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August 2017 Predictions
July 30, 2017
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August 31, 2017

August has been feared by many astrologers as they see the coming total solar eclipse. This eclipse has the markings of something very ominous.

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August 2017 Spiritual Insights and Predictions

August has been feared by many astrologers as they see the coming total solar eclipse. This eclipse has the markings of something very ominous. The last year and a half while Rahu and Ketu have been transiting in the sign of Leo and Aquarius we have seen the upheavals and transformations in the realm of politics. Around the world everyone is awakened to a new way of politics with the advent of social media. But now we are about to see a major change like never before because the planets of change are about to change signs.

This solar eclipse in Leo represents the throne or kings due to its closeness to the fixed star Regulus “star of Kings”. It is the heart of the lion in the constellation of Leo. It is in the nakshatra Magha whose symbol is a throne.

Eclipses extinguish the light and in the dark hidden secrets surface. So eclipses give us unknown information. Eclipses are when there is a new and full moon conjunct Rahu and Ketu. The nodes of the Moon have been referred to as serpents, either dragons or snakes, representing the powers of the underworlds.

The total focus of this eclipse involves the Sun because it is the final dispositor of all the planets. There is an undercover project to extinguish the works of world leaders today. I believe this eclipse indicates anyone in power is in danger.

Mercury is retrograde in Leo close to the eclipse. Mercury will turn retrograde August 12 at 17 degrees Leo but interestingly enough it will turn direct September 5 at the exact degree of this solar eclipse at 4 degrees of Leo. Mercury is the messenger god. This means surfacing information during this eclipse will suddenly make sense. Mercury retrograde will resurface hidden information.

This solar eclipse is occurring on President Trump’s natal Mars in his 1st house. This can indicate extreme danger While transiting Saturn is transiting his natal Moon he is in a very difficult place emotionally. Transiting Jupiter (maha dasha ruling planet) can be his saving grace as it aspects his Sun in the 10th house (career and social standing).

The markings of great difficulties to come are revealed in the positions of the Navamsha planets placements in the eclipse. As the Sun and Moon are together conjunct Uranus, planet of sudden change and disruption in the 8th house of disgrace, and endings.

There are negative forces that are at work now pulling the wool over our eyes. The truth is not as it appears. The anger and violence in the world is directed towards those in power as the eclipse falls on President Trump’s natal Mars and Ascendant and on French President Macron’s natal Saturn in his 8th house. Their connection should be meaningful in some way.

The world of politics is taking center stage with the eclipses activating the sign of Leo (Presidents). But what does this eclipse mean for us all personally? Leo as the sign of leadership and loyalty are the issues that will surface. What is loyalty? It means being true to yourself and others. Leo and the star Regulus represents the heart of the Lion. In the ancient Indian Upanishads the heart is where god resides. In our heart love is felt and the pulse of life begins with the essence of God. When you are loyal you radiate a sense of pride. When you are not loyal you radiate a sense of betrayal.

The point is right now we have to take back our control in our own lives and be loyal to what we believe in our hearts. This concerns our own actions. We cannot blame others or circumstances in our lives. When you commit to anything you must have the diligence and courage to see it through to completion otherwise you are not being loyal to yourself. During the time of the eclipses our shadow side is revealed and the sign and house in your chart reveals just what insights you can grasp to transform and change your life. In my new book concerning Rahu and Ketu our Destiny through Eclipses I write about the meaning of eclipses through the signs and the shadow side revealed. Here is an excerpt from this book.

Excerpt: Rahu and Ketu our Destiny through Eclipses
_“Solar eclipses occur at the time of the New Moon, meaning something new is being presented out of the darkness, something will be revealed. Two weeks later, that which has been revealed will come to light when the Moon is full. Lunar eclipses occur when Earth’s shadow blocks the sunlight that would normally reflect off the Moon. In our emotional darkness the truth may seem obscured, but our shadows will be revealed. Most of us can’t bear to see the dark side of our nature, so denial usually sets in. The shadow aspect of our nature prevents us from realizing our spiritual truth. _

The Solar eclipse is the point of focus as there may be a lunar eclipse two weeks before or after the solar eclipse or there may not even be a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are determined by the New Moon (solar eclipse) or full Moon (lunar eclipse) closeness to the nodes (Rahu and Ketu). The lunar eclipse is an offshoot of the solar eclipse. _ 
In Jungian psychology the “shadow” refers to an unconscious aspect of the personality which constitutes the ego. It is our dark side that is hidden in our subconscious mind. It is our instinctual nature that we are taught to suppress as children as we are taught morals. Understanding the shadow side can alleviate unconscious behaviors of projection in ourselves and others._

In essence, eclipses bring us the opportunity to see whatever in our being is preventing us from the most important thing we’re here to realize – to grow spiritually and transcend the illusion of this world. This process will reveal all of our weaknesses and fears. Fear is a manifestation of this world (Rahu) because while in this world we’re entrapped in its illusions. Ultimately, we must come to the realization that this world is only a false perception of reality”.

