Spiritual Insights & Predictions February 2017

Spiritual Insights January 2017
January 5, 2017
February 2017 Predictions
February 5, 2017

This month many secrets will surface for this is the month of a lunar and solar eclipse. Scandals from around the world will be the focus of attention and the news. But don’t believe everything you hear! There will be some very hidden secrets that will shock and surprise many finally coming forth with proof.

February 2017 Spiritual Insights

We live in interesting times for sure! This week has been historic with the Inauguration of President Trump. With all the controversy over the new President I have been contemplating on the reasons why so many people are unhappy. I question the motives of people on both sides of this apparent divide.

Why do people get so angry about politics? It boils down to a sense of righteousness and a sense of fairness. On an individual level it concerns getting what you want. If you feel cheated in life you will look to blame something and most people blame their family, community and government. Actually the thing that is easiest to blame is our political leaders because they have no real personal consequences by blaming them.

What I realized concerning all the protests and anger coming out on the streets in Washington, DC is that people are afraid of change. I know by saying this it will inspire the protesters into a rage commenting on the deep moralistic injustices that Trump represents to them. But realistically the Clinton’s represented more of the same and Trump represents a big change. Aside from all the emotional issues this is a reality.

The simple truth is that people are afraid of the unknown and President Trump represents change and the unknown. So many people say they are afraid of what Trump will do. Even those who understand astrology ignored my explanation of Trump’s chart and the U.S. chart and the alignments. The Trump haters associate anything positive said about Trump as meaning you are on the opposing side. My assessment is based on astrology not my personal opinion. This is why so many astrologers were blind-sided and biased and made the wrong choice in predicting the Presidential elections. People hear only what they want to hear.

Interestingly we always associate with those that feel the way we do because it validates our views. But the real healing comes when we can come together with those of opposing views. It is easy to be with those that think like us but the real opportunity comes from healing relationships with those that think differently. This breeds understanding. Name calling and anger is being reflected by the political leaders. Hypocritically everything one side says about the other they are both doing. It needs to stop within each individual. Use this outward phenomenal display of emotion as a reflection to understand yourself and your own motives no matter where you stand.

But here are the facts, what we choose to see in the world is a part of something within us and what we project out into the world will be returned to us. This is the law of karma. This is the law of relativity. Any force directed outwardly will be returned with equal force. Consider that all your thoughts concerning others will be returned to you. Angry thoughts will be returned with angry thoughts, likewise loving thoughts will be returned with loving thoughts. It is your choice!

I am in agreement with mother Theresa when she said she will not participate in “protests” against war but she would participate in gatherings for peace. We have to participate in movements for positive change and not be involved in protests. Protests are supporting a negative issue and will never achieve good since it blocks the power to achieve. There is a positive way to create positive change.

The 1960s were a time of rebellion and revolution. I remember the protests in the universities concerning the Vietnam War. The students had a peaceful sit-in where they all refused to go to class at the University of Ohio. President Nixon ordered in the armed forces and four students were killed. If you think we have troubles now you may not have been around then. The 1960s, had assassination after assassination, civil rights challenged with extreme prejudice and injustices, disappearance of many who knew the truth, and heinous murders such as the Mansion killings. Those who knew anything around Kennedy’s death disappeared here in Dallas (never known to the public), Jack Ruby killed Oswald on public TV. The black panthers and the scandals around the unions and Jimmy Hoffa. These were some of the negative social uprisings during such a rebellious time. There were certainly reasons to be angry at the government with Vietnam and killings of innocent students.

My point is there are times of great turbulence and people naturally rebel when there is injustice. When things begin to change people become insecure because they are afraid of change and the unknown. In these historic times things are changing so quickly it is concerning. But the only real thing we have control over is ourselves. We must come to terms with our own choices remembering what we put out always comes back to us.

Those who continually put out negative emotions seem to attract more and more negativity in their lives. If there is anger at the core of an individual, then they are feeling injustice in their lives and will continually attract situations that they feel justified in their beliefs of an unjust world. We are all creating our own reality. If you don’t like what you are experiencing in your life then you have to get real with what you are projecting into the world. If you are feeling injustice, anger, frustration or fear it is time to do some self-analysis and inventory.

We all want peace and peace breeds peace. Find ways to take responsibility for the injustices in your life. Ask what you yourself have done to create these situations. Remember you are in control of your life and casting blame outside of yourself only gives away your power to change. No one wants to have an unhappy life full of anger, discord, broken families, divorce, resentments, financial loss and sorrow. But if this is a part of your life then realize you have had a part in creating this and until you decide to change, your life will continue down this path.

Victims always cast the blame outside of themselves and never get out of their problems because they do not take any responsibility for their actions. Now is the time to change our lives from understanding the projection occurring outside of ourselves and the reflection occurring in world affairs.

Be active in self-discovery and be proactive in projecting love and peace instead of protests of anger and injustice. Because you receive exactly what you put out into the world


February 2017 Predictions

This month many secrets will surface for this is the month of a lunar and solar eclipse. Scandals from around the world will be the focus of attention and the news. But don’t believe everything you hear! There will be some very hidden secrets that will shock and surprise many finally coming forth with proof.

