Spiritual Insights & Predictions December 2017

Spiritual Insights & Predictions November 2017
November 1, 2017
November 2017 Predictions
December 13, 2017

It is better to give than to receive....

Spiritual Insights December 2017


Every month I search for something of meaning to be revealed through the stars and my everyday experiences. Sometimes it doesn’t come as easily or clearly.

With the news of the death of Charles Manson I tried to persuade myself not to give him any attention as he didn’t deserve any attention for you know this is exactly what he would want. Thinking that he lived to the age of 83 made me angry too. Two of my best friends died in their 40s. Why did someone so disgusting get to live that long! My friends were so health conscious and here someone who never took care of themselves got to live till 83 years old. It seems sometimes people with so much hate and anger seem to live so long fueled with this energy.

I searched long and hard for someone to write about in my article Who’s in the News and it seemed everyone that came up was in the news for something totally disgusting such as Harvey Weinstein and Al Franken. But the only one I had an accurate birth time on was Charles Manson.

As I contemplated the life of Charles Manson and the essence of the mind I realized what the message of his life meant for the analysis of what we are to learn today. You have to ask what is it that makes people follow someone like this that is obviously insane. It isn’t necessarily the insanity of a cult leader but what is it that makes others want to follow them? The answer will reveal so much about human nature and to understand this can help heal our own lives.

The reason I believe his life story is relative now is the fact that Rahu and Ketu are transiting Cancer and Capricorn. As Rahu is in Cancer now till March of 2019 there will be a strong drive for people to have the need to be connected to family or a sense of family because Cancer is the sign for family. Rahu is the force of nature to direct us to want we desire. But when people do not feel connected to family they will be driven to find a sense of connection. This means they are searching for others to validate, understand and make them feel special. Many who lack this will seek this through outside sources or people. Here is where the movement towards cults will arise in the next year and a half.

By analyzing the horoscope of Charles Manson I feel I better understand what is behind the delusions of the mind and why people become controlled by these outside sources.

This is an excerpt of the introduction to the analysis of the horoscope of Manson.

As horrible as this event is we all have to wonder what is behind this kind of insanity. Their actions are beyond our understanding and to better understand what is at the core essence of this insanity helps us to prevent and heal any other events of this nature. What causes others to follow and be mesmerized by what we feel is obviously insane is the core essence of what can be learned from looking at cult leaders. This phenomenon is apparent in many historical events of the past such as followers of Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite and Adolf Hitler.

“People all want to feel included, connected, validated and special and this is a part of the attractive feature of cults. Particularly when people feel disconnected from their own families or society this is a means that others can feel included and important through a similar belief where there is the feeling of empowering themselves from the power of a particular leader. The leader gives them that feeling of connection and power. Religions have a way of doing this for many individuals giving them a sense of power and connection that validates them. I have even felt this early with some metaphysical astrological groups. It is when leaders become more powerful through controlling others and the group becomes more and more fanatical fueling themselves through the anger. The anger comes from not being accepted by the apparent differences of others, society, or family. Eventually the groups righteously foresee themselves as the ones who are so right and the others as so wrong. They become the opposing forces to anything that may awaken them to their stanch delusions. They hold on to their connection at all costs for to break this connection to their group will destroy their sense of family and being special. They cannot bear to return to a sense of being alone, unconnected, invalidated and wrong. Those that have no sense of power latch themselves onto to those who appear powerful and make them feel powerful. It is the surge of power that powerless individuals feel that addicts them to these cults. This is the core of the attractive and addictive power of leaders in both religions and politics. This is the power of any addiction, that something outside ourselves makes us feel good and powerful. Actually, anything addictive has this effect where we feel empty even through drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sex or fame. To feel the surge of power when powerless is addictive. Some feel they would rather die than to have this taken from them. This where the insanity creeps in.