With this in mind be open to what is being revealed to you about yourself. Understanding our shadows look to see what we are projecting. We tend to project onto to others exactly what we dislike about ourselves. This is what is so interesting about the current effects of politics occurring now.

A dear friend called me recently and expressed concern over my predictions that Trump’s presidency was going to change the world for the better regardless of how we may judge him. She adamantly said, “I cannot see this happening. I hate him and want him to die. I hope he is assass…..” (I don’t want to use the word she used). I was shocked! I told her that was horrible to say and you cannot wish someone to die over your opinions, besides you don’t even know him personally. Then she went on to say her business is down and had never been doing so badly. In this statement, she is blaming her downward spiral of her business on Trump. Reflecting on this I realized she has had major issues with men beginning with her father. Then ongoing with betrayal from her husband. The issues with the men in her life are emotionally activated through the representation of what the current President represents to her. Furthermore, her anger and frustration over the President surfaces in her is the cause of her own downward spiral in her business. One of my favorite sayings from Nelson Mandela applies here. “Anger and resentments are like drinking poison and expecting it to kill your enemy.” Projecting this kind of hate into the world is self-destructive and destructive to the world we all share.

We all have a shadow side and now this eclipse season gives us the opportunity to see our shadow side. If we can uncover and accept our hidden side we will change our lives. If you are unhappy and want to change then this is your opportunity to see the truth and change your life.
Observe what you are blaming in others and realize this is a part of your shadow. Blaming is projection. Ask yourself what this issue will surface from your past by realizing it has become a part of your own personal hurt. Stop blaming others and outside circumstances. Take your power back by being proactive to change yourself and circumstances. With this you will change and transform your life. Happiness and healing will be your future experience.

August 2017 Predictions and Aspects

August 7th Lunar Eclipse
August 21 Solar Eclipse
Sun/Moon conjunct Rahu/Regulus
August 12th Mercury Retrograde @ 17 degrees Leo
September 5th Mercury turns Direct @ 4 degrees Leo
September 3rd Mars crosses the Eclipse degree
Mercury conjunct New Moon
August 25 Saturn Stations 27 degrees Scorpio

The Total Solar eclipse is the focus this month intensifying all emotions around the world. It is especially intense in the United States since the eclipse path crosses over the middle of the United States meaning most of the activity will be stationed there. Eclipses surface hidden secrets in our own lives as well as in the world of politics especially since this eclipse is in Leo the sign of leaders. This is an especially difficult eclipse for President Trump due to this eclipse positioning on his natal Mars and his Leo Ascendant. Expect the unexpected as the forces against Trump will intensify. The US becomes angrier and more polarized. There will be more violence and earth quakes with volcanic eruptions around the world. But the eclipse path focuses major disruption in the US and the government.

This eclipse is very intense and powerful due to the Sun in Leo as the final dispositor of all the planets. This represents the focus and attention to the leaders around the world. This very powerful event concerns the USA and President Trump.

Uranus is in exact trine to this eclipse (Sun, Moon, Rahu). This is significant because hey are conjunct in the navamsha. In the KP system of astrology they are all in the same nakshatra, Ketu. This indicates a sudden unexpected event.

The lunar eclipse is not as potent since the full Moon occurs out of sign from Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are at 0 degrees of Leo/Aquarius and the full Moon is in Capricorn. The next series of eclipses will be occurring in Capricorn and Cancer. This will begin difficulties with the financial markets based in the USA since Rahu is headed for the 8th house in the USA birth chart.

As Mercury turns retrograde August 12th at 17 degrees Leo it is aligned with the eclipse, therefore dredging up many issues from the past as Mercury retrograde is always about review and reassessment, or simply going back over issues from the past. Mercury (media and communications) will be in opposition to Neptune (deceit, deception) meaning you can’t believe all that you hear in the media. Mercury retrograde in Leo will address issues of power, leadership and loyalty. In 9th house of the USA chart represents issues concerning laws and legal documents.

