June 20, 2010

How to Predict a Sudden Rise in Life

Initially when one begins the study of astrology it is believed that all events can be predicted in a chart. The chart is a map of the karmas of a soul. There is a promise indicated in every chart but the probability of it all coming to fruition is definitely tempered by the fact that we all have free will. But some events seem predestined. It is our choices and how we operate within the apparent destined events of life that can shift our soul development. Much of our free will is developed through our thinking process for we can choose how we think and the choices we make within the apparent destined events. I believe some events are fated or predestined and our choices within these events can shape and change our lives
September 16, 2008

Discover Your Vedic Astrology Chart

If you don’t know your Vedic astrology chart or ascendant, we now have an automated, online chart calculator. To view and print your own personal chart, simply enter your birth information into the chart calculator and click a button. When reading the predictions by sign on this website, be sure to chose the sign for your ascendant...
September 16, 2008

The Yogas

In Vedic astrology associations the planets form or variations of how they are placed in the chart are referred to as Yogas. Yoga means union, or that which joins or yokes. Most yogas are composed of more than one planet. The idea behind most yogas is to equate the planet’s strength in a chart, and how and when it will produce its effects in the person’s life. This is generally determined through the dashas of the planets. If a planet is involved in many good, strength producing yogas it will give it’s beneficial results at the time the person enters the dasha of that planet. There are auspicious yogas for wealth, success, and happiness as well as inauspicious yogas for downfall, poverty and ill health. The yogas outlined here are the most basic yogas, there are hundreds of yogas to be memorized. But it is more important to understand the concept behind these names...
September 16, 2008

Time Changes

As an astrologer for over 25 years, I remember calculating charts in the 70s. This is something most astrologers have no remembrance of doing. For those who have calculated charts by hand, they have an understanding of the astronomical reasons for movement, time, and space. There is something in the process of the calculations that somehow gave you impressions of the individual you were preparing to read. By the time the chart preparation was complete, you felt you already knew the person. It was like a meditation that gave you insights into the soul of the client before you met them. Even though this sounds very tempting, believe me, I do not want to go back to calculating charts again, but I am glad I experienced it...
September 16, 2008

Predicting with Transits – Gochara

Transits are the constant motion of the planet’s cycles. A chart is a freeze frame of the planets in space. We chart them relative to our planet Earth within the boundaries of the ecliptic against the background of the fixed stars. The fixed stars are what make up the constellations or signs. The transiting planets in a chart are where the planets are currently in the sky. As they form aspects to the natal planets in a chart they trigger events in an individual’s life. We can chart where these planets will be in the future, giving us the ability to make predictions based on where the transiting planet will go in a chart (what houses) and what planets in the natal chart the transiting planet will aspect. The transits will bring to life all the indications of the houses they activate and the planets they aspect. Transits are used to time events in a life. You may see a potential in a chart, but when will the potential manifest or come to fruition? This is activated through the onset of the dashas and the activation of the natal planets through the transits aspecting them...