Spiritual Insights January 2017

2017 World Predictions
January 5, 2017
Spiritual Insights & Predictions February 2017
February 5, 2017

Finally, the results for the U.S. Presidential election are upon us. This is the month it all comes to fruition. The planetary alignment is very telling for the results. The fight is on! For there are many indications for confusion, fighting and unveiling of many secrets.

Spiritual Insights January 2017

Everyone has an opinion for the future based on their political views. The world is in a curious place. The U.S. is divided by extremes on both sides. I wonder why people are so overly emotional concerning politics. The one thing that I believe should unite us is that we all want the same thing, a better world and humanity. I hope we can all agree on this. The separation comes from the ways we believe this can come about. A core reason is people have the need to be right. I always remind myself of the powerful saying in The Course of Miracles, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” Being right validates the sense of who we are. A person’s core essence is based on their beliefs which are formed through our life’s experiences beginning in childhood. This formulates our perception of the world.

Astrologically speaking the transit of Saturn into Sagittarius concerns me since it is the sign of righteousness and fundamentalism. The world is leaning more in that direction than ever before. Furthermore, by the end of 2019 Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu will all be in Sagittarius with Rahu in Gemini in the nakshatra Ardra. This indicates extremist behavior concerning fundamentalism. During the time of September 11, 2001 Mars and Ketu were in Sagittarius (Mula) and Rahu and Jupiter were in Gemini (Ardra) and Saturn and Pluto were in aspect (opposition). So the signs of extreme fundamentalism will be activated even more extremely than before.

Observing the reactions of people through the response of this U.S. Presidential election is a fascinating study. Any event outside of ourselves gives us the opportunity to truly see ourselves. The way to understand the core of our being based on our past comes through the initial emotional reaction we experience from the stimuli in our environment. The more emotionally charged, the better the opportunity to understand where the core of the reaction is coming from.

People believe their way of thinking is right and justified. But if there is a powerful emotion triggered from an event then it has a negative effect on the physical body. Consequently, unbeknown to them it affects all other areas of their lives.

In trying to understand the reaction I received concerning my predictions for Donald Trump I was dismayed by the extreme emotional responses. The reactions are over the top emotionally charged. On one occasion I pried a little to understand this phenomenon. I came away with a better understanding of the core issue of what this all about.

When I told a friend I thought based on the astrology that Donald Trump will be a great president. This struck a deep nerve in her. I tried to explain based on his natal Jupiter (stationary) that he just entered the Jupiter dasha and this planet along with three other planets connect to the U.S. chart. This angered her considerably. She reacted with a nasty fire in her eyes. She was obviously emotionally charged and kept repeatedly using the word “hate”. I told her the more she kept using the word “hate” the more she would deplete and lower her energy level. Over and over she said “I hate him.” The issues of money, selfishness, insurance, womanizing and even the comparison of Nazi Germany poured out of her mouth. Then the finger came back at me for being a bad immoral person for condoning this person in any way. I kept reminding her that this was based on astrology but she never heard me on this account (like many on my Youtube channel). People hear only what they want to hear! But then she began attacking my character. As I stepped away from this conflict I thought I should not have said anything because of course I didn’t feel well after this unreasonable confrontation especially with a friend I have had for 30 years.

But then as I stood back to analyze this uncomfortable confrontation it gave me the insight to try to understand what was at the bottom of this to better help understand why people react in such a way. I was later grateful because I now understand what is at the base of reactions from those that overreact on these issues.

In the process of our conversation I asked her why she was so angry (this will definitely strike a chord for those that do not want to see). She, of course, said she was not angry. I told her she was angry and this has to be based on some deep seated issues relative to what this man represents to her, and that it brings up her past resentments. The one thing I got out of her is that he is a “selfish man” and she hates selfish people. I said then this must relate to the selfish men in your life; her two ex-husbands and her father. This was probably probing too deep but I thought knowing her so long and all the therapy she has been in that this could help. I told her I was trying to help her, but she exclaimed “I am perfectly fine”.

Donald Trump represents an egotistical, immoral, selfish, materialistic, womanizer to many people. The fact that he will be inaugurated as the president of U.S. this month represents to many the loss of our morals and the demise of goodness in our world. He doesn’t pay his taxes while the average worker in the U.S. pays for his cheating. The people he is surrounding himself with in his cabinet are evil and full of prejudice. But the accusation of Trump being another Hitler with a Hitler’s agenda is what gave me the courage to fight back saying we have a democracy and if he begins a dictatorship like Hitler’s he will surely be impeached.

But for those of you that get into any political arguments, you will come to realize there is no winning this argument because it is based on emotional issues formed in childhood, not the actual political opinion.

As I reflected on our conversation I realized that each time I was with my friend over the past years she was complaining of issues with her past husbands and family that she was very angry about. She has asked me many times, how is it that she keeps choosing the same type of man with the same issues. My response is that it always points back to her dad. That this is about being attracted to what we are most familiar with for good or bad.

Coming from a place of anger and never owning up to it people continue to bring on issues that surface their anger. They attract angry people and then they blame others for their own problems. With my friend people in her life are selfish and she feels she has been overly unselfish and so she is justified in her belief that she is good and they are bad. Her righteousness concerning selfishness is based on that she always gives so much. Her righteousness repels and she cannot or refuses to see that her attitude about these men being so selfish is what makes them more selfish. Who wants to give to someone always pointing out their wrong doings and this is never done through words but is done by actions. Then she becomes more and more justified, and is the victim. Those who have deep relationship issues should take a step back to see what they are doing to contribute to these problems. It is never one sided. There are always two sides to a situation.

Concerning world affairs Americans all want the same thing and that is for the U.S. to be a place of prosperity and to fix all the problems and issues rampant in the world currently. Because there are so many problems brewing Donald Trump represents change and most everyone wants change. This is why so many people voted for him and they did so secretly. Despite all the negative issues that surround Donald Trump people know and don’t care because he represents something entirely different and people believe he has the courage to make a difference.

Remember that any issue outside of ourselves gives us an opportunity to better see ourselves, and understanding how we contributed to the situation gives us the ability to take responsibility to change our lives. If you are not happy take a look inside and you will find the answer based on your emotional responses to outside stimulus.

Strong feelings of righteousness and judgment always relates to deep core issues and resentments formed in the past. Resentments are long standing anger that begins to fester and cause emotional issues and result in problems. These problems result in failed relationships and problems throughout life that are continually blamed on others never taking responsibility for the reason rooted at the heart of the matter.

If we can choose to see the truth and recognize that deep seated righteousness and resentments are only hurting ourselves then maybe this realization will begin to change our lives and consequently have an effect on our world by becoming more conscious.

The outside world is always a reflection of our inner beliefs and character. I believe Donald Trump is the creation and reflection of our society. We now have a self-centered society that speaks out with rebellion. People are so very disrespectful and now they have created a reflection of themselves, Donald Trump, and the more this image triggers their own image that they refuse to see the more anger it invokes. One of my favorite quotes comes from Dick Cavett,

“It takes a great person to hear what they don’t want to hear.”

My wish and hope for our world is that we can become more conscious and aware. Be aware of your anger and resentments and use this awareness to understand the world and yourself. Through this awakening you will evolve beyond the limitations of this world.