Interestingly Mercury will turn Direct September 5th at 4 degrees Leo which is very significant since this is the degree of the solar eclipse. This means the surfacing of valuable hidden information concerning many upsets in the past.

August 25th Saturn will station turning Direct at 27 degrees of Scorpio. When planets station it impacts that degree with a vengeance. Saturn causes delays and feeling stuck. Saturn is aspecting the sign Leo as it transits in Scorpio which the sign where the Solar eclipse and Mercury is retrograde. This will bring out intense feelings of frustration. Saturn will be in the last degrees of Scorpio for a long time till October 26th where it will transit into Sagittarius where it will remain for two years. While Saturn is Ghandanta (last degrees of a water sign and initial degrees of fire) expect more extremes in storms, floods, hurricanes and problems in pollution possibly with water supplies. This will be an intense hurricane season.

Pluto and Jupiter are in square aspect intensifying power and the many transformational changes that will be occurring during this closure of the hot summer in the USA.

As Mars transits in the sign of Cancer (debilitation) it is in a weakened state. Mars is casting a full aspect (8th) to Neptune/Ketu (8/6 relationship or quincunx). Mars and Neptune are notorious for scandals and hidden agendas of corruption. Many agendas around greed and scandal will surface in politics and the financial markets. This will effect areas of oil and gas since Neptune rules oil. Watch the prices increase and fighting with oil countries in OPEC.

Mars crosses the Solar Eclipse degree on September 3rd. This is a powerful indication of a major catastrophe. The first few days of September are very violent and at this time major events concerning terror attacks on the USA and attacks on political leaders is serious. The eclipse is surfacing information to give insights to these events.

This is the month many astrologers have been dreading due to this total solar eclipse. Additionally, Mercury retrograde will cause havoc in the world. Lay low and take the opportunity to do some inner healing work as eclipses reveal the areas we can benefit and heal in our lives.


summer is beginning to heat up in terms of anger and hostility. As Mars begins to dance with the Sun tempers begin to fly. Events will intensify till they conjunct July 26 at 9 degrees of Cancer. As Cancer rules security and family many aspects concerning these issues will be disturbed.

Early this month seems most difficult as Mars first enters into Gemini aspecting Saturn. Ketu is aspecting Mars. Saturn is debilitated in the navamsha.

At the time of the New Moon June 23 the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars will be in Gemini and the nakshatra Ardra. This represents sadness for the symbol for this nakshatra is a tear drop. Rudra the storm god rules this nakshatra indicating storms and severe weather during this time. The recent terror attack in England concerns problems focusing on terrorism and the many more threats yet to come.

Transiting Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio June 21 and will hover in the last degrees of Scorpio (Ghandanta). These are the some of the most malefic degrees of the zodiac.

Mercury is traveling at top speed but as it transits in Gemini it is the final dispositor of all the planets with Mars. Travel will be most difficult with the threat of terrorism at its peak. Security will be amped up raising suspicion everywhere.

Mercury is the planet of communications and travel which is the focus. The real issue now is, there is complete and total confusion and isolation concerning the agendas involved in world affairs. No one understands or trusts each other. Investigations fly rampant with political leaders and at the core of all the anger, suspicion, lack of trust is the need to be heard and understood. All means of communication is out of control with seething anger and disrespect. The energetics of the world are becoming angrier and this is mounting as we approach the coming total solar eclipse August 21.

We tend to lose trust and faith when we feel we aren’t heard by others. We must all try to be understanding, and support and validate the feelings of others.  Discounting other people’s feelings leads to resentment.

People who are continually discounted will find any possible way to find support and validation. This may result in many negative behavioral patterns. For example, street gangs, mafia organizations, cults and the world problem now with terrorists. If you feel the need to invalidate someone, look into your reasons why. To invalidate someone means you have to prove them wrong. This actually means you are not secure with your belief.

It is sound that first began the creation of our physical Universe. In Genesis, God said, “Let there be light.” It was the sound of the spoken word that created the light and Universe. This is the power of sound or vibration. This means the spoken word is the source of power in this world.

In order to bring peace into your life during these turbulent times it is important to recognize and be purposeful with our choice or words. Words have power and energy and can destroy or enlighten your life. Use positive affirmations to affirm the positive in your life and others. When you speak of fear, disrespect and distrust this is what you will experience, but when you speak of love, respect and trust then this will be your experience. Always remember what you put out into the world you will receive back.