There are many humanitarian efforts surfacing now.

This is an amazing and exciting time to be alive as people all over the world are taking back their power. People are no longer allowing politics or governments to keep them in the dark. This is a global transformation. Uncovering the many secrets behind the scenes from the past concerning the government will set the pace for the future.

So much is controlled by governments in terms of the stock market and economy. But with the advent of cryptocurrency people are able to control their money.  The governments and banks do not want cryptocurrencies to survive for it takes their power away. Since cryptocurrency is here to stay and I believe it is the wave of the future the government will find ways to instill restrictions and regulations for their own benefit. I believe this wave is a trend to empower the people.