Spiritual Insights & Predictions April 2018

Spiritual Insights & Predictions March 2018
February 28, 2018
April 2018 Predictions
March 30, 2018

women worldwide are being recognizes....

Spiritual Insights April 2018

Spiritual Insights April 2018

This is an amazing year for breakthroughs in consciousness. Many issues that temper our society with darkness are surfacing to change the future. Issues concerning sexuality and abuse have been the focus of the news. The abuse of women and children globally is surfacing for a healing. Even the problems in Hollywood concerning control and power with women are revealed.

Historically issues of sexual control and manipulation were never to be discussed but it is a plague in our world and society.  These dark secrets destroy lives.

Hidden secrets that formally could not be revealed are the most destructive emotional issues of our psyche. Some are so painful people would rather die than face them. These are the issues that we are here to heal. The truth really does set us free. The process of denial and repression takes the life force out of the soul and kills the spirit. This is at the core of healing the family affecting society. Many extremely angry people have deep seated issues related to denial and repression of family secrets. These secrets may have been passed down from generations controlling the emotional body of the family. It affects the ability to love.

Astrologically the Moon in a chart represents emotions and the mind. Those who have not felt security through family or mother will not be able to express love properly in their own lives. This may be seen in a chart where the Moon is isolated from all the other planets or close to Rahu or Ketu. This gives a sense of no support or security. Since the Moon represents the mother as well, it indicates a mother that has had problems in their own family of origin and indicates problems of the past generations. Those who don’t feel loved cannot give love. In essence they have not learned what it is.

The 4th house is relative to the Moon since it is the house of the mother and family. The Moon rules the 4th sign Cancer and the Moon is karaka of the 4th house. The Moon is the reflective receptive force and represents feelings. Interestingly the 4th house rules the heart. But it is known that the 5th house and the Sun also rule the heart. The 5th house is relative to the sign Leo since it is the 5th sign. Since the Sun is the giver of the life force, this can be symbolically understood it rules blood flow. So if the Sun puts forth energy and the Moon receives and reflects back the light of the Sun then the 4th and 5th houses as they rule the heart indicate that they must rule the different chambers of the heart. The 4th house rules the chamber of the heart that receives the blood and the 5th house rules the chamber that puts out the blood to the body. Symbolically this means the 4th house rules the ability to receive love and the 5th house rules the ability to give love. Interestingly our world and society is built around male and female and the family based on the love of our mother and father.

Furthermore, the 4th house is the house of happiness and to be secure and loved is what gives happiness. This is the power of love. We must be able to receive and give love to heal our lives and the planet. Feelings of not being wanted or loved is at the core of all emotional problems. There are many deep-seated issues that condition a person’s blocks to love, giving or receiving. Investigation into a family’s history can reveal this. Analyzing these issues brings healing.

The 4th house is an angle or Kendra meaning a house of power. It is also a moksha house, meaning a house of spiritual liberation of this world. It is said to be the house of the end of life. I see it as the time that we return to our eternal home. The entrance is through our heart as we return to the infinite love of the Universe.

The transit of Rahu in Cancer as the sign of the family, mother, females and love surfaces many issues relative to this during this time and brings forth a new awareness that can heal these issues. The core of our society is based on the family.

I have noticed that what is surfacing on a global level is always reflective on an individual level. So many emotional breakthroughs are surfacing in my astrological consultations lately. This is an amazing time of truth and transformation.

To heal deep emotional issues in the world and in our own lives requires a recognition of the truth and acceptance. This realization will free the spirit. The deep core issues of anger, depression and unhappiness originate in the inability to receive and give love. It is true, unconditional love heals the heart and soul.


Predictions April 2018

This will be a very eventful month! Mars begins to transit into hostile territory conjoining Saturn and Pluto in Sagittarius. This combination can be lethal. On a mass level people are becoming more intolerant. These three malefic planets together promote frustration and anger. Many past injustices will surface and trigger feelings of righteousness and injustices. Anger on this level generally creates attacks. The sign of Sagittarius pertains to religious fundamentalism. Terrorist attacks based on beliefs will arise.

Saturn and Pluto turn Retrograde days apart intensifying the need for change but a powerful resistance creating a massive inner tension worldwide. This will cause a powerful breakdown of the old outdated ways to crumble. The counties to watch are China and Russia.

Mars, Saturn and Pluto are in a quincunx (8/6 relationship) with Rahu causing a sense of dysfunction and imbalance in world affairs. The world seems to take steps backwards. Emotion on a world level instigates irrational behavior.

The new Moon conjunct Uranus indicates a sudden rise with unexpected explosive events. The earth will shake with emotion. Uranus can be the indicator of earthquakes. This will be the month of many earth changes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.  Tremors will be felt more on the west coast of the US.

Mercury will turn direct in Pisces (debilitated). This will bring a healing of past emotions that have been uprooted during the Mercury retrograde. The retrogrades this year in water signs surfaces past emotions that can heal. This gives better awareness for spiritual growth.  As Mercury shifts from Retrograde to direct it will affect the financial markets with volatility. This includes the temperamental cryptocurrency markets.

Jupiter’s transit in Libra is the saving grace for this year as it promotes a need for peace and healing. Jupiter is aspecting (opposition) Venus. There are many progressive movements towards peace that are being initiated but the results will not be felt till next August-November. This will include the movements concerning gun control. May-November many crucial events must occur to destroy the many blocks in the way of justice.


04/15 New Moon 1 degree Aries

04/30 Full Moon 16 degrees Libra

04/15 Mercury Direct:, 0 degrees Pisces

04/17 Saturn Retrograde: 15 degrees Sagittarius

04/22 Pluto Retrograde: 27 degrees Sagittarius

04/02 Mars conjunct Saturn 14 degrees Sagittarius

04/26 Mars conjunct Pluto, 27 degrees Sagittarius

04/15 Mercury Direct, 0 degrees Pisces

04/22 Pluto retrograde 27 degrees Sagittarius

Mars quincunx Rahu

Saturn quincunx Rahu

Mercury debilitated

Mars conjunct Saturn/Pluto

Venus opposed Jupiter

Sun/Moon conjunct Uranus