With Charles Mansion, he made his cult followers feel special. He was in essence believed to be god and they were the chosen ones to be special enough to be a part of his group. How could they ever go back to where they came from, a place where no one understands, listens or even cares? They hold on to the group with their life giving everything else up for they have found their utopia on earth.”

Looking back at my college days I remember my astrology group had the indications of a cult. The teacher stood high as the group adored his every word. He was all knowing and I remember he was always complementing me on my intelligence and appearance. Interestingly he wanted to be a rock and roll star and played the guitar from time to time at our social events. He used to tell me I should breakup with my boyfriend because of some foreseen karmic issues that will control our lives. I didn’t buy this but all the other groupies did. I walked away but with a deep understanding of astrology. He was an amazing teacher and I learned how to calculate charts by hand. I recall that member’s families actually filed a lawsuit against my teacher for mind control. To this day I am very suspicious of any groups that excludes others and I would never persuade my students or clients to be dependent on me.

The lesson is we must find our own way and depend on our own sense of power within. We cannot tell others how to live their lives but we can empower others through understanding and guiding them through right action and example. We can inspire others to be the best they can be based on their own abilities allowing them to be in control of their own lives and destinies. To relinquish our need to be in power through empowering others is true power.

Predictions for December 2017

Sun/Moon conjunct Saturn 12/22

Venus conjunct Mercury 12/02

Mars almost conjunct Jupiter

Jupiter at midpoint of Rahu/Ketu 12/24

Mercury retrograde 12/03 Mercury turns Retrograde 5 degrees Sagittarius

12/22 Mercury turns Direct: 18 degrees Scorpio

Jupiter trine Neptune 12/03

Venus and Mars in parivartana (mutual reception)

Kala Sarpa Yoga December 7–23

Early in the month, December 3, we begin with Jupiter trine Neptune and Mercury retrograde at 5 degrees Sagittarius, all happening on a full Moon. This will be a time to reflect on to our spiritual beliefs and the purpose of our lives. This trine between Jupiter and Neptune opens connections and conversations about what is truly meaningful. When planets are exactly trine (120 degrees) they are conjunct in the navamsha and in nakshatras that are ruled by the same planet activating them together in a special way. Jupiter and Neptune represent a spiritual awakening. In air signs they open conversation and learning. We are on the cusp of a new level of awareness. People are coming together with a better understanding and openness than before.

Mercury will begin its retrograde in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn but will spend most of the time this month in Scorpio. Mercury with Saturn in Sagittarius digs up the seriousness of being strong about what we stand for and not letting others influence us. But at the same time doing so with compassion and understanding not righteousness.

We begin the month with Mars opposed Uranus, and Mars is in Libra with Jupiter. Uranus is the great awakener and we are wakening to the new potential we have in this world. We are the bringers of our own destiny. In the sign of Libra we are in this together and there will be new inspirational movies and products. There is a new wave of inspiration for self-betterment circulating the media. Uranus opposed Mars can indicate violence worldwide which occurs at the end of November and the beginning of December.

As Rahu and Ketu transit through the signs of Capricorn and Cancer there will be a need for family and togetherness, but be careful of unsuspected problems with the surge of cults and fanatical groups.

With Saturn nearing Pluto in Sagittarius and Ketu in Capricorn (government) there will be the development of new findings that will displace current government polices. The fall of political reign in many countries is coming to make way for a new way of leadership.

2018 will be the year of major earthquakes and beginning this month there will be rumblings that give indications of what is to come. The west coast must be prepared for the wave of earthquakes to come this year.

The Sun in Scorpio conjunct Venus makes this a month of learning how to work with our relationships because Mars and Venus are in parivartana (Venus in Mars’ sign Scorpio and Mars in Venus’ sign Libra.) We are all learning how to share and give back to those whom we love. Along with Jupiter in Libra we are leaning to cooperate. During this Christmas season, we will learn it feels better to give than receive.

There will be major upsets and acts of terrorism this month but there seems to be more awareness developing as we learn more about the deeper insights on human emotion and what motivates humanity.