Spiritual Insights & Predictions April 2017

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March 9, 2017
April 2017 Predictions
April 2, 2017

The recent eclipses have sent the world spiraling in mass confusion. I see the same reactions around the world pertaining to situations in every country. We are all going through deep feelings and issues.

Spiritual Insights April 2017

Have you noticed how much the past is being brought up lately? Seems we are living in the past right now. When focused in the past we must realize what we can gain and learn through our past experiences in order to grow.

There are many planets retrograde this month that bring back our past memories. Retrograde planets have to do with review therefore taking a look back. Every concept of dealing with words that begin with “re” are the definition of what our experiences will entail in our lives. This means it is a time to review, reflect, realize, reassess, reanalyze, rewind, retreat, reverse, readjust, reform, realign, recollection, reorganize, relax, and recap to name a few words that describe the message we will receive from this month.

This month we will have Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all retrograde. Reminiscing can be fun and stirring up old memories. Venus retrograde has brought back old feelings of love and romance and sometimes actually does bring back an old flame in your life. All these important planets retrograde give us the chance to discover some hidden secrets from the past to make a better future. So use this time to reconnect to the old and lost feelings to better understand your future plan.

Mercury retrograde always forces us to review many issues. It is not the time to forge forward. It is a valuable time to reflect otherwise you will be frustrated from setbacks and delays.

Interestingly there are many planets in Ketu ruled nakshatras further indicating a focus in the past. The new Moon on April 26 will be in Aries with the Sun/Moon and Mercury in Ashwini, Saturn is in Mula, and Rahu is in Magha. These nakshatras are ruled by Ketu. Ketu is our past particularly referring to past lives. You may understand who you are based on your past by analyzing Ketu in a chart.

I feel this is a necessary part of our evolution currently to reflect on the past because there is a missing component that will be revealed to make sense of the future. This is all a part of the process as the ebb and flow of the tides. It is time to retreat and reflect for it will give us peace and clarity and refresh just as when we retreat and fall asleep to recharge our mind and body. If we are willing to gain insight from this time we can record our dreams to understand what is rehearsing in our subconscious. The revelations that will be revealed are magnificent in terms of helping our lives heal and grow.

Uranus transits into Aries where it will stay for the next seven years. The zero Aries point has always been a point that represents the public and the masses. The last time Uranus entered into Aries was the beginning of 1934. During this time President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted many reforms to create jobs to end the great depression and Prohibition ended. Uranus is the great awakener and Uranus in the sign of Aries will initiate new reforms today.

Mars is in a difficult aspect to Saturn which may cause setbacks and delays in world affairs so it is time for review and analysis to take place worldwide. This back tracking will help heal the wounds that have been open sores for so long. Terrorism will never go away so many places in the world are being much more protective and retreating from the open borders policies. This is happening for a reason and it is a part of the cycle of change that will eventually bring balance. We may not understand it now but in due time we will.

Take this time now to still the mind, retreat and reflect in happy memories of your past and know that history repeats itself and the insights revealed can make your life a repeat of the happiness you had before. Realize the only real time is now, where you are creating your future based on the realizations and insights of your past.

Predictions April

Saturn is stationing on the Galactic Center which is 2-3 degrees of Sagittarius. This is extraordinary due to the power of the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is the center of our milky way galaxy. It is a super massive black hole. As we revolve around this intense massive power it is believed that cosmic consciousness evolves from this powerful energy. It is thought that black holes of this magnitude can be a void to other dimensions.

The nakshatra of the Galactic Center is Mula which is ruled by the god of destruction Niritti. This is a very dark place that will transform life out of the darkness. Saturn’s station here will bring destruction but out of this will bring a great healing and needed transformation. Saturn’s station on April 6th will manifest in explosive events around the world. There will be major reversals and surprises, involving elections.

Uranus Sun and Mercury together in Aries will activate a new awakening in attitudes. But due to Mercury’s retrograde there will be major uproars due to the uncovering of past corruption.

Mercury represents travel and in the nakshatra (Ashwini) this pertains to fast travel and may indicate problems due to travel bans or more severe problems involving terrorism.

Uranus enters the sign Aries and will remain there for seven years which during this time will be a great awakening and will bring in a new reality with a new perception and ideas. It will globalize the world and in the end bring people together after many explosive events.

Around the end of the month and through May Rahu will conjoin the fixed star Regulus pointing the finger at the government and leaders around the world. Events will cause leaders to have to take charge and make demands like never before.

The day around Pluto’s retrograde usually indicates dangerous events. Take caution around public places. Pluto represents the powers that control the world and there is definitely something brewing in terms of some massive take overs within some governments. As Saturn moves closer to Pluto in the next two years’ things will evolve to an irreversible boiling point.

Mars aspects Saturn (8th aspect/quincunx) April 18th Seems nothing can move forward. There are set backs and delays in everything. Patience is a requirement if you are to survive this frustration.  Keep cool and know that forcing anything will be in vain.

This month will have many setbacks, most of what is to be accomplished will be reversed due to so much retrograde energy. The discoveries from the past are bleak and devastating but enlightening. The deepest darkest corruption of the powers that control the world will emerge and possibly even be revealed. Many will not believe and many will not even understand it.

The exploitation is beginning but this is a process and will take time to really sink into our understanding but it will bring a better world.