Eclipses always bring forth and illuminate the truth, if people are willing to see. This is a part of many world events and personal events in our own lives. The ongoing problem with humanity is people only hear what they want to hear. This is of course a part of world events and personal events.

Interestingly the ability to perceive what is going on in the world gives the same effects on a personal level. In other words, those who choose to see based on their biased opinions are in denial as well in their personal lives. As above so below, what is within us is reflected outwardly as well and inwardly.

Amazing progress is coming forth in the area of healing diseases that are very difficult to heal. I am predicting this based on the nakshatra that this eclipse occurs in Shatabhishak and the stationing of Jupiter at 29 degrees of Virgo (health) opposing Uranus and Mars in Pisces.

The nakshatra Shatabhishak pertains to healing difficult to heal diseases and it is called the “hundred healers”. Here is why I am predicting a major healing on many levels because Neptune, Ketu and Mercury are conjunct this solar eclipse in this nakshatra.

Astrologically speaking to understand any specific aspect we must research in history the effects of an aspect by referring backwards in history to see the effects it produced before. So I searched the Neptune conjunct Ketu (eclipses occur where the nodes are) in Aquarius. The last time they were together forming an eclipse was in 1849. Neptune and Ketu’s conjunction isn’t that rare. It happens around every 18 years but it only occurs in Aquarius around 168 years.

In 1849 the Spiritualist movement was in full swing where the Theosophical Society with Madame Blavatsky came about and teachings from Emerson and Thoreau. A new way of spirituality came out of this mystical aspect of Ketu and Neptune in Aquarius. President Lincoln even had séances in the white house. Many wanted to connect with loved ones especially their young children who had passed. Pandemics were prevalent and many lost their children during these times.

During 1849 there was the gold rush to the west and California, which may translate to the rush to make money in the stock market now that things are escalating. Neptune does have a quality of delusions of grandeur.

Concerning health and disease Cholera killed many in England and swept across America taking many lives. This is important since there are so many implications concerning disease, health and healing during this time. Cholera was transmitted before through unclean water and there are implications that something similar may occur. I make reference to this because Jupiter is in the sign of health and healing, Virgo, the nakshatra of the eclipse and Neptune are in Shatabhishak.

Neptune many times indicates unusual diseases and is the god of the seas (water). And lastly transiting Saturn will be on and off throughout the year in the last degrees of Scorpio and first degrees of Sagittarius which is Ghandanta. This means drowning and has a huge implication to water. This means illness from bad or poisonous water. The good news is that from this disease investigation a major healing and discoveries will surface. Another indication of medical discoveries is due to Jupiter and Uranus exact opposition from 29 degrees Virgo/Pisces. Jupiter is conjunct the most auspicious star Spica which will produce a major discovery. Uranus at 29 degrees of Pisces is Ghandanta as well. There will be intense floods and storms around the world. As the waters are out of control they may breed infectious disease but the discoveries in healing these diseases lead to more advanced knowledge in other cures in disease.

The most difficult to cure diseases are with the mind and particularly with addictions. The nakshatra Shatabhishak pertains to addictions particularly alcoholism, as well as Neptune. There will be major discoveries concerning a healing in this area.

Here is an excerpt from my book Eastern Astrology for Western Minds on the 24th nakshatra Shatabhishak.

24) Shatabhishak “a hundred healers” 6.40 to 20.00 Aquarius

Symbol: an empty circle, or a thousand flowers or stars

Deity: Varuna, god of the cosmic waters, the sky and earth

Stars: This nakshatra is the large group of faint stars in the Water Bearer. The water poured from his pot is the nectar of immortality. _ 
Fomalhaut is a star of musical abilities and great spirituality. It is also a mix of great fortune and misfortune. _

Mythology: Varuna poured out the waters of life that healed all illnesses and gave immortality. He was the divine healer, and the god of maya and illusion. He granted divine grace from sincere repentance.

_Indications: Called the “Veiling Star”, _

This nakshatra is concerned with healing the human condition spiritually and physically. These people may therefore be healers or doctors. The symbol of the empty circle represents the void of space, that which is behind the veil, inner vision, illusion or maya. They are profoundly mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific, and visionary. They are also secretive and reclusive, prone to be moody, lonely and depressed. When opinionated and stubborn, they think they know it all and are above others, having nothing to learn from them. Alcoholic beverages are ruled by this nakshatra, as are diseases that are difficult to heal or cure. There is a connection with electricity and an affinity to star watching, and this can apply to astronomers as well as astrologers.


During the time of this eclipse on February 26, Mars will be exactly conjunct Uranus opposed Jupiter. At the same time, it is square Pluto meaning some explosive events are brewing and ready to spew. Around the time of the eclipses there is always more seismic activity with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Many times this is all relative to the extremes of human emotion pulsing through the atmosphere.

Venus is now in Pisces, it’s sign of exaltation, and will remain there till June 1. It will be retrograde March 4-April 15. Notice how big and bright this planet will be in the sky. When a planet is retrograde it is closest to the earth. Venus in the sign Pisces will surface love affairs, particularly sentiments of past romantic partners and memories. Venus will be in the same sign as Mars intensifying passionate love affairs during this month.

Mercury will be conjunct the eclipse and Ketu and Neptune indicating the media and news will be extremely delusional; full of lies and deception.