Spiritual Insights & Predictions May 2017

May 2017 Predictions
April 30, 2017
June 2017 Predictions
May 31, 2017

Mercury will turn direct with Uranus on May 3rd and they come together May 8-9th. Many unexpected reversals will occur during this time. Around the world, confusion sets in and changes the mindset and temperament. Any decisions made before this time have the propensity to change.

Spiritual Insights May 2017

Spiritual Insights May 2017

Mercury will turn direct with Uranus on May 3rd and they come together May 8-9th. Many unexpected reversals will occur during this time. Around the world, confusion sets in and changes the mindset and temperament. Any decisions made before this time have the propensity to change.

The planetary retrogrades have surfaced many feelings and past issues that we thought were resolved. Surprisingly we are faced with our core issues we came to heal in this lifetime. This concerns us all on a private level as well as a public level.

As we strive to overcome our past issues we feel overwhelmed with life’s difficulty and complexity, feeling powerless over the current situations.

The issue with many of our emotional situations is that we tend to push feelings aside because it is just too painful to feel. But the remedy here is actually to feel. Once you have gone through the cycle of healing the emotional body the end result will be complete.

We are so attuned to finding solutions but the fact is in this case solutions are sometimes a way to avoid the process of feeling our emotions.

The process involved in feeling emotions of a painful issue involves the process of 5 stages of death and dying by Elizabeth Kubler Ross: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. This process is part of any big life challenge. When emotions get stuck in this process never evolving to the last and final stage they will resurface till it is complete. It may appear as a different issue but in reality it will involve your core issue in this life.

Now is the time to face our core issues that we came here to heal. The healing comes as we feel the hurt feelings. Suppressing feelings just prolongs the issue.

Healing will come as we process the feelings because what is on the other side is understanding and acceptance. The way to this completion is trust that you will evolve to a better place through this process. This is the promise for growth for it always involves breakthroughs in consciousness. This means to trust in the Divine forces guiding you through this process.

It doesn’t take struggles or striving, only surrender in the truth that there is a Divine source guiding you through to your future self. You will be healed of this ongoing issue.

As we reflect and process these past issues we have the opportunity to heal. This comes through surrendering to the resistance and process feelings with FEAR. The main issue is to face and consequently dissolve the fear by accepting the fact that you will be Divinely guided. This means eliminating fear and trusting in a positive outcome by surrender.

As the planets move into direct motion you will see that these recent emotional issues will be resolved and healed.

Mercury turns direct May 3rd and Jupiter turns direct June 9th. Use this month to heal past emotions trusting that the healing process will be complete by mid-June. Trust you will be healed even though you may not know how. You will have a completely different outlook on your life ready to move forward in new directions.

May Predictions

Mars will be traveling in the same sign as the Sun until August. Mars takes two years to transit all 12 signs and within this cycle Mars travels with the Sun for four months. As the Sun transits a sign per month it is now affected by Mars. As they merge closer to a conjunction they intensify their energy in accordance to the sign they are in together. On July 26, they will conjoin at 9 degrees of Cancer. Cancer is the sign of security and the issue that is most important as Mars collides with the Sun concerns security of the homeland. This will affect all countries around the world. As I reviewed previous conjunctions of Mars and the Sun I noted that the Boston Marathon bombing occurred when Mars conjoined the Sun in Aries.

Currently Mars will be transiting over very sensitive degrees in Taurus where the fixed star Aldebaran is at 15-16 degrees as it opposes Antares. Mars will transit this degree May 5-6 stirring up contention and anger worldwide. Interestingly this is during the time of the French elections which will not go smoothly.

Saturn is retrograding back into the Ghandanta degrees (early Fire and late water.) From June to November this very difficult portion of the zodiac will be activated. This can involve poisons in the water.

Rahu is aspecting Saturn (trine) from Leo to Sagittarius. Both planets are in Ketu ruled nakshatras (Magha and Mula). There are secret strategic plans to heal the pressing issues of terrorism.

Rahu transits over the next solar eclipse degree on August 21 @ 4 degrees Leo. This will activate the issues that will be prevalent at the time of this intense total solar eclipse. This degree is conjunct President Trump’s natal Mars and close to his ascendant, indicating mounting pressures of world affairs. This is a turning point in the fight of terrorism and drastic means will be set into motion to help protect the land.

Transiting Jupiter is aspecting Venus by opposition and trines the Sun and Mars. Jupiter is gaining power in the sign of Virgo since it is stationing at 19 degrees. If you have any planets at this degree in Virgo or Pisces expect good things to happen concerning the house it occupies.

Jupiter will turn direct on June 9. This should be a good time for travel since Venus is in Jupiter’s sign in the nakshatra Revati which is ruled by Pushan, the god of protected travels.

Mars and Sun are in Venus ruled Taurus ruled and they are aspected by stationing Jupiter. Planets gain power when they are stationing (standing still). Creative pursuits go well and I predict new developments with movies, books and all forms of creativity and entertainment. This combination activates aspects of beauty. Take the time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of planet Earth with its blooming gardens and parks.

Jupiter in Virgo can promote new developments in healing and advances with research in medicine. More cures will be discovered especially during this station.

Mercury stations turning direct on May 3rd at 0 degrees of Aries within a degree of Uranus. They will conjunct on May 8-9. Expect the unexpected! I predict there will be an upset and unexpected result with the French elections since election day is May 7th. There will certainly be a recount with surprising results.

Mercury’s station with Uranus will bring new technological discoveries. Inventions such as the self-driving cars or advances with robots become a reality and will begin to be marketed soon.

On May 29 Saturn will oppose Mars (1 degree Gemini/Sagittarius.) This is a very intense and difficult time indicating setbacks and delays.

While Mercury is still in Aries it will exchange signs (parivartana) with Mars (Gemini). This indicates conflicts and arguments. Many are in disagreement with no compromise in sight. Anger in the political arena sets the stage for social unrest.