Spiritual Insights & Predictions August 2018

August 2018 Predictions
July 31, 2018

Eclipses this month insures the most eventful period.....

Spiritual Insights August 2018

The polarity of extremes seems to be at an all-time high. When this occurs, the media is like a shark in a feeding frenzy. They take matters and exploit them to up their ratings and excite the public. Whatever your political views, you can tune into an extreme that accentuates your beliefs one way or the other. If you hate President Trump, you can find media news that will convince you that he is evil and is being impeached, or if you love Trump, you can find media news that gives proof of him being the savior of the United States. Never has there been such extremes politically in the world. There are similar effects also occurring in other countries concerning their leaders. We have to stand back and not be a part of this frenzy because it only promotes more emotional instability in the world. So what does this all tell us about ourselves and humanity?

Stand back for one moment and detach from the outward opinions and ask yourself what you are feeling inside. Are you feeling afraid, scared, insecure or angry and resentful of how your life has turned out? Maybe you are feeling something else, but whatever you are feeling now is the time to take a personal inventory. You see the time around the eclipses is the most powerful time to tap into our feelings and surface the truths that will turn our lives around and even have an effect on the world.

Eclipses represent the shadows that can surface out of the dark. Out of the darkness, feelings and even events will surface that are revealing the issues you are here to heal. Some are very painful emotionally and most people will ignore or bury them even deeper. These issues control, direct and destroy life. Denial of this nature may result in repression resulting in many negative behaviors of escape which many times fuels addictions. But to courageously face these issues can be freeing, and more than anything, the ugliness that is feared the most results in empowerment that frees the soul. Since retrograde planets give us the opportunity to review and reflect on the past, there is enormous opportunity for spiritual revelations. This Mercury retrograde is in the deeply emotional and sensitive sign of Cancer, but also Mars is retrograde and with Ketu, this can stir the soul in profound ways of healing the past emotional hurts of many lifetimes. Ketu is the moksha karaka, the spiritual liberation of this world. Mars is the planet of courage, so this is especially powerful to tackle our greatest fears. Never has there been a more powerful time to heal yourself and the planet!

Think of this total lunar eclipse (which is the longest in duration turning blood red) as it is eclipsed, what it can represent. The Moon is the reflective force of our planet. The full Moon in Vedic astrology represents awareness as it illuminates the darkness of the night, but this Moon is eclipsed in darkness emanating red, symbolizing deep issues of anger emanating through the darkness. I find it interesting that in world affairs, anger is being stirred up but this is merely a reflection of the mass consciousness from within. We have one of the greatest opportunities to have an effect by looking within ourselves to help transform the world.

All of us have certain issues we have come to heal within ourselves. These issues have a controlling effect on how we think and react to certain stimuli in the world. The current political affairs in the world is only a trigger or reflection of the inner issues we all have within. We will all react in different ways according to our issues. Remember, if you can see it this way, this is an amazing time of transformation and healing. But if you choose to be angered and attached to the anger and fear the media is putting out there, then you are being manipulated by your past conditioning and reacting just as the media wants you to. The more unconscious people are, the more they will be controlled and manipulated by the media frenzy. This gives them more control over the masses.

Remember either way, what you are feeling about politics in the world, if you are consumed with anger or resentment, this is affecting you and the outcome of events in your life. Realize the anger is not about the outside events, but these events are merely surfacing an issue that you have the opportunity to heal now. Everything out there is actually a reflection within ourselves. If you are not happy with where you are in your life right now, realize you have the power to change with this simple realization. You are in control of your own destiny.

The world outside of ourselves is a very scary and unpredictable place based on the news you are hearing, but taking back your own power and realizing it will allow you to see the issues you are here to heal, and from this healing, you will begin to eliminate the darkness, replacing it with the light of love and goodness. The energy of the Moon is actually to give a sense of security, for the Moon represents the mother. When we have a deep sense of security, we have the essence of Love, which is the power that heals everything. Feelings of unconditional love is the power that will heal ourselves and this world. It is the Divine in action.

During this period between this extremely potent lunar eclipse to the next solar eclipse, the world will appear out of control, but as I said before, never has there been a more powerful time for inner healing. But healing is a process, and it will be processing in all of our lives now. As a result, I see future revelations of peace as an outcome with the coming cycle of Venus retrograde in Libra. Venus will be in Libra from September 1, 2018-January 1, 2019, and it will be retrograde from October 5-December 16th 2018. September 13th is a very special day! It is the beginning of a time of beautiful revelations and peace as Venus and Jupiter are together in Libra with the Moon in between (Shubha Kartari Yoga). When the Moon is in the nakshatra Vishaka (ruled by Jupiter), while Venus is all-powerful in Libra, love and peace will transcend the world of polarities. So out of this current darkness evolves a time of healing love and creative expression.

The heartwarming story of the young soccer team that was saved by the heroic navy seals will surface bringing to light the power of the human spirit. The coach was a monk and used his spiritual awareness and courage to save the young boys. The navy seal’s heroic sense to put their lives on the line to save others is a beautiful display of the human spirit at it greatest loving potential. This will help us all see the power of the spirit and unconditional love. We all have this power within us and we will be made aware that we can all tap into this within to heal ourselves and the world.

Predictions August

There are so many astrological events occurring this month indicating another month of radical shifts and changes. On August 11th, there is a second solar eclipse following a total lunar eclipse. This is what I call the eclipse season, which is the most intense time of the year. It always feels like the earth and its people are out of control. Human emotion is at a peak and the earth begins to shake resulting in earth changes, earth quakes, tsunamis, extreme weather, storms and hurricanes.

As predicted, the world is in a heat wave and fires are everywhere. This is due to the powerful extremes of fiery Mars conjunct Ketu. Both together are considered intensely fiery, so as long as they are in the same sign, the heat and fires will persist. They are in the same sign of Capricorn till November 7th.

When Mars and Ketu are together, it does indicate terrorism. Disputes over government rulings will instigate angry outbursts and attacks both within countries turning on themselves and countries against each other. This is a time of extremes in anger and rage.

Outrage and anger will be directed towards leaders and the governments around the world. The many changes implemented especially by President Trump will have major economic repercussions, but the outcome years from now will pay off. However, the economic storm now will lead us to a downturn in 2020. The economy will continue to rise and fall, which creates fear of what is to come. The major fall is not due till the end of 2019 and 2020 so there is still time to invest. And as the roller coaster continues, a surge of energy will bring an uprising to cryptocurrency. This fall I predict the value of bitcoin will rise again.

Mercury is retrograde adding to all the havoc of the eclipse energy. Mercury turned retrograde at 29 degrees of Cancer on July 26th, which marks a very volatile period. Mercury in the water sign of Cancer will bring out many emotional issues. The 29 degree marking is ghandanta representing drowning and out of control behavior. (Ghandanta is when a planet is in the last degrees of a water sign and the first degrees of a fire sign and literally means drowning).

When planets, especially Mercury, are retrograde, it is time to review and reflect on issues of the past. Furthermore, eclipses are a time when hidden issues are revealed. This is a time when family issues from the past will surface that have not been resolved. Be aware, this is an opportunity to heal emotional issues concerning the past that have kept you stuck in some detrimental way. It is time to heal those issues from the past that control and limit future opportunities and growth.

The eclipse conjunct Mercury retrograde will cause major problems around travels. If you plan to travel, be sure to be prepared for major inconveniences. The eclipse and retrograde Mercury are in the nakshatra Ashlesha, which further indicates problems with traveling, since Ashlesha is ruled by Mercury. I believe the major issues will revolve around storms and weather, since Mercury began its retrograde cycle ghandanta at 29 degrees Cancer.

Uranus turns retrograde on August 7th, adding to the strength of changes on earth. This is the month of extremes. When Mercury is in volatile, emotional Cancer, many will be acting totally irrationally. As Mars retrograde aspects – by opposition – the solar eclipse and Mercury, major conflicts from the past surface. Still, governments around the world are fighting against each other. Around the first of the month, as Mars squares Uranus, expect sudden outburst of rage and fear, surrounding governments with surprising events.

On top of the extremes of the solar eclipse this month, there is also a Kala Sarpa Yoga in effect, as all the planets (excluding the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are on one side of Rahu and Ketu. Planets in the same sign with the nodes do not cancel them. This intensifies the effects of the planetary events even more. The Kala Sarpa Yoga has been viewed as the karmic trap. When there is a choice to choose between letting go of the traps of the material world, most are going to go the way of fear.

There are six planets retrograde this month, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This means this month many issues seem to backtrack and not progress forward. But this is what needs to happen to create a better beginning in the next few months.

Venus, the planet of peace and love, is debilitated this month, and its dispositor is a retrograde, out of control Mercury. This means no agreements can be settled this month. Events from this time period will require peace agreements which will begin during the period of Venus retrograde in Libra from Oct 5-November 16th.

Jupiter and Neptune will cast an exact trine August 19th indicating the creative urge is strong, and developments in movies, film and music that heal and open a wave of higher consciousness will begin to be developed. The story of the rescue of all 12 boys and the coach of the soccer team will come during a time of need for a heartwarming story amidst all the hatred and anger. This display of heroism has touched the hearts of so many around the world and was a global effort of many countries coming together. On the day they were rescued, transiting Jupiter was stationed (19 degrees Libra). Jupiter is the great protector of many good things.

During this time of the intense solar eclipse in Cancer, people will be feeling emotional extremes indicating mental conditions. You will see more drug overdoses and outrageous irrational behaviors and in many cases, deaths and suicides. Again, this puts many at risk; the news will be rampant with famous and infamous people out of control. Keep your sanity, for there is light at the end of this extreme time.

08/11 Partial Solar Eclipse 24 degrees Cancer

08/26 Full Moon 9 degrees Aquarius

08/07 Uranus retrograde 8 degrees Aries

08/19 Mercury direct 17 degrees Cancer

08/27 Mars direct 4 degrees Capricorn

08/01 Mars square Uranus

08/19 Jupiter trine Neptune 21 degrees Libra/Aquarius

08/27 Saturn trine Uranus

Mars conjunct Ketu

Mercury retrograde

Mercury conjunct Rahu