Spiritual Insights & Predictions April 2019

Spiritual Insights & PredictionsMarch 2019
February 26, 2019
April 2019 Predictions
March 28, 2019

April brings truth and exposes enemies of our country. The President is cleared and Israel is worried about Democrats

Spiritual Insights April 2019

Spiritual Insights April 2019

There is a different feeling in the air! This month is surfacing deep emotions and feelings from the soul and spirit of humanity. Revelations concerning past hidden secrets are finally clear. The power of the truth is setting us free. This involves so many aspects of society, beliefs and spirituality. This is the turning point because people are finally becoming aware and conscious. But there are some that cannot adapt to the explosive awakening and will fanatically oppose this transformation.

The mass consciousness is being reflected by many of the public realizations occurring now. It has all been a long time coming but now the mass consciousness accepts the truth. The ugliness of child abuse and the final atonement of these crimes to the innocent are finally being realized. The Catholic Church has to admit to the coverups that continued the abuse. And now the truth about Michael Jackson’s past behavior as a pedophile has finally come out. HBO has come out with a documentary called Leaving Neverland. Its controversial content is causing a new look at Michael from the vantage point of the effects abuse has on people. The Jackson family is suing the network for millions. The boys who helped cover up the truth have come forward about the abuse and the after effects on their life. When the truth is denied it haunts the spirit throughout life and eventually destroys life. Oprah Winfrey interviewed the two boys to open awareness of the truth of sexual abuse. Any issue that is denied throughout life will begin to breakdown and destroy the physical health. Many begin to believe delusions to justify and avoid the truth but their denials lead to eventual mental illness.

A documentary on Netflix, Abducted in Plain Sight is the ultimate extreme of the darkness of perversions. These stories could never come out before now. Viewer discretion is advised with this documentary. It is unbelievable how the minds of the victims can be manipulated.

These are examples of the past cover ups that have surfaced. To bring the hidden denials of mental illness and perversions that destroy humanity to the surface can begin the healing of ignorance and destructive behaviors in our society and world.

Hindsight is 20/20. Looking back at how Michael Jackson was cleared of 14 allegations of child abuse, and the OJ Simpson trail where those of power and money can buy anything, but not peace of mind or happiness. The truth will always prevail.

The unfolding of the deep corruption and revelations of the truth is now crystal clear and will prevent future denials. Awareness destroys darkness and perversions.

Throughout April, Jupiter is ghandanta the (last degrees of a water sign and first degrees of fire), which literally means drowning. This means the world will emotionally feel out of control, and consequently the intensity of emotion will affect the earth and natural disasters, storms, floods, volcanic eruptions violently affect the world.

The effects of the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction evolving in 2020 can be seen through a peep hole during this month as they are both in Sagittarius. Jupiter is in Sagittarius for three weeks.

Pluto conjunct Ketu uncovers the truths that have been denied in religious organizations and the secret files in the government regarding extraterrestrials and past government cover ups such as the Kennedy assassinations.

All the public cases of celebrities and the Catholic Church represent issues within us all. As above, so below. What is seen without is a reflection of what is within us all. These issues represent the opportunities we all have for self-growth.

Past denials of hidden secrets will destroy life. Many will suppress the truth with destructive behaviors. Until the truth is uncovered and recognized healing cannot occur. It is the time to recognize and heal any issues of the past that may be leading to self-destructive behavior. Now is the time to realize the truth and begin healing.

Predictions and Aspects

Mercury is now direct but stationed conjunct Neptune. This deepens the awareness around issues of denial unveiling the truth. Neptune rules secrets and denial, and Mercury standing still (stationed) with Neptune puts a microscope on the issues that are distorying our society. The many abuses in our society are being revealed.

Pluto conjunct Ketu indicates the perverse and vile aspects of society surfacing in both politics and religion. This is the corruption of the rich and famous and the Catholic Church. Those who have the most money will win any court case, such as O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson. Corruption is revealed now with education as the rich and famous bribe universities for their children. Pluto concerns perversion and sexual abuse that is now opening a new awareness. The Catholic Church and Michael Jackson’s abuse are the result. There will be more revelations now!

As Venus nears Neptune the revelations will surface concerning love and marriage. There may be some very surprising break-ups this month. Neptune will surface any indiscretions around love and any contractual agreements. Those who preach and teach will have their personal lives under fire as they don’t walk their talk.

April 10th Jupiter will station retrograde at 0 degrees Sagittarius traveling in the ghandanta degrees for two months causing extreme weather, floods, storms and many natural disasters. Emotions fly high and cause turmoil all over the world. As Jupiter is in the nakshatra Mula there is much destruction globally. Terrorist attacks will be on the rise leading to larger more explosive events.

This month Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all turn retrograde indicating a reversal of many events. Retrogrades can bring back unresolved issues from the past. The many scandals and injustices will return. This will intensify the fanatical beliefs of those opposed to the progressive changes occurring now. The opposition of the old, out-grown beliefs will fight the winds of change causing major changes. There will be unexpected coups around the world.

There are heavy aspects occurring this month as Saturn fully aspects (3rd aspect) Mercury, Venus and Neptune. Saturn represents reality and Neptune is illusion, again representing the illusions that can no longer be repressed.

Another very intense aspect is Mars in Taurus aspects (8th aspect-quincunx) Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu and Pluto. This will cause accidents and attacks.

The declination of planets is usually ignored but this month it cannot be ignored for there are some major line-ups that intensify the effects of transits this month. Mars is parallel Rahu, while Pluto, Saturn and Ketu are parallel and they are contra parallel to Mars/Rahu. They are all 21 degrees of declination. Mars and Rahu are north and Saturn, Pluto and Ketu are south. Jupiter is 22 south in declination and will align with Ketu next month. This will affect the economy negatively. All the pressure and emotions of fear worldwide will affect the world’s economy and the downward slide will begin.

This month will have major events that change the social climate of the world. The sense of insecurity will plague all aspects of society, religious, darkness, and corruption. Violence and sadness will upset the safety and security of the world. The old beliefs are threatened by the transformational changes set into motion now.

04/03 Mercury conjunct Neptune 25 degrees Aquarius
04/04 Pluto conjunct Ketu 28 degrees Sagittarius
04/05 New Moon 21 degrees Pisces
04/10 Venus conjunct Neptune 23 degrees Aquarius
04/10 Jupiter turns Retrograde 0 degrees Sagittarius

04/15 Venus enters Pisces
04/19 Full Moon 5 degrees Libra
04/22 Jupiter transits back into Scorpio
04/24 Pluto turns Retrograde 29 degrees Sagittarius

04/29 Saturn turns Retrograde 26 degrees Sagittarius
Saturn sextiles (3rd aspect) Mercury, Venus, Neptune
Mars quincunx (8th aspect) Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto